Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Humanae Vitae Priests: Defenders of Women

Precisely when Humanae Vitae was being publicly rejected by many bishops and priests, scientists were enrolling their parishioners into the three landmark contraceptive studies of the 1960s finding excess suicides, neurotic depression, accidents, violence, sexual dysfunction, divorce, and other problems among “pill” users. Investigators attributed these bad outcomes not to altered biochemistry but rather to contraception itself — i.e., the precise behavior these pastors should have consistently condemned.

Recent studies have only confirmed these findings, documenting increased neuroticism, hostility, anger, depression, sexual dysfunction, and suicidality in women. An April 2007 study on tubal ligation, the “most popular form of birth control in the U.S.,” showed a 200% increase of sexual dysfunction associated with tubal ligation.
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