Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Pseudo-Reality Show Lets Viewers Vote for Abortions

Abortion as entertainment?

By Carolyn Plocher
Culture & Media Institute
February 9, 2010

“Their choices are up to YOU” is the tagline for the new pseudo-reality show “Bump+.” A fictional Web series designed to look like a reality show, “Bump+” follows the stories of three women facing “unintended pregnancies.” Their decision as to whether to abort, or bring their babies to term and either put them up for adoption and keep them, rests on the viewers, who weigh in via the “Bump+” Web site. Yes, killing of the unborn has now become interactive entertainment. Full story.


WishCommandress said...

No, it's not using it as entertainment. They're using the show as a way to get the topic out in the open with people, to get people to tell their stories. They want people to share their experiences. They don't want fighting, they want discussion about the topic, to show how abortion has hurt people, and has influenced people.

Furthermore, there is no voting. The people running the show have made that very clear. What they say about this is, "Denise, Hailey and Katie (fictional characters portrayed by actors) will make their own decisions at the end of this series. The creative team behind Bump+ will shape those decisions based upon the advice offered by viewers in the form of STORIES submitted on this website."

Read about it here:
and here:

It's not for entertainment purposes, it's so that people will open up and dialogue about it without attacking one another.

Tracy Nunes said...

I went on the website and actually watched some of the episodes and read some of the viewer input. I have mixed feelings. I don't think something as serious as abortion should EVER be entertainment. However, we do live in the YouTube age and think this venue could be good for meaningful discussion.

I think the situations that are presented, in what I have seen thus far, seem to be trying to stear the viewer toward supporting an abortion. But, I am heartened to see that some of the comments posted really share experiences from a pro-life perspective and I can only pray that God will use those.

In final analysis, I think it could be great if the full truth is really spoken. It will be interesting to see how much of the pro-life argument is allowed since the edited comments don't let us know all of what was said.

Anonymous said...

It is such a sad situation that we reduce human life to mere "Bumps" in his or her mothers womb. I am so thankful that my parents as hard at it was for them to raise five children, did not look at me as a bump that they felt thousands of people in the world could determine my value and worth or right to live. Not only is the assault on the preborn beyond tragic, to showcase them in such dehumanizing fashion is distressful.
The reality is that woman deserve better than abortion and more importantly babies deserve better than premature death! Civilized societies do not kill their own people. It's pretty obvious from the ultrasound that a heartbeat was detected so the real question is - will these mothers - because once your pregnant ready or not - you're a mom - will they deliver a live baby or a dead one? This is clearly both a moral and political issue.
Adoption is the loving option and one that will spare many lives future heartache, pain even torment, grief and bitterness. Abortion is the only form of legalized domestic violence. One of the ironies of the pro choice movement is that it has left many women feeling that they have no choice but abortion. This is because abortion is constantly portrayed as the preferred choice. Having been taught that abortion is the easiest way out of difficulty, the pregnant woman is often pressured into making a choice more "others" than hers. Studies confirm woman feel pressured into abortion. Altogether 64% of aborted women surveyed described themselves as "forced into an abortion because of their particular circumstances at the time. Abortion was the most obvious and fasted way to escape from their dilemmas. Over 84% said they would have kept their babies "under better circumstances."Source Data: David Reardon, Aborted Woman.
The reality is we can offer woman better resources and help and above all spare their babies the horrific pain at the hands of the abortionists. We should make it our priority and goal to comfort, come along side these woman and men that are confused and and provide positive life affirming alternatives, adequate choices that will leave everyone with much hope rather than heartache. What is so interesting is that if abortion is such a good choice - why do so many people have such a hard time with it, why don't woman shout it from the rooftops that, "hey, I had an abortion today" and why in the world are so many people offended by the photos of butchered babies? Could the truth be, because abortion is offensive & very cruel to the very core? I pray for these women, that they will be guided and comforted with mature, healthy people that will encourage them to keep the greatest gift of all - the gift of human life!