Sunday, February 21, 2010

35 Babies Saved by Day 5 of 40 Days for Life Campaign

DAY 5: ‘My life was forever changed’
February 21st, 2010

There’s no question — 40 Days for Life is not just a project, not just something to do. It’s a calling. And it’s a calling that reaches deep into your heart.

A blogger in Georgia writes that this will be her first time participating in 40 Days for Life, “and I am really looking forward to it. I have long felt passionate about the pro-life cause, but I have never extended myself.”

She explained that she is feeling called to pray earnestly — not only for the babies, but also for the women.

“I have never met a woman who has had an abortion who does not regret it,” she wrote. “They are buying a lie, and I pray eyes will be opened before it’s too late. For women who have already made the choice, I pray they will find forgiveness — it is there in Christ.”

Those “women who have already made the choice” had a profound impact on the people who attended the 40 Days for Life kickoff in Spokane, Washington.

The event was held in front of the Planned Parenthood abortion center, where a message board promoted “exceptional health care, honest education, fearless advocacy.”

John said that at the Spokane rally, two women who’d had abortions at that very facility told the story of how they had “confronted the horror of what they’d done, recounted the lies they’d been told by Planned Parenthood workers, and finally found healing.”

This was the most emotional portion of the rally, John added. “Many in the crowd were literally moved to tears as they listened to what these women went through.” Read more.

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