Friday, March 12, 2010

Dutch Parliament to debate euthanasia for anyone over 70

BioEdge | by Michael Cook | 12 Mar 2010

The Dutch Parliament will debate a proposal to offer euthanasia for anyone over 70, whether or not they are terminally ill or in great pain. A euthanasia lobby group, "Vrijwillig levenseinde", or "Of free will", gathered more than 112,000 signatures on a petition. Only 40,000 signatures are required to force a debate.

The proposal is to train non-medical staff to administer a lethal injection to healthy people over 70 who "consider their lives complete" and want to die. These suicide assistants would receive government accreditation. Their job would be to check whether clients were not temporarily depressed and had a "heartfelt and enduring desire" to die. Full story.

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Tracy Nunes said...

The Bible says to honor your father and your mother. The mentality of the Dutch Parliament and states like Oregon says that all of the years of hard won wisdom mean nothing unless you are physically well and able.

Whne we start with the idea that it is okay to kill the unborn, where else would we end up but where some are now; the elderly, the infirm, the disable are all in the way of our convenience and our comfort.