Monday, March 22, 2010

Feminism's "Gendercide"

This week's feature writer is Mr. Joseph Meaney, HLI Director of International Coordination, who has visited more than 67 countries of the world in over a decade of service to the cause of life. He writes today on the international sex-selection abortion crisis.

Feminism's "Gendercide"
By Joseph Meaney

Wondrous news! The mainstream media and even the United Nations have "discovered" the 30 year old crisis of "missing girls." The Economist (the recent edition entitled, "Gendercide") and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) came out with the "news" that over 100 million girls and women that should be alive are not.

The culprits are parents who want to have sons only and use sonograms to identify the sex of their child in the womb. The end result is millions of sex-selection abortions of unwanted girls every year.

Pro-lifers have denounced this "slaughter of Eve" in the strongest terms for some time now. It is undoubtedly the greatest campaign of deadly discrimination against women in history. Incredibly, with few exceptions, the problem of sex-selection abortion is steadily worsening in Asia and around the world!
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Feminist Review said...

Um, this problem has little to do w/ the availability of abortion. It has to do with cultural norms that privilege males. If you outlaw abortion in India what you'll end up with (other than higher maternal mortality rates) is the killing of *actual* female babies (as opposed to fetuses) after they've been born.