Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Do Men Have to Do with It?

By Tracy Nunes
from her blog "...a mess for Jesus: Proving What God Can Do With Broken Lives"

In most ways and at most times you are not going to hear the word “men” in relation to the word abortion. What you do hear or read will typically portray men as either conspirators who hold women down by keeping them pregnant, barefoot and powerless or as cluelessly unaware of and unaffected by the pain that abortion brings to both themselves and the woman. Neither is a balanced or fair portrayal of the vast majority of men.

No one can deny that men sometimes will hold the majority power in the realms of politics and policy. Neither can anyone challenge that abortion usually happens under the pressure from a man that the woman is in relationship with; either her father or the father of the baby.

Nevertheless, saying that men should then be left out of the discussion about post abortion healing is short sighted and ultimately unprofitable. Whether a man pressured a woman to abort, supported her unpressured decision to abort or was not given the opportunity to raise a child he wanted, he is hurt by abortion. Read more

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