Friday, February 26, 2010

Going undercover | February 16, 2010 | Web Extra

ABORTION | Though Lila Rose’s videos shot at Planned Parenthood locations are incriminating, no one yet has been convicted | Alisa Harris


When a girl with platinum blond hair and dark eyes walked into Planned Parenthood oflabama in Birmingham and told the counselor she was pregnant, the counselor set up an appointment for an abortion and then asked how old the girl was. The girl laughed and said, “14.” When the girl told the counselor the baby’s father was 31, the counselor barely paused: “As long as you consented to having sex with him there’s nothing we can truly do about that.”

When the counselor told her that her parents needed to give consent to her abortion the girl asked, “Can we talk about that more? Because I can’t—I don’t want my parents to know.” The counselor told her to talk to the health counselor manager: “I know sometimes she does bend the rules a little bit.” Then she assured the girl that Planned Parenthood can’t disclose anything that happens within its walls to the 14-year-old’s parents, and that anyone with the same last name can sign. Full story.

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Tracy said...

What disturbs me about many people who call themselves "pro-choice" is the lack of willingness to look at the facts. The vast majority of people who are prochoice actually know very little about what happens when the Theory becomes reality. It is a harsh reality indeed and Lila Rose has done an outstanding and very brave job showing that.