Monday, January 11, 2010

A Story of UnChoice

From the Elliot Institute, a story about UnChoice...

"The counselor glared at me:
'They're all waiting for you, you know.
Look, I'll give you five minutes to think about it.' "

Genevieve had canceled two appointments at the abortion clinic in Canberra. Before the next appointment, she spent four hours walking around the clinic, her mind battered by conflicting thoughts, incapable of making a decision. In a submission she forwarded to me, written for the Government-commissioned report "Services for Termination of Pregnancy," she described trying to express her deep inner conflict:

I collapsed in sheer exhaustion. I told her that I had been outside for hours. I cried hysterically curled over with my head in my hands on my knees. I said that "I feel like I'm depriving my child of life."

Our conversation was cut short by the doctor. The pressure was on. I stopped crying in disbelief when the counselor told me that if I was going to abort then I would have to do it right now. The counselor said, "Look, I'll give you five minutes to think about it and when I come back, I want your answer."

I couldn't believe it. Now I was going into a state of panic and shock. I could now barely speak ... The counselor glared at me, sighed a deep sigh and impatiently said, "Look, they're all waiting for you, you know" ... They seemed angry at me. They were sick of me and in the end I weakly obeyed their commands.

Genevieve's story is an important reminder of why it matters and why it's urgent that we educate citizens and leaders about the risks, injustices, heartbreak and harm to both the unborn and women.

From the book Giving Sorrow Words

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