Monday, March 22, 2010

Good and Evil in the Health Care Outcome

...Despite all efforts, President Obama and the Democrat leadership succeeded in convincing enough of their own caucus to vote for their last-ditch effort to overhaul America’s health care sector...

... let’s look at the bad. And it is bad:

1. The Democrat leadership, on the whole, got their way. They got a bill, and they harassed their own caucus to get them to blink first. This bill is not good for Americans, will not achieve what it claims to do, and will, both in the short and long run, hurt the quality of health care in America, and gravely endanger the vulnerable unborn.

2. Stupak betrayed us. I do not say this lightly. His final vote constituted 100% of his “value” to the pro-life cause on this issue. And that vote was 100% for a bill he claimed for weeks was written in a way he could not support without violating his pro-life principles. Even if the Executive Order were to accomplish what he claims it will accomplish (a claim I highly doubt and will actively look into next), it does not exonerate him from the choice he made to vote this bill into law.

3. Liberal Catholics, catholyc groups, and even isolated leaders of liberal religious women’s orders, betrayed the bishops of the United States and smashed the possibility of a unified Catholic witness to the world on this paramount issue. Just like these organizations, leaders and their “brand” of Catholic thinking delivered to President Obama a majority of Catholic voters in this country during the presidential election, they helped him deliver – perhaps to a higher degree than any other group – the President’s “signature” legislation. If Catholics are to positively shape the world according to Catholic principles as revealed by Christ and his Church, we must set our own house in order first.

4. The strong possibility of an authentic pro-life coalition emerging in the Democrat party suffered a serious, if not insurmountable setback. I’m not saying they’re are not pro-life Democrats remaining in the House (a friend of mine counts 8 out of their entire caucus) … I’m saying this pro-life coalition has destroyed its credibility as any threat to the Democrat leadership’s agenda. When the chips were down, Pelosi and her friends browbeat the pro-life Democrats into submission.
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