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Elderly Should be Scared of Obama Administration over End-of-Life Death Panels

By Nat Hentoff
August 20, 2009 Note: Nat Hentoff is a nationally renowned authority on the First Amendment and the Bill of Rights and author of many books, including "The War on the Bill of Rights and the Gathering Resistance" (Seven Stories Press, 2003).

I was not intimidated during J. Edgar Hoover's FBI hunt for reporters like me who criticized him. I railed against the Bush-Cheney war on the Bill of Rights without blinking. But now I am finally scared of a White House administration.

President Obama's desired health care reform intends that a federal board (similar to the British model) — as in the Center for Health Outcomes Research and Evaluation in a current Democratic bill — decides whether your quality of life, regardless of your political party, merits government-controlled funds to keep you alive. Watch for that life-decider in the final bill. It's already in the stimulus bill signed into law. Read more.

Mayo Clinic Doctor Admits Abortions Hurt Women, Cause Premature Births

Rochester, MN ( -- A physician who works for the prestigious Mayo Clinic has written a new factsheet that admits abortions harm women. Roger W. Harms, M.D., a Mayo Clinic obstetrician and medical editor-in-chief, also says abortions can cause women problems with subsequent pregnancies.

The Mayo Clinic posted Dr. Harms' new factsheet, with the title "Does it affect subsequent pregnancies?" on August 6.

Harm says there are definitely cases when physicians see "an abortion cause problems in a subsequent pregnancy."

"During a surgical abortion, the fetus is removed from the uterus — often with a vacuum device, a syringe or a spoon-shaped instrument with a sharp edge (curette) — as an outpatient surgical procedure," Harms explains.

In some cases, "a surgical abortion may weaken the cervix or cause scarring on the inside of the uterus." Read more.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kourtney Kardashian Agonized Over Whether to Keep Her Baby

"My doctor told me there is nothing you will ever regret about having the baby, but he was like, 'You may regret not having the baby.'" --Kourtney Kardashian

Read the story.

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"I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion is already born."
--U.S. President Ronald Reagan

Give the Gift of Life!

Did you know that Hawaii Right to Life participates in the annual Combined Federal Campaign each year?

The CFC is the world's largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaign. Pledges made by federal civilian, postal, and military donors during the campaign season (September 14 -November 6, 2009) support eligible non-profit organizations like Hawaii Right to Life.

We appreciate your generous past giving through this program, which allows us to inform people across the state on a wide range of life issues and current events. Your donation will be used to defend the right to life for all people, especially the most vulnerable members of our communities: the unborn, disabled, elderly, and terminally ill.

Make your gift count for LIFE: designate Hawaii Right to Life as your charity of choice, CFC Charity #66773. By giving the gift of life, you allow us to continue our stand for the helpless and vulnerable and to be the voice for the voiceless. Mahalo for your support on behalf of all those whose lives hang in the balance.

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Obama, Planned Parenthood & The KKK

Obama emphasizes his concern for the well-being of black children, but his followers are probably completely unaware of the literal genocide of black babies that's carried out by one of Barack Obamas most loyal supporters, Planned Parenthood.

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Health Care Bills Could Result in 300-600K More Abortions, Scrap Pro-Life Laws

by Maria Vitale
August 18, 2009 Note: Maria Vitale is an opinion columnist for She is the Public Relations Director for the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation and Vitale has written and reported for various broadcast and print media outlets, including National Public Radio, CBS Radio, and AP Radio.

So-called health care reform could become the worst thing to happen to abortion rates since Roe v. Wade.

When you hear the phrase “health care reform,” you might think of cutting costs, eliminating arcane rules, and ensuring coverage for the hard-to-insure. Raising abortion rates would not seem to be a logical part of the equation.

Yet, consider this quote from one of the primary experts in abortion law, National Right to Life Legislative Director Douglas Johnson: “The Kennedy bill would result in the greatest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade.”

That’s because the Senate proposal would result in federally mandates coverage of abortion in nearly all health plans. The feds would also mandate recruitment of abortionists by local health networks—a scary thought. Abortion would be federally funded on a gargantuan scale.

We know from experience that taxpayer funding of abortion results in more abortions. It’s been estimated that the health care reform plans now on the table could increase abortions by 300,000 to 600,000 a year because of federal subsidies for abortion. The more lives that are sacrificed, the more trauma for families, the more pain for women, the more costs for society. So much for the “cost-cutting” aspects of health care reform.

The Senate plan could also mean the nullification of many state abortion laws. This is a critical point.

For instance, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the abortion rate was cut in half after the landmark Abortion Control Act went into effect. This ground-breaking law ensured parental consent, informed consent, and 24-hour waiting periods for abortion. Each life lost to abortion is undoubtedly a tragedy, yet, Pennsylvania has been able to save legions of its citizens through its protective abortion law.

Yet, such a law could be wiped out under the guise of health care reform. This is an insult to the citizens of the state, who, through their elected representatives, placed common sense curbs on abortion. If, for no other reason, in the interests of states’ rights, the Kennedy bill should be nixed.

Our founding fathers knew it was a mistake to place too much power in the hands of the federal government. Federal power comes from the will of the people, and it should not be abused, even in the name of health care reform. National public opinion polls consistently have shown that people don’t want their tax dollars to pay for abortions.

Abortion needs to be specifically excluded from health care reform, or else our money could be used to support the taking of innocent human lives and the emotional wounding of thousands of American women.

With health care reform, we are in the fight of our lives—and so are our preborn brothers and sisters.

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Let Me Live - The Kry

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hawaii Right to Life presents an Evening with Father Frank Pavone

Talk story with Father Pavone about the Gospel of Life and hear about current events from his unique pro-life perspective! Invite your `ohana, friends, neighbors, and others to be a part of this very special event.

Sunday, September 20, 2009
Doors open at 5:30pm, Dinner at 6:30pm
Hale Koa Waikiki Ballroom, 2055 Kalia Rd, Honolulu

Tickets $50.00 each or $500.00 for a table of 10. All proceeds to benefit the pro-life mission of Hawaii Right to Life. To purchase tickets, make check payable to Hawaii Right to Life and mail to 81 S. Hotel St., Ste. 200B, Honolulu, HI 96813.

For more information, call 585.8205 or email

Father Frank Pavone is one of the most prominent pro-life leaders in the world. Originally from New York, he was ordained in 1988 by Cardinal John O’Connor. He is a priest of the Amarillo Diocese and serves full-time in pro-life leadership with his bishop’s permission. In 1993 he became National Director of Priests for Life. He is also the President of the National Pro-life Religious Council, and the National Pastoral Director of Rachel’s Vineyard, the world’s largest ministry of healing after abortion. He travels worldwide and produces radio and television programs, preaching and teaching against abortion.

Hawaii Right to Life is a non-profit organization advancing respect for life for all people from conception to natural death, including the unborn, disabled, elderly, and terminally ill. HRTL is the state affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee and was established in 1973.

A Grief Conserved

Perinatal hospice offers an alternative to the trauma of aborting a disabled child
by Matt Anderson, M.D.

Something’s wrong with this baby,” my ultrasound technician told me. She had just scanned Mrs. Jones (a fictitious name) at 20 weeks and went on to describe her findings, findings that surely meant little chance of survival for that baby. As I later spoke with Mrs. Jones to relay the findings, she wept. I arranged an appointment with a maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) specialist.

The next day I received an urgent call from my patient. Through more tears, she described her visit in which the MFM doctor confirmed the grim prognosis. The baby would die, probably within a week or two. The MFM insisted on scheduling her for an abortion in three days. “Do I have to have an abortion?” she asked. I promised to call the MFM and assured her she did not have to abort.

When I called the MFM specialist, she immediately rattled off the severe abnormalities found, the fetus’ incompatibility with life, and the scheduling of an abortion. I interrupted: “If the baby is going to die anyway, why do you want to kill it before it dies a natural death?” There was silence on the other end. I went on to explain that the parents would not have to deal with the guilt of killing their child if it died naturally. There was a pause, then, “I hadn’t thought of that,” she said.

So much for nondirective counseling, as it is called. Sadly, I’ve had several similar experiences in my 27 years of practice.

My patient’s baby did die in utero about two weeks later. She labored and delivered a stillborn baby with all the grief and pain associated with it. She was thankful, however, for the love and support of family and friends during the process and the knowledge that she had not contributed to her baby’s death.

When a pregnant woman clearly understands the primary purpose of genetic testing—abortion of a handicapped baby—a majority decline testing in my experience and almost all pro-life women decline testing. Nearly every problem now identified by prenatal diagnosis has no treatment. David Grimes, a well-known OB/GYN, professor at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, and a strong abortion advocate, spoke truth in a rare moment of public clarity when he said prenatal diagnosis would disappear if abortion were not available.

But what happens when a routine 20-week ultrasound shows a baby with a profound abnormality, possibly an abnormality that will certainly result in the death of the baby prior to or shortly after birth? Or when a genetic test is done and shows similar results and the patient then decides against abortion? What then?

Enter perinatal hospice, the brain child of Byron Calhoun, a pro-life maternal-fetal medicine specialist.

Perinatal hospice honors life. The woman carrying the disabled child receives extensive counseling and birth preparation involving the combined efforts of MFM specialists, OB/GYN doctors, neonatologists, anesthesia services, chaplains, pastors, social workers, labor and delivery nurses, and neonatal nurses. She carries the pregnancy to its natural conclusion. She and her husband are allowed to grieve and prepare for the short time God may grant them with their child while their baby lives inside or outside the womb. Such a process obviates the grief caused by elective abortion, killing the child before it could be born. Read more.

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Project Ultrasound

Project Ultrasound a non-profit charity raising money for pregnancy resource centers to purchase ultrasound machines. An overwhemling majority of women, 70-90%, who see an ultrasound of their babies choose life.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

All Life Is Sacred...

"You matter because you are you, and you matter until the last moment of your life.”
-Dame Cicely Saunders, founder of the modern hospice movement

UN Health Data Show Liberal Abortion Laws Lead to Greater Maternal Death

By Aracely Ornelas
August 13, 2009

(NEW YORK – C-FAM) The world's largest abortion provider, International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), has recently acknowledged an alarming "surge" in maternal deaths in South Africa, challenging the pro-abortion mantra that liberal abortion laws decrease maternal mortality. Maternal deaths increased by twenty per cent in the period 2005-2007 in South Africa, a country that since 1996 has had one of the most permissive abortion laws on the African continent.

While deaths attributable to HIV/AIDS account for the biggest portion of maternal deaths in South Africa, IPPF acknowledges that a portion of deaths are "due to complications of abortion" in a country where the procedure is legal and widely available.

Developing countries have been badgered in recent years by various United Nations agencies and pro-abortion civil society organizations, including IPPF, to decriminalize abortion as a measure to reduce maternal mortality rates. However, the latest IPPF revelation is the latest fact in a growing body of evidence showing the opposite relationship in which legal abortion and high maternal deaths coincide. Read more.

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Real Healthcare Respects Life

Mother Shares Story of Her Baby's Short but Beautiful Life, After Diagnosed with Fetal Abnormality

"A Beautiful Life: 30 Days of Pure Love," she calls her story

August 17, 2009 ( - The mother who wrote last August sharing her choice of life for her unborn son with fetal abnormalities has written now, a year later, to share the powerful and moving story of her son's 'brief, beautiful life.' Her letter was published in the Ottawa Citizen on Friday.

Last summer Genevieve Lanigan wrote to and Dr. Margaret Somerville, one of Canada's leading ethicists, to share her experience of choosing life for her unborn child.

Genevieve and her husband, Barry, had discovered with great joy after 7 months of marriage that they were expecting. While Genevieve's pregnancy appeared to be progressing healthily, the couple were shocked to find out after their scheduled 20-week ultrasound that their child suffered from a hole in his brain stem, fluid in his brain, and a severe heart condition.

Genevieve, a practicing Catholic and a teacher in a Catholic school, recounted how she was offered a 'termination' from her doctor, a 'treatment' that statistics show is all-too-often offered and accepted. In the case of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome for instance, the abortion rate is as high as 95% in some Western countries. For Gevenieve, however, "[this] was not an option."

The expectant mother persevered in choosing life, not knowing how long her child would live. "The little one in my womb is moving around, kicking his mother, and hopefully enjoying a refreshing swim," she wrote at the time. "I am carrying this baby as long as he will let me, and will not be the killing hand."

Pledging not to pursue extraordinary means, she said, "Our prayer is simple: That we will get to meet our little one, tell him that we love him, and watch him fall deep into a sleep that will bring him to heaven."

Genevieve wrote to Citizen readers on Friday, responding to requests from readers to find out the end of the story. "Dr. Somerville has told me that many people have been wondering how the pregnancy ended," she writes. "So, I would like to tell you that part of our story, which I lovingly sum up as 'A Beautiful Life: 30 Days of Pure Love.'"

In early September 2008, less than a month after her first letter, Genevieve went into labour, at around 35 weeks gestation. "At 11:30 p.m.," she says, "4-lbs.-11-oz. Joseph Earl Francis was born via C-section and handed directly to his father, breathing on his own, and heart beating strongly. Barry and I quickly fell even more in love with him."

Kept in hospital for several days after the birth, little Joseph "was the centre of attention for each of his visitors who held and kissed him all hours of the day and night."

"On the Monday following his birth ... we were able to take Joseph home to live out the rest of his life and to die peacefully," she says. "Once a week, members of a palliative care team visited Joseph, assessed his heart and lungs, and helped us to prepare for his death."

"For three weeks at home in Rockport," she goes on, "Joseph continued to astound people with his perfectness and gentleness as he had at the hospital. His popularity never dwindled and he was held without complaint almost all of his life. He made valiant efforts to nurse and we felt he was fully present with family and friends."

Joseph's life, though brief, was filled with joy. "For each day of his life, Joseph entertained no less than two visitors a day, was read to, sang to, and told over and over again that he was the cutest baby in the whole wide world," Genevieve says.

Loved and nurtured by his family, Joseph's pain worsened leading up to his death. "On the weekend before his death," she recounts, "Joseph struggled with the pain he must have felt from the worsening of his head condition that caused both the shape of his skull and weight of his head to change. Two days before his death he was given morphine for pain, and though he still seemed somewhat content, it was clear that his time on earth would soon end.

"At 11:30 a.m. on the first day of October 2008," she says, "after being read to and kissed by many of his family members, Joseph went to rest forever in his daddy's arms."

"The 30 days of our son's life will never be forgotten by our family and the many friends who supported us on our journey," she says. "Looking back, we regret nothing. ... We are pleased that we gave him the chance to live and that we loved him the best way we knew how. ... Sad as we are to live without him, we feel grateful that he is a saint in Heaven, bearing no pain and feeling ultimate love."

She concludes her letter by reflecting on the comments of a friend, who "thinks the small dash on gravestones that indicates the 'between' of birth and death can explode with meaning depending on the life attitude one chooses."

"Upon reflection," she says, "I figure that regardless of the short distance between the dates before and after his dash, Joseph's dash counts because it signifies love; love to stay living inside my womb, love to meet us; love to fight for his life; and love to die peacefully when it was time. His was a beautiful life 30 days of pure love that sure did count."

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House Democrats Will Likely Prevent Vote to Remove Abortion From Healthcare Bill

Washington, DC ( -- When members of Congress return from their August recess, the first battle over the abortion funding found in the healthcare bills will occur in the House. There, it appears Democratic leaders will prevent a vote on an amendment to remove the abortion funding from the bill.

The House version of the healthcare bill, HR 3200, currently allows a scheme whereby the federal government will pay for abortions under the plan. Read more.

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Pro-Life Blacks, Democrats, Doctors Head to Congress to Oppose Healthcare Bill

by Steven Ertelt, Editor
August 17, 2009

Washington, DC ( -- A coalition of pro-life blacks, doctors, and Democrats are headed to Capitol Hill tomorrow to press the case for getting abortion out of the Congressional health care bills. They will be joined by Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who will ask that Congress not expand abortions. The participants will host a press conference and then take their case to the halls of Congress to meet with members of the House and Senate and their staff.

In a statement, King tells that the health care legislation takes the wrong approach by targeting unborn children with abortion instead of assisting them with health care.

“The unborn and elderly should be included in health insurance reform as recipients of care, not victims of genocide,” King said. She said pro-life advocates have no problem with promoting better legitimate health care, but can't support bills that open the door for more abortion funding.

"We support procreative reproductive health care. Abortion is not health care and should be specifically excluded from any pending reform legislation," King said. King also said the bills target the elderly with a promotion of assisted suicide and health care rationing when they should be opening the door for more protections and care for vulnerable people.

"And we say yes to facilitating the care, not the demise, of the elderly and infirm," she said.

King will join Day Gardner of the National Black Pro-Life Union, Kristen Day of Democrats for Life, and Donna J. Harrison, M.D., of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists at the press conference.

Bishop Harry Jackson of the High Impact Leadership Coalition, and Pastor Dean Nelson of the Network of Politically Active Christians will also attend and discuss with Congressional staff why abortion must not be increased by including it as a part of health care legislation.

“As a post-abortive mother and victim of the harsh aftereffects of abortion, I know firsthand the pain and grief of this form of genocide. Millions of babies, including my own, are dead from this population control campaign,” King adds.

“I was deeply moved by the statement of Representative Joseph Cao of Louisiana who said he would rather lose his seat in Congress than vote for a bill that funded abortion," she said. "His elevation of others’ lives over his own personal interests is not only the mark of a true statesman, but of a humble member of the Beloved Community of which Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. often spoke.”

“Uncle Martin’s dream includes everyone,” added Dr. King. “Now is the time for Democrats, Republicans, and Independents to join together in a ‘dream choir’ to proclaim that health care reform should also include everyone, young and old, born and unborn.”

Obama Admin Official Sebelius Wants End-of-Life Counseling in Healthcare Bill

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Health Care Reform Bill Would Allow Abortion Business in Public School Clinics

Washington, DC ( -- Most of the focus on the pending bills in Congress for a government-run health care system focus on either abortion funding and coverage or the rationing aspects of the legislation. But the bills also contain a section allowing the nation's biggest abortion business to enter public schools.

Title V of H.R. 3200, Subtitle B, called School-Based Health Clinics, outlines a new federal program where the government would fund health clinics in or near public schools.

However, Section 399Z indicates that school officials won't be responsible for administering the clinics. Instead, that responsibility falls to the clinic sponsor, which could be Planned Parenthood--the nation's largest abortion business, performing more than 350,000 abortions a year. Read more.

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Pamphlet-bearing pro-lifer exonerated by court

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Obamacare - Abortion's Trojan Horse

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