Monday, May 10, 2010

A Conversation

Tracy Nunes

Can I invite you to a conversation? Get your hot cocoa and pull up a comfy chair. Prop your feet up on the coffee table. Let’s imagine we are long lost friends and we want to know… we really want to know the person sitting across from us.


Let’s talk.

This conversation isn’t about politics, though its subject matter has polarized our dear nation. It isn’t about who is right and who is wrong, though Truth will not be denied. It isn’t about what you can do to change someone’s mind or move them to think like you do. Not this time around.

It’s not about the next election cycle or getting a particular party into power come next November. It is not even about our President and his view of America. This conversation is for you, whether you are "pro-life” or “pro-choice.”

Let’s talk. Can we?

Forget how you feel about abortion; whether you support a woman’s right to choose or you feel life begins at conception. Whether you have a Biblical or a secular world view or whether you have been an activist or a sideline sitter for either viewpoint; set aside your way of thinking and...let’s talk.

In our face to face, I will take the risk and tell you that I am a woman who had five abortions when I was a young woman.

If you are pro-life, how does that make you feel? Do you feel angry at me? Do you feel sad? Do you struggle with what you would say to me? Do you wish I was in jail? How does your God given love for the children that were in my womb effect how you feel about me? Is it the unforgivable sin?

If you are pro-choice, are you glad that I had that option as a fifteen year old when I was molested by my uncle? Are you willing to hear that instead of ending it, the abortion multiplied my misery and led me to hurt myself more by the choices I made? Do you want to know how a woman feels when she has ended her child’s life, or do you just want to make sure she has the right to do it? Do you care that she might be hurting or would you prefer that she be quiet?

Apart from how you feel on either side, can I tell you what the woman experiences? She often suffers in a silence that can last decades. She has been told that it was a right that she had and it would “keep her down” if she were to choose to set aside her rights. She has lied to herself in order to be able to get up each morning. Read more.

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