Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Women fatally forgetting themselves

Carolyn Moynihan | MercatorNet

That ordinary women co-operated in the Holocaust should raise the alarm about female violence today.

Keli Lane Photo: Sydney Morning HeraldAtrocious crimes feature so often in the daily news that they begin to lose their power to shock, but the trial of an Australian woman makes a chilling exception. According to the prosecutor, water polo champion Keli Lane was so determined to be selected for the 2000 Sydney Olympics that she “hid” a pregnancy from everyone and, when her daughter was born, she killed her, buried her, and then went to a wedding.

That was in 1996 when Lane was 21. As a result of various sexual relationships she had already had two abortions and -- in moments of better judgement -- had two babies adopted out. After each birth she would immediately resume her active sporting, social and sex life. She drank heavily and “kept up with the boys”. She was not, as it happens, selected for the Olympic team. Full story

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