Saturday, January 16, 2010

Learning to wait

world magazine ROE V. WADE | Denied federal funds, abstinence educators plan their next moves | William McCleery

INDIANAPOLIS—Seventeen-year-old Sarah Beth Pfister leaves her high school in Indianapolis for a few hours each semester to visit a nearby middle school, where she mentors sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders.

Her main message: Abstain from sex until marriage. She talks with them about pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and the ways drugs and under-age drinking can wreck relationships.

Pfister is part of a program called PEERS—Peers Educating and Encouraging Relationship Skills—that is one of more than 100 abstinence programs across the country to receive federal funds. The last budget approved under President George W. Bush included $99 million for abstinence education. The Obama administration, though, wiped away funding for abstinence education in its first budget, which Congress recently passed. Full article.

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