Thursday, August 12, 2010

George Will on Boxer's "slightly modified infanticide" abortion position

Written by Thomas Peters
American Principles Project

Barbara Boxer was pro-abortion when it was cool. Not "pro-choice", actually pro-abortion ... for abortion. Those in the pro-abortion movement have learned with time to change how they talk about their support for the procedure (which always kills an innocent human life). But Boxer has not always done the best job of keeping up with the times.

When George Will reminded his Newsweek readers recently about her extreme position on the issue ("slightly modified infanticide") she tried to claim he was taking her words out of context.

Welcome to the age of YouTube (and searchable C-SPAN archives). George Will was happy to respond to Boxer in a column entitled "Barbara Boxer in Context" and with the subheading: "You can see it on YouTube today." For the record, Will is right about the YouTube claim.

Also, Will is right about Boxer's position on abortion: extremely pro-abortion. And its not cool.

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