Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pro-Life Educator/Speaker Melanie Pritchard in Critical Condition

By Chris Faddis, publisher of

July 29, 2010 ( - Melanie Pritchard, Catholic speaker, Pro-Life Educator, Chastity speaker, and a true woman of God is in critical condition after giving birth to her second child. During labor there were complications and Melanie was rushed into an emergency C-section. During the C-section Melanie’s heart stopped beating. The baby was born and is doing great. But Melanie’s condition is very serious. She has now had surgery on her heart and while she is stable on machines, is not recovering well. They are now transporting her to the Mayo Clinic and putting her on specialized equipment.

Who is Melanie Pritchard?

Melanie would probably first tell you that she is Doug’s wife and a mother of two who seeks to be sure her children always know their incredible worth. But Melanie is also a powerful force for changing lives. She is a chastity speaker, a Pro-Life Educator and advocate; she is a game changer in the Church. She has created movements in Phoenix that have truly changed lives. She’s educated many young people in defending life and standing up for truth, she has trained other young people to teach chastity and she is personally responsible for guiding many to live lives of chastity and even to keep their children. On top of that she is an incredible friend to many which has been testified to by the outpouring of prayer that is being spread throughout Phoenix and across the country through Twitter and Facebook. Full story.

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