Friday, October 01, 2010

The Necessity of Voting Pro-Life

From Bound4Life O'ahu:
by Jerry

Greetings Beloved,

Our dear nation finds itself in dire times. We the people have either voted for or allowed (by our inactivity) the death of millions of our brethren, and it appears that the leaders and officials we allow to hold office will not relent until the bloodshed results in a calloused and brutal genocide of the weakest and poorest among our youngest and most elderly. I will not shy away from the testimony that it is blood on our hands, meaning the voter, for we have allowed the death of millions of babies and, if history repeats itself in the upcoming elections, the death of many elderly and handicapped individuals. As a twenty-seven year old, it was the generation of my grandfathers who voted for those who made abortion legal, and now my generation faces the decision to vote for those who will make physician assisted suicide (aka euthanasia) just as common as abortion. Read more

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