Friday, February 05, 2010

Brain Scan Shows Vegetative Patient Responding To Yes-or-No Questions

Signs of Life? These brain scans show activity in response to a yes or no question. The similarity in activity between the conscious control subject and the supposedly brain dead patient call into question the diagnosis of "vegetative state". New England Journal Of Medicine, via The New York Times

In a study that challenges the diagnosis of vegetative state, doctors found that the brain of a seemingly unconscious, vegetative man responded to yes-or-no questions in the same fashion as an alert, conscious person. This discovery not only complicates the medical definition of consciousness, but seems to call into question centuries of philosophy dealing with the nature of life and the self. Full story.

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Tracy Nunes said...

Whether it be ultrasound that proves that it is indeed a human inside the womb, or MRI that proves that you cannot judge cognitive ability by a persons ability to communicate, science is amazingly showing the wonder of God's creation and why it is so important that we not play God.