Sunday, January 17, 2010

MS patient makes remarkable recovery with ethical adult stem cell treatment

An Australian man appears to have made a remarkable recovery from multiple sclerosis after receiving new stem cell treatment.

Ben Leahy, 20, was diagnosed with the disease in 2008 and ended up in intensive care at one point with respiratory failure after his condition deteriorated rapidly. He was in a wheelchair and also had sight problems when he underwent the procedure earlier this year but today he is walking and recovering well. Australian doctors removed stem cells from Ben's bone marrow, then used chemicals to destroy all the existing immune cells in the body before re-injecting his stem cells. Full article.

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Cath Princeton said...

Adult stem cells are the key to understanding how humans develop the way they do. the use of stem cells is also a high -anticipated application. although certain cells are already utilized for this purpose(cancer cells for example are used to test anti tumor drugs). testing on Pluripotent cells would open up this field to a much better of cell types. the most important application would be cell therapy which is the use of stem cells to produce the cells and tissues required for the renewal or repair of body organs that have been damaged by mortal diseases such as cancer,spinal cord injuries, glaucoma, Parkinson's,etc.