Saturday, May 30, 2009

Local Baby Greets the World with a Shaka!

Friends of Hawaii Right to Life, Andrew and Katy Smith, are expecting their second child. When Katy went for her first 4D ultrasound on May 17, 2009, the Smiths saw something unexpected: their baby greeting the world local-style, with a "shaka"!

In sharing the sonogram photo with HRTL, Katy said, "We loved the picture and sure did get a kick out ot it!" All of us at HRTL did as well, and thought our friends would, too.

Katy is a Staff Sargeant in the U. S. Air Force on active duty, working with Camp Smith, PACOM. Andrew is native to Hawai'i and serves in the Hawaii Air National Guard. Their first child, De'Shawn, is a four-year-old boy.

Regarding her belief in the value of unborn human life, Katy explained that she was adopted by a wonderful, loving family when she was a baby. About her adoptive family, Katy says they are her "one and only" family. However, last year she decided to conduct an extensive search for her birth family "to find out where her red hair and freckles came from."

After a lot of searching, Katy located her birth family, and they have since reunited. Katy remarked that she is having a wonderful time getting to know her extended family, and that having her own children serves as a reminder of the selfless decision her birth mother made in placing her with a loving, adoptive family.

Congratulations to the Smith family--we wish you the best and thank you for letting us see Baby Smith's shaka greeting!

The Pill Kills Women

...Pro-choice supporters use women's health as their justification for killing millions of babies and promoting contraceptives, but they won't tell you the dirty secret behind contraceptives; they are killing and harming women. Oral contraceptives can cause pulmonary embolism, cardiac arrest, hypertensive disease, heart failure, stroke, and increases a woman's risk of cardiovascular death by five times...

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Pro-Life Minister Urges Action by African Americans

Rev. Hoye
...Yet there is much more at stake. African Americans, he pointed out, are the “number one customers” of abortion clinics today. Although blacks account for only 12 percent of the U.S. population, 37 percent of all abortions in this country are performed on black women. With a live-birth rate lower than the mortality rate, Hoye said, there will be no black Americans left by the year 2100.

“Between 1882 and 1968, the Klan lynched 3,446 black folk. Abortion kills more than that in the African-American community in just three days,” he stated.

“When I explain to the brothers that abortion kills more of us than heart disease, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and violent crime, they begin to realize that this is the number-one issue facing the African-American community today”

“I’m not using terms like ‘holocaust’ and ‘genocide’ to get a response,” he explained. “We’re literally killing ourselves...”

Catholic Voice Article

H/T Catholic Culture's post New Oakland bishop lauds jailed African-American pro-life pastor
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Medical Professionals Deserve Conscience Rights on Abortion, Bioethics Practices

by Wesley J. Smith,
May 28, 2009
Note: Center for Bioethics and Culture consultant Wesley J. Smith, is also a Senior Fellow in Human Rights and Bioethics at the Discovery Institute and the associate director of the International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide. He is the author of the Consumer's Guide to a Brave New World.

We live in a culturally diverse society in which people vary greatly in their moral beliefs about the importance of human life. These profound differences are most bitterly expressed in the medical context, particularly with regard to issues such as abortion, physician-assisted suicide, embryonic stem cell research, and other life and death policies and procedures.

Some of these practices - specifically abortion and assisted suicide - contravene explicit provisions of the Hippocratic Oath (at least as it has been understood traditionally).

Yet today, physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals whose moral beliefs prevent them from participating in these legal but ethically controversial acts, find themselves under increasing pressure to either violate their consciences or be driven out of their careers.

Until recently, dissenting medical professionals have been protected by so-called "conscience clauses" that permit them to opt out of performing abortions or participating in assisted suicide (where it is legal) without professional consequence.

But in recent years, legislative proposals have been filed that would require all professionals participate in such life-terminating procedures if asked by a patient, or be complicit in them by referring the requesting patient to another doctor who will do the deed.

The controversy over conscience clauses came to an angry head recently when the Bush Administration promulgated a rule protecting professionals from being discriminated against in employment for refusing to perform medical procedures to which they morally object.

The "Bush Conscience Clause" set off howling opposition among the medical intelligentsia, including the American Medical Association and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). Connecticut, California, and five other states sued to have the regulation declared invalid. The new Obama Administration has already started regulatory action to revoke the policy.

Opposition to protecting the right of conscience has suddenly grown so intense that it is easy to foresee physicians, nurses, and pharmacists who hold to the orthodox understanding of the Hippocratic Oath being forced out of medicine altogether, a draconian approach explicitly proposed in a December 24, 2008 editorial in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, which opined:
"Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists choose professions that put patients' rights first. If they foresee that priority becoming problematic for them, they should choose another profession."

Imagine: being declared persona non grata in medicine merely for wishing to abide by an ethic that was considered mandatory for all doctors as recently as forty years ago.

It isn't just abortion or assisted suicide. In the next decade, we could see the legalization of currently criminal and unethical medical acts - such as harvesting organs from patients with catastrophic cognitive impairments (which has repeatedly been advocated in some of the most prestigious medical journals), eugenic infanticide (now practiced openly in the Netherlands), perhaps even cloned fetal farming for organs or experimental purposes (already permitted by law in New Jersey). Crafting effective conscience clauses to allow medical professionals to opt out of such programs is thus a matter of increasing urgency.

But this isn't as easy as it might seem. For example, overly broad wording could inadvertently protect doctors who refuse wanted life-sustaining treatment based on a moral belief that the patient's life is not worth living (futile care theory), perhaps even the abortion clinic nurse who refuses to save the life of a surviving baby based on her deeply held moral belief that an aborting mother has the right to a dead fetus.

To avoid this and other unintended consequences, I suggest that conscience clauses be drafted following these general principles:
  • No medical professional should be forced to take, or be complicit in the taking of human life, whether of an embryo, fetus, or born member of the species.
  • Conscience clauses should distinguish generally between elective procedures - e.g., interventions not immediately necessary to save the patient's life or prevent serious physical harm - and non-elective procedures. Refusing elective procedures should be broadly protected, but not non-elective procedures.
  • To prevent conscience clauses from becoming safe harbors for discrimination, the requested procedure should generally be what violates the conscience of the health-care professional, not bias against the patient. In this way, for example, an oncologist would not be able to refuse to treat a lung-cancer patient because the patient smoked.
  • Finally, those covered by conscience clauses should be bona fide health-care professionals such as nurses, pharmacists, and physicians. Custodians or bandage suppliers, as two examples, should not be covered.

Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who refuse to participate in life-terminating procedures send a clarion message to society that killing in the medical context is morally wrong. By protecting the conscience rights of these courageous professionals, we also protect the weak and vulnerable who are increasingly threatened by the growing influence of utilitarian bioethics. Or, to put it more bluntly: The life you save by supporting conscience clauses could be your own.

Take action: Let Congress and the President know you want to protect patients' lives by keeping healthcare conscience rights. Act now at!

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Al Pacino May Star in Movie Glorifying Assisted Suicide Advocate Jack Kevorkian

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International Activists Push Abortion at UN With So-Called Maternal Health Rights

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University of Wisconsin Staff May Have to Participate in Late-Term Abortion Care

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Pro-life Song by 11 Year old Girl

Original song written by 11-year-old E. MacDonald.

On that day, when the angel came to Mary
Heaven rejoiced,
"You're to have a child,
You're to help Him through trials
And God will put His life right in your hands."

On that day when Jesus was born into a stable
God shared His light, He made birth a gift, This baby brought life
Through Christ He turned the darkness into light.

You were there, You were there
You were watching over them
As You sat on Your throne,
You sent Christ so we're not alone.

On that day, when my mama's mom tried to abort her,
God was there, Through His grace she was spared, She found those who would care,
His gift of love is why I am alive.

You were there, You were there,
You were watching over us.
By Your grace we were born,
And my daddy's not alone.

On that day, when abortion became legal,
All heaven cried
'Cause a baby's a gift, And killing's not right
And though they die they have eternal life.

You are there, You are there
The uncared for are cared for now,
As You sit on Your throne,
You will hold the child alone.

When life's hopeless and we can't bear,
We know that you're always there, Watching over us.
Through abortion they cannot share
The gift of life, the gift of love
That comes from God alone.
It's just unthinkable, incomprehensible, That such a mistake would be made,
As to take the life of an unborn child,
A gift of God's own grace.

You are there, You are there
You are watching over us.
Lord we pray, give us strength,
Help us know we're not alone
You are there, always there
Help us feel Your presence, Lord.
Give us faith to choose life,
And help us know we're not alone...

...You are there

Copyright © 2009. E. MacDonald. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission.

Thanks to Dave MacDonald for sharing this video with us.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Poll: Majority of Americans Believe Abortion Hurts Women Physically, Mentally

by Steven Ertelt, Editor
May 25, 2009

Washington, DC ( -- In a new national survey conducted by the Polling Company for the pro-life organization Americans United for Life, a majority of Americans say they know someone who has had an abortion. A majority of those surveyed also believe that abortion hurts women. Full story here.

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