Friday, February 26, 2010

Under orders | March 13, 2010

MILITARY | Ignoring conscience objections and taxpayer protection, the administration forces military bases to carry Plan B | Alisa Harris


When military pharmacist David Black received word that the Pentagon would require all military treatment facilities to stock emergency contraception—the Plan B drug that he considers abortion-inducing—he grew immediately anxious. Black, who asked that WORLD not use his real name in order to protect his job, told a supervisor that he would not dispense the pill and suggested they ship it to a local provider who was willing to dispense it. The supervisor said that was not an option.

Abortion currently is banned from all military treatment facilities, and so is the use of defense funds for abortion. But Plan B does not fall under the federal definition of abortion; instead it's classified as "emergency contraception" taken less than 72 hours after unprotected sex. It releases a high dose of the hormone levonorgestrel and sometimes works by inhibiting the implantation of an already fertilized egg—ending a life after conception. Full story.

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