Thursday, August 12, 2010

Simple truths about complicated stem cell research

Jonathan Imbody, Freedom2Care

Most non-scientists have trouble following the technical side of the stem cell debate, but the basic principles you need to know are actually pretty simple:
  1. There are different kinds of stem cells and different ways--some lethal to developing human beings, others harmless--to tap their potential for medical advances.
  2. Embryonic stem cell research, including human cloning research, destroys a living human embryo--the early phase of life that each of us human individuals begins with.
  3. After decades of research and hyperbolic speculation, embryonic stem cells still have not helped a single patient.
  4. Meanwhile, non-embryonic, or "adult" stem cell research that does not harm a human embryo, is already providing real help and hope to patients suffering from 73 diseases and ailments.
  5. U.S. law forbids federal funding used to harm or kill human embryos. A recent court case by the Christian Medical Association and others challenges the Obama administration's policy to fund apparently illegal research.
So if you want the fastest, already proven route to helping real patients without killing living developing human beings, non-embryonic stem cell research is clearly the answer.

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