Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pro-Abortion President Barack Obama Sees Approval Ratings Hit New Lows

Washington, DC ( -- President Barack Obama hit new lows today in his approval ratings measured by the Rasmussen Reports polling firm. The new low ratings follow closely on the heels of the Senate approving his pro-abortion nominee for the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan.

Obama's total approval rating now stands at 43 percent with 24 percent of Americans saying they strongly approve of the job Obama is now doing.

That stands in contrast with the 56 percent of Americans who disapprove of Obama's track record in the White House and a new high of 46 percent who strongly disapprove.

Looking only at those likely voters with the most passionate views of Obama, he faces a -22 percent rating -- also a new low in the Rassmussen poll -- from those who 70 percent of Americans who view him with strong approval or disapproval.

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