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Monaco to Mongolia: population density and prosperity

The next big population bogeyman could well be 'overcrowding'. Should we worry?

Singapore“Stop the World -- I Want to Get Off” was the title of a hit Broadway play some years ago. Today, getting people off the planet is what the United Nations population control crowd would like to do in order to “save” it. After the failed Copenhagen climate control confabulation last December, they will be refocusing their strategy and may target the presumed horrors of overpopulation in the form of large concentrations of people in any given place.

The constantly updating “population clock” of the U.S. Census Bureau showed that the U.S. population was over 308 million and world population not quite 6.8 billion as I write. To the population worriers, these numbers are far too many. Population nihilists conjure up horrendous stories of hordes of people living extremely closely together in dire poverty, clamoring for scarce resources. Fewer people equals less carbon footprints, they claim.

What about “overcrowding?” China’s coercive one-child policy to explicitly curb population is well known, but is China that densely populated? Not at all, when one looks at the relevant data. While the population of China at 1.3 billion is the highest of any country in the world, China ranks only 53rd out of 192 countries in terms of population density, as can be observed in data assembled by the CIA. Full story.

Infant Girl Placed in "Dying Room" Due to Handicap

Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 2/5/2010 7:20:00 AM

A Chinese baby's life is wasting away at the will of her parents, and a public outcry has resulted from their decision.

The child, who was born in January 12 in Tianjin, China, suffers a handicap that could easily be corrected through surgery. Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute (PRI), says there is good reason to believe that will not happen.

"Her parents -- because she is a girl, and because they want another child, a boy, and because they want a perfect child like the Chinese government tells all Chinese they should have -- have decided to sentence her to death," Mosher explains.

Baby Mei has been placed in a "dying room." She is being given no assistance whatsoever and is not expected to live to see her one-month birthday. Most families in the People's Republic of China are limited to just one baby, and local officials are responsible for overseeing that policy. Full story.

Take action! Contact the Chinese embassy on behalf of Baby Mei at 202.328.2500 or

Obama Administration Forces Military Hospitals to Stock Morning After Pill

by Steven Ertelt Editor
February 5
, 2010

Washington, DC ( -- Late Thursday, the Obama administration issued a new order for the U.S. military requiring all military hospitals and health centers to stock the morning after pill. The Department of Defense will soon begin having military medical facilities stock the Plan B drug, which can sometimes cause an abortion. Full story

Brain Scan Shows Vegetative Patient Responding To Yes-or-No Questions

Signs of Life? These brain scans show activity in response to a yes or no question. The similarity in activity between the conscious control subject and the supposedly brain dead patient call into question the diagnosis of "vegetative state". New England Journal Of Medicine, via The New York Times

In a study that challenges the diagnosis of vegetative state, doctors found that the brain of a seemingly unconscious, vegetative man responded to yes-or-no questions in the same fashion as an alert, conscious person. This discovery not only complicates the medical definition of consciousness, but seems to call into question centuries of philosophy dealing with the nature of life and the self. Full story.

'Pro-choice' really means 'pro-abortion'

Allie Martin - OneNewsNow - 2/4/2010 5:00:00 AM

Super Bowl XLIV logo smallThe national director for Generation Life says it comes as no surprise that liberal groups are upset over a Super Bowl ad featuring Tim Tebow and his mother.

Focus on the Family produced the 30-second spot, which is slated to run during the CBS broadcast on Sunday and reportedly will feature Pam Tebow recounting her decision to carry Tim to full-term, despite a doctor's advice to have an abortion due to health concerns.

Brandi SwindellLiberal and feminist groups were quick to denounce the ad, even though it has yet to be previewed, and Brandi Swindell, founder and national director of Generation Life, contends the heated opposition shows the liberal groups' true colors.

"They're not really pro-choice organizations -- they are pro-abortion organizations," she contends. "So it's disappointing when you see ads that pretend to be pro-woman, that at the end of the day are completely anti-woman. And we see them being very pro-abortion, very anti-woman as they protest and are so angry over this ad." Full story.

Charlotte Raven: Should I take my own life?

Charlotte Raven
The Guardian, Saturday 16 January 2010

When Charlotte Raven was diagnosed with Huntington's, an incurable degenerative disease, there seemed only one option: suicide. But would deciding how and when to die really give her back the control she desperately craved? And what about the consequences for her husband and young daughter? Full story.

Saving the lives of women and children

Brian Lilley | Monday, 1 February 2010

( The G8 appears set to take on the issues of child and maternal mortality. Can they do it while saving lives, not destroying them?

Upon hearing the statistics it is hard not to be moved, to feel that something must be done to change this. Each year, in the developing world, more than 500,000 women die in pregnancy and childbirth, some 9 million children die each year before their fifth birthday. It was these grim numbers that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper used in a keynote address at the Davos World Economic Forum to call for concerted action by G8 countries.

The problems of heightened infant and maternal mortality in the poorer countries of this planet are not news, they have been known for sometime. In 2000, leaders gathered at the United Nations headquarters to endorse the Millennium Development Goals, which included reducing child mortality by two-thirds and maternal mortality by three-quarters by 2015. In the years since, not much has happened.

So in an open letter published in the Toronto Star, Montreal’s La Presse and Le Figaro in Paris, Stephen Harper announced that as president of the G8 this year, Canada will host the G8 and G20 this June, he will push leaders to make a tangible difference for the women and children of the developed world, saying relatively simple health-care solutions could alter the outcomes.

"The solutions are not intrinsically expensive. The cost of clean water, inoculations and better nutrition, as well as the training of health workers to care for women and deliver babies, is within the reach of any country in the G8. Much the same could be said of child mortality. The solutions are similar in nature – better nutrition, immunization – and equally inexpensive in themselves."

The plan laid out by Prime Minister Harper is hard to criticize and it was good to hear, during his speech at Davos, that he has spoken with other G8 leaders and they appear willing to take on this neglected Millennium Development Goal. "It is therefore time," says Harper, "to mobilize our friends and partners to do something for those who can do little for themselves, to replace grand good intentions with substantive acts of human good will."

Yet, when Harper does try to reach out to other nations and get them on board he will face several challenges in bringing about the type of change most of us think of when a world leader says they want to improve the health outcomes of the world's poorest people. The first challenge surfaced in Ottawa at the same time that word of this plan was spreading through the frozen Canadian capital; some development agencies see abortion as the key to reducing infant and maternal mortality.

The change in policy towards family planning in Washington is well documented; abortion is back on the agenda as an acceptable public policy tool for the United States to export around the world. The case in other counties of the G8, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Japan plus Russia is less well known.

One of the key advisors to Britain's Labour government, or at least Prime Minister Gordon Brown, is Jonathon Porritt of the Optimum Population Trust. Porritt is the man who wants Britain's population cut in half to 30 million people. In conjunction with the United Nation's Population Fund, the OPT also wants to see Africa's population reduced for environmental reasons using family planning, which is often now a program well beyond contraception and includes abortion.

My reason for pointing this out is not to engage in an overall argument about abortion but to set the stage for the argument that what you and I hear when a politician promises something may not be what actually happens. When Prime Minister Harper, as president of the G8, speaks of infant and maternal mortality rates and says, "Far too many lives and futures have been lost." Most of us think his goal is to lower the mortality rates by saving the lives of pregnant women and children under five by improving access to clean water, primary health care, vaccines. That may be what Mr. Harper has in mind and those are in fact what he lists in his speech, but the policy people have other ideas in mind. Full story.

Abstinence education: study proves it works

Carolyn Moynihan | 2 Feb 2010

( Big news today on the sexuality education front: solid evidence from a federally funded United States study that a programme limited to an abstinence message can significantly reduce the onset of sexual activity among young adolescents. Full story.

Guttmacher’s spin on ‘teen pregnancy’

If you count adolescents old enough to vote and enlist, sure the pregnancy rate went up.

Last week, the Alan Guttmacher Institute released a report in which it claimed that the rate of teen pregnancy had increased in 2006. From AGI's point of view, the alarm bells should be sounded since it was obviously caused by abstinence education, which – recently defunded – is currently up again for refunding.

While AGI does provide some of the best numbers available on abortion and related topics, one would do well to carefully evaluate their research since they are the research arm of Planned Parenthood, a group with a very pronounced agenda.

Nevertheless, when I first read about the report, I thought it was true. After all, when you take into account things like teen pregnancy pacts, the aggressive sexual media programming aimed at tweens and teens, how this demographic displays affection not only in public but in every social media available, and the increase in out of wedlock birth, to name a few factors, it seems completely plausible.

Fortunately, things are not as bad as they seem. Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation provides a succinct debunking of the study. Significantly, he points out that the study included 18- and 19-year-olds in the group. Technically, yes, they are teens. But for the purpose of public policy in the United States, teens are minors, ages 13-17. In fact, the study found that the pregnancy rates for girls 14 and under actually dropped. As Rector notes, this same group was most directly impacted by abstinence education during the time period covered by the study. However, pregnancy among the adult teens increased dramatically. AGI combined the data to come up with a grabbing headline: “Teen pregnancy increases.” Full story.

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Group Exposes Media "Fraud" at March for Life

By Kathleen Gilbert

WASHINGTON, DC, February 2, 2010 ( - Anyone who attended the March for Life in the nation's capital January 22 - or was anywhere near Capitol Hill that day or the day before – was well aware of the size of the group that came to make its voice heard.

District residents could only stand aside as the annual Starbucks-equipped army of young pro-life men and women descended upon the streets surrounding the Capitol. Hordes of March for Life participants filled sidewalks, and clogged crosswalks; while the noise of countless group leaders struggling to keep their contingents together competed with the din of colorfully-dressed gaggles of teenagers.

Such has come to be the late-January tradition in Washington. But from the news reports from the major networks and newspapers, one would never know it. The rest of the country was only shown misleading footage or pictures depicting the endless column of pro-lifers receding into the distance behind the looming presence of, at most, a couple dozen pro-abortion demonstrators.

Fed up with what they call the "mind-boggling corruption" of media coverage of the march, a small production team has released a YouTube video revealing the truth about the enormous event and the skewed media reports that referenced it. Full story.

New Sites Added to the Sidebar - Help for Unwed Mothers and Post-Abortion Help

Thanks to the co-founder of Good Counsel Homes, Christopher Bell, the following sites are being added to our sidebar:

Good Counsel Homes

Good Counsel, a nationally recognized nonprofit, founded in Hoboken, NJ by Father Benedict Groeschel, CFR, and Christopher Bell, for homeless pregnant mothers and single mothers with babies, operates five homes in New York State and has helped replicate programs in eight states. Good Counsel also conducts post-abortion
counseling and a referral network. Additionally, Good Counsel operates separate national Helplines for post-abortion and crisis pregnancies.


A ray of light in abortion's darkness!
Living with the pain of abortion can be overwhelming. Feelings of anxiety, panic, grief, guilt and shame can often seem insurmountable, but there is a way out of the pain. You do not have to suffer alone! Countless women and men have reached healing through Lumina's services, which include group programs, referrals to professional therapists, post-abortion ministries, and clergy members trained in post abortion stress. A network of women and men who have walked through the pain of abortion are also ready to accompany you through the darkness, into the joy of a renewed life.

We know that no matter what your beliefs you can experience many conflicting emotions, if you, or someone close to you has had an abortion.

We also recognize the resistance of society to acknowledge these feelings, the result of which is suppressed emotions with nowhere to turn and a feeling of being crazy and different from others.
Thank you Christopher and Father Groeschel!

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You can watch/download this Video on my website:
"At the same moment in the world,
God takes a life and God gives a life..."
Our video: "The Secret", will show you wonderful images of
the greatest Miracle: the emergence of Life
from conception to birth.
Our video is displayed in the hospital in: Rio de Janeiro City,
where Sue works as a Doctor.
You can see the Beauty of Life in this video,
with charming images of unborn Life,
the Greatest Wonder...
We add the following poem to it,
because the beautiful displays of Life is Love...
You also can watch/download this video on my website:
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H/T to Gary for sharing.

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NRLA Summer Pro-Life Training Program for College Students

Applications are now being accepted for National Right to Life Academy.

NRLA is a pro-life educational boot-camp for student leaders who want to refine their pro-life passion. Graduates from the Academy are equipped with the tools and training to defend life in any battleground, whether it be on a college campus or in the office of a congressman. This year's NRLA will be June 23-August 6, 2010.

Apply now, applications due February 15!

To apply or to learn more visit

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New Pro-Life Site Added to Sidebar - Coming Home

Coming Home

The following is from Dr. Gerard Nadal's About Page
The purpose of this blog is to explore the lost human essence in the headlong embrace of reductionism, to promote the dialogue between Christian Anthropology and the sciences, primarily the Biological Sciences. Abortion, Euthanasia, Eugenics, Physician Assisted Suicide, all threaten human life on a scale never before imagined. There have been 1.8 BILLION abortions worldwide since the year of my birth, 1960. That’s one abortion for every 3.7 people walking the planet today. Where did we go so terribly wrong?

This blog will pursue the truth, wherever the truth leads. I invite the gentle reader to walk with me on the road of exploration. I am Roman Catholic, unapologetically so. I believe that much of what has been lost in human anthropology can be found in my Church’s documents, and in the scholarship of her sons and daughters. So too do I believe that my Protestant and Orthodox brothers and sisters, enlightened by the leading of the Holy Spirit, bring their very powerful witness to the truth, as do our elder brothers in faith, the Jews.

Indeed, pro-life is not the sole province of any one church or religion. We are all children of God, sharing the same dignity as such. Restoring that lost dignity is what this blog, and my life’s work is all about.
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