Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hawaii Catholic Herald's Coverage of the Hawaii Rally and March for Life

Picture courtesy of the Hawaii Catholic Herald

Hundreds stand up ‘for life’ at annual capitol march

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Anonymous said...

Praise God that the momentum is building and the body of Christ from all faiths, all ages and from all neighborhoods are gathering strong together in unity leading the way in the fight to end abortion in our state, country and world. What a beautiful, God glorifying event that truly spoke to many hearts. Primarily letting the community know we will never forget the millions of babies lives that were ended through the tragedy of legalized abortion 37 years ago. And that we will defend and respect life from the tiniest to the most frail, infirm, disabled, terminally ill and any life form that is unable to represent themselves. We need to continue to educate each other, our families friends, coworkers, church families that every single human life has immense value that MUST NEVER be reduced on any level for any reason according to the heart of God.
Thanks to all who continue to stand firm, believing that with God we can see abortion overturned.