Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Abortion Family Tree; How it Affects The Generations and Why The Church Should Care

Tracy Nunes

We live in a time when there are mounting pressures on The Church to handle the growing epidemics of substance abuse, divorce, child abuse and countless other social ills. Many pastors, church leaders and believers might ask themselves why they should bother to think about or spend time on the issue of Post Abortion Healing. After all, isn’t that a specific ministry that only a few would be called to do? Aren’t there more pressing issues for The Church to address?

Let me answer that with the story of one woman.

Sheila’s abortions left her with the classic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms that are also common to combat veterans. She suffered from insomnia and traumatic recall, relationship difficulties, worry, sadness, substance abuse and over protection of her subsequently born children.

She struggled with years of self condemnation that caused her to distance herself from the fullness of God and put a wall of self protection around her heart. This in turn affected her husband’s life and his walk with God, his relationship with his children and his ability to deal with his own substance abuse.

It rubbed off on her children in the form of not knowing how to relate to others, not trusting God and in eating disorders. This in turn affected the people they came into contact with and their potential as children of God to be a blessing to the hurting around them. It goes on and on.

This is just a small picture of the Abortion Family Tree. If these issues are not dealt with in the Loving Arms of the Savior they will continue on into the next generations as each person passes on the scars of abortion. The likelihood that this woman will get help is very low unless she comes face to face with a loving opportunity in the embrace of other believers. Even if she is a committed Believer she will most often carry it as a silent wound that she thinks she must always bear. She believes that secrecy is the only way to put it in the past, yet the obvious residue never leaves her.

That returns us the question; aren’t there more pressing issues for the church to address? First and foremost it is the church’s call to bring people to saving knowledge of Jesus. But, we must understand that abortion is not a “them” problem, it is an “us” problem. We know that 1/3 of all American woman will have an abortion in their lifetime and if we multiply that out based on the known effects, we will see that the root of the very issues we struggle with the most in our society are planted deeply in the tragedy of abortion. Read more.

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