Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Official report to NZ Government says that screening and aborting Down Syndrome babies is an effective cost saving tool

by Brendan Malone
from Semper Vita, the blog of Family Life International New Zealand

After our Life Matters column last week about the new eugenic antenatal screening programme operating in New Zealand, we were sent a copy of an official National Screening Unit (NSU) Report from 2007 (obtained under the Official Information Act).

The report is titled: Summary of Key Informant Interviews Antenatal Down syndrome Screening, Final Report, and in a section titled “Cost Effectiveness”, it clearly outlines the case for why aborting Down syndrome babies is more cost effective than allowing them to live.

What is rather interesting about this document is that it doesn’t use the word ‘abortion’, instead it uses sanitized euphemisms like ‘avoiding the birth of a baby’. Read more.

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