Saturday, June 05, 2010

Fault Lines: "From the very start, I told them that I don't do abortions"

Coerced by hospital administrators, a Christian nurse reels from the choices of a fateful hour

Twice in her life, Cathy DeCarlo has felt the foundations tremble.

Twenty years ago, in her native Philippines, a 7.8 earthquake collapsed her high school around her. She watched, dazed, as emergency teams pulled other children from the rubble, and stared, fascinated, as doctors and nurses turned a playground into a medical triage, performing life-and-death procedures – even amputations – before her eyes.

It wasn’t the horror and terror of that day that stayed with Cathy, in the years to come. It was the swift, deft teamwork of the medical personnel. Marveling at their skills, at their uncanny ability to read a patient’s symptoms and respond in an instant, she knew to the deep places of her soul that this was what she wanted to do with her own life – serve side-by-side with fellow professionals in heroic efforts to save lives.

Sooner than she imagined, the dream came true. It carried her halfway around the world to find professional success and personal fulfillment beyond her fondest dreams.

Until the day the teamwork failed her … and Cathy felt the earth move, again, shaking her to those same deep places of her soul. Full story.

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