Monday, January 11, 2010

Pro-life magazine finds excited audience

Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 1/11/2010 6:40:00 AM

A student-produced pro-life magazine called The Advocate is now circulating on high school and college campuses.

The Advocate is a project of student-led Live Action, an organization which has had considerable success in exposing Planned Parenthood (PP) for providing false information and allegedly assisting underage girls to get abortions without parental notification. The undercover probes have also revealed that some PP abortion clinics have failed to report the older boyfriends who sometimes impregnate the underage girls.

Lila Rose launched the ministry and is excited about the national quarterly publication. She says, "We focus on cutting edge, pro-life news stories [and] independent news. That includes investigative journalism done by those [who] create The Advocate, pieces about abortion, whether it's right or wrong, the facts about abortion, facts about the right to life and related issues."

The magazine also includes personal stories written by young people, all oriented to that generation. Tommy Silva, 20, is coordinator of The Advocate and tells OneNewsNow they are already getting very positive reaction.

"From the students who are already pro-life, we've heard a lot of people wanting to help out," he reports. "From the students who are pro-abortion already, at least the ones I've interacted with, have been really interested. They've been wanting further discussion and to find out more because we do really challenge their beliefs."

The primary purpose of this printed effort is to educate all youngsters on life-versus-abortion and to thrust that generation into the pro-life movement of the future. The Advocate is still looking for young people to distribute the magazine at high school and college campuses.

The Advocate is looking for help distributing the magazine at high school and college campuses. Learn more at

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