Thursday, August 05, 2010

Firestorm of assisted suicide in Idaho and Montana threatening…

From the True Compassion Advocates blog

First, it was Washington and Oregon. Now it’s Montana and Idaho.

The west is ablaze—once again— with the issue of assisted suicide. In the dog days of summer, while many of us tarry at the beach, fitting in work where we may, focusing on family, vacations, and respite from winter’s storms, a new and potentially lethal danger smolders. Radical suicide proponents have targeted western states anew. Most recently in Montana, and now in Idaho, attempts are being made to torch protective laws, life-saving laws which shelter vulnerable adults from elder abuse, assisted suicide and assisted homicide.

What happens next, whether the west is won or lost, will depend on each of us, on advocates of true compassion everywhere, not only in Montana and Idaho, but also in Washington, Oregon, elsewhere in the US, Canada, Europe and beyond. Citizens of both states have begun to wake up to the very real danger of being targeted by suicide proponents armed with bevies of out-of-state consultants carrying bucket-loads of out-of-state cash. Read more.

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