Friday, February 26, 2010

2010 Olympic Gold Medallist: "No Medal Compares to Having a Child"

By Patrick B. Craine

WHISTLER, British Columbia, February 25, 2010 ( - Russia's biathlon relay team revealed the secret to their success following their gold medal victory on Tuesday, reports AFP.

“Go ahead and have babies -- and get better in sports,” said Russian anchor Olga Zaitseva, 31, in a word of advice to the French and German teams, who won silver and bronze respectively.

Zaitseva told AFP that having her son, Alexander, who was born in 2007, helped her become a better athlete. "My child is my greatest happiness and he is my best little gold medal," she said. "It has made me calmer.”

The four-member Russian team boasted three mothers, and Zaitseva's advice was echoed by the two other mothers.

"No medal compares to having a child," said Anna Boulygina, 30. "I think children are the main thing women are designed to do. Having a family is an enormous help to me and it is due to their support that I am able to achieve this result, so the answer is yes, it helps." Full story.

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