Monday, January 11, 2010

Pro-Life Demonstrator Recounts Experience

Went to Anti-Federal Health Bill demonstration (abortion clause) in front of Obama's vacation rental community. His secret service threatened to arrest me and [my baby daughter]! I tried to park her stroller on the grass so she would be futher away from the road/traffic, but apparently that was the private property of the condo and [my baby] was a threat to national security. I asked to see his badge. Then I said, "You must not be from Hawaii, otherwise you would never threaten me like this." Then I moved.

The Catholic priest in charge of the demostration did NOT move and was yelled at but ultimately, NOT arrested. We got a lot of supportive honks, but also plenty of [curses] and other vulgarities. One man even drove up close to me and [my daughter] while we were going back to the car and shouted, "someone should have aborted you!" It sent a shiver down my spine. Who says stuff like that? Why get ugly and mean?

On Saturday, a lady took both hands of the wheel of her car to use both hands to flip off the peaceful demonstrators....and crashed into the car in front of her. Oops! Can't we disagree without being disagreeable?

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Editor’s Note: This demonstrator recently organized a group for pro-life Republicans online at Although we are unaware of a similar local group, pro-life Democrats may wish to visit Democrats for Life of America at

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