Saturday, January 16, 2010

Life changes

WORLD MAGAZINE ROE V. WADE | Anti-CPC forces alter their tactics, auditors cast a probing eye on Planned Parenthood, and other news on the abortion front | Alisa Harris



Government agencies are auditing Planned Parenthood for dubious financial practices that cheat taxpayers and enrich Planned Parenthood.

The Washington Department of Social and Health Services audited Planned Parenthood Spokane and informed the group that it owes the taxpayers more than $629,000 due to overbilling. The audit found that Planned Parenthood has dispensed prescriptions and billed the government for drugs without substantiating documents. When people came in for a simple injection or to pick up a prescription, Planned Parenthood allegedly recorded their visits as face-to-face consultations to charge the taxpayers more.

It also allegedly overcharged the government to reimburse for condoms, billed for a pregnancy test that was not medically necessary, and engaged in "unbundling"—meaning that instead of billing the government for abortion-related services in one package, Planned Parenthood made more money by billing the government for post-abortion antibiotics separately. Planned Parenthood has responded by appealing every one of the charges. The attorney general's office is also auditing Planned Parenthood Western Washington. Full article.

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