Tuesday, August 10, 2010

USA Becoming Haven For Sex Selection IVF Tourism

The USA has abdicated good ethics by allowing IVF to go virtually unregulated. The consequences are profound and growing. Rather than being a medical treatment for otherwise infertile married couples, IVF has become a lifestyle enhancer permitting parents to shop for the child they want like a breed of dog, rent wombs, eugenically select out unwanted children, expose young women to the pronounced, if rare, dangers to life, limb, and fertility by selling or donating their eggs, and is insinuating the crass values of naked consumerism into family life in which the unwanted are tossed away like so much medical waste.

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aaps said...

I agree, there should be some regulation to keep a tab on IVF.What once considered to be a treatment for Childless couple, Now turning out to be a Selection process for child birth.

ABPS said...

Have heard that this has become a big money making way for people who are in poor countries & where adoption laws are not very stringent.