Thursday, August 26, 2010

Next 40 Days for Life Prayer, Fasting Campaign Against Abortion Largest Yet

Washington, DC ( -- The next 40 Days for Life campaign involving prayer at abortion centers across the nation will be the largest one yet. The campaigns have been responsible for reinvigorating local pro-life efforts, closing abortion facilities and changing the minds of abortion staffers and women considering abortions.

40 Days for Life is preparing for its largest campaign to date with 238 sites in six countries participating in simultaneous campaigns from September 22 - October 31.

"This fall, an unprecedented number of people of faith will be turning to a higher power to bring an end to the tragedy of abortion through a 40-day program of prayer and fasting, peaceful vigil and community outreach," said Shawn Carney, director of the campaign.

Carney tells there are 223 locations in 46 American states and the District of Columbia participating in 40 Days for Life efforts.

With nine locations in six provinces, this campaign will also mark the largest Canadian participation as well. Activists in the nations of Australia, Denmark, Northern Ireland, and -- for the first time -- England, are joining their pro-life colleagues in North America by holding events, too. Full story

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