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Aloha Pregnancy Care & Counseling Centers Annual Banquet October 22

Aloha Pregnancy Care and Counseling Centers will have their annual fundraising banquet on Thursday, October 22 at Dole Cannery Ballrooms. This year's theme, "Keikilani's First Birthday Lu'au" will allow attendees to enjoy local-style food and music as they celebrate the lives of children born to the center's clients.

The event will feature Father Marc Alexander as the main speaker with Pastor Ashley Sepulveda giving special testimony. Doors open at 6:00pm. Seats are still available; those wishing to attend should contact APCCC at 234-7233 by October 15.

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40 Days for Life: 173 Babies Saved by Day 17

Leaders of the 40 Days for Life prayer effort report that as of Day 17, 173 abortion-minded women have chosen life for their babies as a result of prayer vigils taking place in 212 cities globally. The pro-life prayer campaign continues now through Sunday, November 1.

In Honolulu, the campaign will hold a Midpoint Rally on Sunday, October 11 from 4:00-6:00pm. Rally participants will meet on the sidewalk in front of the building where the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic is located, 1350 S. King St. (mauka side, 1/2 block 'ewa of Ke'eaumoku).

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Help keep abortion OUT of health care

Click here and tell Congress to “Void the Abortion Mandate”

Defund Planned Parenthood

"We do not want word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population." --Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood

In one year alone, Planned Parenthood received $336.7 million in taxpayer dollars to fund its operations. During that same time, it performed 289,650 abortions and ended the year with a $112 million surplus. The massive government funding of the controversial agency comes despite its having been caught red-handed in illegal activity and being the subject of numerous lawsuits for injuries and wrongful deaths.

Planned Parenthood must be! Take action and learn more at

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October is Respect Life, Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is a time when we pay special attention to the sanctity of human life, taking the opportnity to educate others about life issues. It is interesting that October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month, because there has long been established a causal link between abortion and increased risk for breast cancer. For example, women under the age of 18 or over the age of 29 who obtain induced abortions double their risk of contracting the disease.

Sadly, this information is not provided by many health organizations, including the Susan G. Komen Foundation (Komen Race for the Cure). Additionally, many do not realize that Komen in particular has an uncomfortably close relationship with abortion provider Planned Parenthood.

Figures from STOPP International show Komen chapters gave grants totaling $711,485 from April 1, 2005 to March 31, 2006 to Planned Parenthood affiliates. Jim Sedlak, a representative of the watchdog group says the numbers are concerning given than millions of pro-life Americans participate in Komen events during the month.

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Senate Committee to Vote on Pro-Abortion Baucus Health Care Bill This Week

Washington, DC ( -- After rejecting pro-life amendments last week that would have ensured the Baucus health care bill does not fund abortions and to protect the conscience rights of medical professionals, the Senate Finance Committee plans to vote on the legislation later this week.

The vote had been expected as early as Tuesday but the panel's chairman and the sponsor of the measure, pro-abortion Sen. Max Baucus, promised members of the committee that a vote would not occur until it received a financial analysis of the bill from the Congressional Budget Office.

The finance panel is the last of five Congressional committees -- two in the Senate and three in the House -- to approve different health care bills. Each of them, including the Kennedy measure in the Senate and the three versions of HR 3200 in the House, include massive abortion funding and mandates.

Democrats control the Senate Finance Committee on a 13-10 vote and the Baucus bill is expected to mostly receive a party-line vote with a few exceptions. Senator Olympia Snowe, a pro-abortion Maine Republican, could join Democrats in voting for the Baucus measure. Pro-abortion Sens. Ron Wyden and John Rockefeller, of Oregon and West Virginia, have not endorsed the measure because they want the government-run health care option added to it. That would open the Baucus bill up to even more abortion funding. Full story at

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Obama Has Only Read "A Decent Part" of the Pro-Abortion Health Care Bills

Washington, DC ( -- In recent weeks and months there has been some controversy about whether members of Congress will actually read the pro-abortion health care bills they are considering. Yesterday, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs gave a telling answer about whether the president has read them. "I was just wondering, before the President signs it will he himself read it or rely on staff to read the text of the bill?" a reporter asked during Monday's press briefing. "Well, I think he's read a decent part of the legislation that's been bandied around right now," Gibbs responded. The comment comes after Gibbs joked about Obama reading the bill when he was asked a similar question in August. “I don't know what his vacation plans are currently,” said Gibbs at the time. Full story at

Canadian Parliament Begins Debate on Bill C-384 to Legalize Assisted Suicide

Ottawa, Canada ( -- The Canadian Parliament last week began debate on Bill C-384 that would legalize assisted suicide in Canada. On October 2, the measure, received its first hour of debate after Québécois MP Francine Lalonde won a higher number in the lottery for private members bills.

Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition has been one of the leaders in trying to defeat the bill and he provided an update today on the situation. Since May, when Lalonde introduced the legislation, "many groups and individuals have helped the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition defeat C-384 by sending Stop Bill C-384 postcards, writing hand-written letters, or meeting with their member of Parliament," he said. Parliament has received about 10,000 postcards thus far, he confirmed to "We now need to inundate MPs with letters opposing Bill C-384," he said. Full story at

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Chicago City Council's Proposed Abortion Bubble Zone Draws Opposition from Pro-lifers, ACLU

Chicago, IL ( -- The Chicago City Council's proposal for an 8-foot bubble zone around abortion centers is such an infringement on the free speech rights of pro-life advocates that the ACLU is opposing it. The pro-abortion legal group is on the other side of the Planned Parenthood abortion business in a vote expected tomorrow. The Chicago bubble zone would prohibit pro-life people from coming within eight feet of any person approaching an abortion business in the city. It imposes a $500 fine for simply trying to talk to a woman about abortion as she walks to the entrance of the abortion facility. While pro-life groups are strongly opposed to the measure and are asking members of the city council to vote against it, the ACLU of Illinoiss has issued a statement that makes clear that the Chicago Council "must honor the Constitution and tolerate the widest amount of free speech in public ways." Full story at

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Pro-Life Television Show "Facing Life Head-On" Wins Telly and Accolade Awards

Washington, DC ( -- The highly-regarded television show "Facing Life Head On" has earned two prestigious awards in television; the Telly and Accolade awards. This weekly, half-hour TV program, sponsored by Life Issues Institute and available to well over 100-million households, presents compelling pro-life messages. Now, it has achieved international acclaim from professionals in the field of television production. “We're truly honored by both of these prestigious awards,” Brad Mattes, the host and producer of the show, told Full story at

Third Woman Rushed From California Planned Parenthood After Botched Abortion

Riverside, CA ( -- A third woman in as many weeks was recently rushed to a local hospital from a southern California Planned Parenthood abortion center after an apparent botched abortion required urgent medical care. The latest incident occurred on Saturday morning and was photographed by local pro-life advocates.

Two women were hospitalized in recent weeks from a Planned Parenthood center in Orange, California after alleged botched abortions. In this new incident, local pro-life advocates say a fire truck arrived at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Riverside, California, followed by an ambulance with lights on and sirens blaring. Witnesses observed a female patient taken from the building on a gurney. She was loaded into the awaiting ambulance, which sped away without the use of lights or sirens. Operation Rescue president Troy Newman, who has been in contact with the pro-life advocates in southern California, says the woman's condition is unknown. Full story at

Planned Parenthood Used Underage Girls in Clinical Trials Pushing Abortion

Washington, DC ( -- A new report from a Planned Parenthood watchdog group finds the abortion business used underage girls in at least 10 clinical trials over the last two decades to push abortion, birth control, and STD testing.

The news comes at a time when Planned Parenthood is facing criticism for videos showing it ignoring potential statutory abuse cases. Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League and the head of its STOPP Planned Parenthood effort, released the details in a statement to

Twenty-eight Planned Parenthood affiliates have been involved in 33 clinical trials, some of which received government funds, and 10 of them involved girls as young as 13 years of age. That number represents one-third of all clinical trials surveyed in the STOPP report. Two of the 33 trials ended in the 1990s, while the remaining 31 were conducted within the last seven years and some of them are ongoing. Full story at

Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity on October 20

Since January 22, 1973 over 50,000,000 babies have had their voices silenced through surgical abortion in this nation alone.

Over 4,000 children have their lives taken each day in the name of choice.

Over 4,000 women are emotionally damaged every day.

On October 20th, people from all over this nation will give up their voices for a day in solidarity for these children. Red arm bands and duct tape will identify them as taking part in the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity. They will carry fliers explaining why they are silent and educate others about the plight of the innocent children we are losing every day.

To register or learn more visit

Clear Conscience Health Care

Demand that Congress exclude abortion from health care reform and protect conscience rights! Sign the petition and learn more at

Monday, October 05, 2009

40 Days for Life reports 123 unborn children saved by day 13 of fall campaign

By David Bereit, National Director
40 Days for Life

Judging from the hundreds of e-mail messages I get daily, you like to hear stories about babies saved from abortion, and you like to see pictures of 40 Days for Life in action. So, today I bring you both!

Kristina and Michele in Syracuse, New York were praying in front of Planned Parenthood when two young women stopped to talk. One of the young women said she was pregnant and going to Planned Parenthood for an abortion.

Instead, she was encouraged to visit a pro-life pregnancy resource center where she was offered a free ultrasound. “Long story short,” said Kristina, “the girl decided against having the abortion. Praise the Lord!”

“To all those who are there with us in spirit and praying at home, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” Michele added. “It is because of your prayers and God’s love and mercy that this young woman’s baby was saved.” Read more.

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More Than 200,000 Gather for Life Chain across the U.S.

by Steven Editor
October 5, 2009

Washington, DC ( -- Rainy weather throughout much of the nation yesterday didn't stop likely more than 200,000 Americans from gathering in cities and towns across the country to proclaim the message that "Abortion Kills Children" and "Abortion Hurts Women."

Groups large and small held pro-life signs and received responses ranging from honking horns to thumbs up, to profane gestures. Thousand of people participated in the Life Chains in Indianapolis while two people braved the cold in Estes Park, Colorado.

Dozens of pro-life advocates in Wichita, Kansas took to the streets to share the pro-life message in the LifeChain.

"We're out here today to make a statement that we support life and also to encourage others to support life from womb to tomb," said Fr. Jerome Spexarth of St. Patrick Catholic Church in Wichita. Read more.

Another Pro-Abortion Appointment by Obama

by Steven Ertelt, Editor
October 5, 2009

Washington, DC ( -- President Barack Obama is racking up another pro-abortion appointment and, this time, the appointee would serve on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Obama has selected pro-abortion lawyer and Georgetown University law professor Chai Feldblum for the EEOC.

If confirmed by the Senate, Feldblum would serve on the EEOC for five years and could decide cases that related to pressuring women employees to have abortions or pressuring pro-life advocates to allow abortions in insurance policies.

Feldblum isn't known by most Americans, but she has worked for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Human Rights Campaign Fund, another group that promotes abortion. Read more.

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Outrage over ACORN, but not abortion

Star Parker - Syndicated Columnist - 10/5/2009 8:15:00 AM

The ACORN scandal shows that if Congress wants to act, it can. Within weeks of Fox airing videos of a couple posing as a pimp and a prostitute being advised by ACORN "community organizers" on how to evade taxes and set up a prostitution ring, our stalwart Washington legislators voted to cut off federal funds to the organization.

But similar publicized abuses at Planned Parenthood -- workers agreeing to cover up rape or earmarking funds to abort black babies -- all captured on video and audio -- produced no similar action in Washington to cut off funds.


Of course, the scope of taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood is many times greater -- a few hundred million dollars per year versus a few million. But that's no explanation. Congress acts when voters demand it. And, sadly, the decibel level of outrage about abortion, let alone federal funds supporting abortion enablers, is not great enough. Read more.

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America's pro-life, pro-abortion gap oh so slight

Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 10/5/2009 4:30:00 AM

A recent poll indicates Americans are more pro-life than ever.

A Pew Research Center poll conducted in 2008 showed those who favor keeping abortion legal outnumbered those with a pro-life view 54 to 40 percent. But the latest poll, the results of which were released last week, shows that gap reduced to 47 and 45 percent, respectively, with a two-percent margin for error -- a statistical dead heat.

Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America believes the hard work by pro-lifers is paying off. "One reason why it's so important that the public supports the sanctity of human life and the protecting of unborn children is that in order to pass laws, we've got to have the public supporting those laws," she explains. The poll, she adds, may reflect that Americans are seeing the reality that Washington is dominated by pro-abortion forces. Read more.

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