Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fraud Should Lead to Government De-Funding Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

by Cheryl Sullenger
September 10
, 2010 Note: Cheryl Sullenger is a leader of Operation Rescue, a Kansas-based pro-life that monitors abortion practitioners and exposes their illegal and unethical practices. The group is known for serving as a watchdog of Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America last week disenfranchised their Golden Gate affiliate in the midst of serious financial problems.

Apparently PPGG employees knew that there was financial funny business and sent a letter (mostly ignored) signed by 30 of them to the PPGG Board and parent organization in 2008 complaining about financial improprieties by former head Dian Harrison. In fact, the employees, past and present, still have a lot to say. The following is a small example taken from the San Francisco Bay Guardian blog site:

It was well known within the agency that the former CEO, Dian Harrison, didn't care about the mission or the patients and was only enriching herself and living large off of PPGG's budget. She was so corrupt she even took to hiding her salary on the agency's 990 tax forms for several years until the IRS started looking into her business. If the government ever looks at PPGG's books, both Dian and the current CEO, Therese Wilson, will be sharing a jail cell next to Bernie Madoff. Signed: "Laura, former staff"

Nevermind if the government ever audits them, if the government just interviews former staff they'll learn amazing things. Like how Dian had a hidden expense account for personal use and paid an "executive coach" over $100,000 a year to tell her how to be a CEO. Not just for one year, but for her entire tenure. I'm sure major foundations would like to have known they were paying this guy, Mike Takagawa, to hold Dian's hand in perpetuity. Signed: "A.B., former fundraiser for PPGG"

After digesting what's going on and what was in the Bay Citizen article, and reliving my own experiences working for PPGG, I would suggest to PPFA, and I'm talking to you, Ms. McHugh, that you add a section to your re-accreditation process and affiliation requirements that includes in-depth interviews with staff. If staff send you letters of concern and the occasional invoice for a luxury item purchased on the agency credit card that is probably sitting in Dian's living room right now, maybe you shouldn't ignore it and instead investigate. We came to work for PPGG for the mission, so we're not sending you concerned letters and copies of bills for thousands of dollars of personal items for fun. You knew Dian was running this affiliate into the ground and you let her continue to do it year after year. Signed: "Another former staff member, sigh"

While employees complain Harrison and others spent PPGG's money lavishly on personal luxury items, the organization posted an $181,000 deficit in 2006-07, a $1.8 million deficit in 2007-08, and a $2.8 million deficit in 2008-09.

Now we learn that the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service is conducting an audit, as well it should.

It is obvious that PPFA cut ties with the Golden Gate operation in order to keep the financial scandal from creeping up the food chain.

But we think it was more than that. Read more

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