Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pelosi's Lifeless Folly

This Alert from Concerned Women for America:

Next week, your clocks won't be the only things springing forward. After exhausting all their options, Democratic leaders have decided to wrap up health care talks and act. As soon as Monday, House leaders will call their first vote on the Senate health care bill, signaling the endgame on a year-long struggle to wedge big government between Americans and their doctors. Despite the uproar from House Democrats like Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has dumped any plans to compromise on the billions in taxpayer-funded abortion covered by the Senate bill.

This morning, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) was blunt about the abortion question. "I made it clear that I wasn't negotiating." Rather than lose time trying to shore up the pro-life votes, House leaders have decided to go it alone and hope that they can siphon off enough votes from Stupak's coalition to cram the plan through. Last night on MSNBC, Speaker Pelosi said she's confident that Rep. Stupak won't sink the plan. "Bart Stupak wants health care reform... I don't think that... he himself would be one to say, 'I'm taking down health care reform because of it,'" she said. Asked if he would "throw in the towel," Rep. Stupak was adamant. "If I didn't cave [in November], why would I do it now after... all I've been through?"

Clearly, the biggest question mark isn't Rep. Stupak himself, but his coalition--many of whom will be under fierce pressure from on high. As some waver, I can't emphasize enough how important your involvement is in keeping this coalition together. If you care about blocking this health care monstrosity, it is absolutely vital that you and your friends get on the phone and start calling your members' district and Washington offices. The next few days will be pivotal--particularly if your Congressman appears on the below list. Remember that these are leaders who have voted pro-life at least once, so please be polite--but firm--that the Senate bill is NOT abortion-neutral (as shown in this document). Contact information for any representative may be found at

Friday, March 12, 2010

Dutch Parliament to debate euthanasia for anyone over 70

BioEdge | by Michael Cook | 12 Mar 2010

The Dutch Parliament will debate a proposal to offer euthanasia for anyone over 70, whether or not they are terminally ill or in great pain. A euthanasia lobby group, "Vrijwillig levenseinde", or "Of free will", gathered more than 112,000 signatures on a petition. Only 40,000 signatures are required to force a debate.

The proposal is to train non-medical staff to administer a lethal injection to healthy people over 70 who "consider their lives complete" and want to die. These suicide assistants would receive government accreditation. Their job would be to check whether clients were not temporarily depressed and had a "heartfelt and enduring desire" to die. Full story.

A Conversation with U.S. Congressman Bart Stupak

U.S. Congressman Bart Stupak joined Mark & Walt in the Morning today to discuss the hot-button issue of his stance on abortion funding language in the health care reform package under discussion in Washington, D.C.. The Menominee Democrat explained his reasons for why he is holding to his convictions on the issue as well as his outlook on reaching a reasonable compromise to secure his vote for health care reform. He also commented on the recently announced campaign by Democratic challenger Connie Saltonstall of downstate Charlevoix County. Click here to listen.

Dems Abandon Abortion Deal, Ready Health Vote

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel emerged from a meeting in the Capitol with top Democratic lawmakers Thursday night saying, "We made a lot of decisions. We're getting towards the end."

WASHINGTON -- House Democratic leaders Thursday abandoned a long struggle to strike a compromise on abortion in their ranks, gambling that they can secure the support for President Barack Obama's sweeping health care legislation with showdown votes looming as early as next week.

In doing so, they are all but counting out a small but potentially decisive group whose views on abortion coverage have become the principal hang-up for Democrats fighting to achieve the biggest change in American health care in generations. Congressional leaders are hoping they can find enough support from other wavering Democrats to pass legislation that only cleared the House by five votes in an earlier incarnation.

Take action!
Call your U.S. Representative NOW at the Congressional switchboard, 1.800.839.5276.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"No One Told Me I Could Cry"

By Connie Nykiel

“Sorrow makes us all children again.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

I teach childbirth education to pregnant teenagers. My job is to prepare young parents for parenthood. This includes the possibility of parenting a baby with a birth defect or being the parent of a baby that is miscarried, stillborn, or dies soon after birth.

This is the hardest class for me to teach. Young mothers don’t want to talk or think about it. It is their worst fear. I usually end up telling them that if it is too painful to think about their own babies dying, then listen and learn how to help others who have lost a baby. Full story.

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How Teens Are Manipulated and Coerced Into Abortion

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H/T to Jean

Girl Scouts Distribute Planned Parenthood Sex Guide at UN Meeting

By Terrence McKeegan, J.D.

(NEW YORK – C-FAM) The World Association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides hosted a no-adults-welcome panel at the United Nations this week where Planned Parenthood was allowed to distribute a brochure entitled “Healthy, Happy and Hot.” The event was part of the annual United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) which concludes this week.
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Rutgers training students to be abortion clinic escorts

Read all about it here.

Switzerland battles sexual promiscuity by distributing condoms to children

Bern, Switzerland, Mar 8, 2010 / 01:11 pm (CNA).- In response to an alarming increase in sexual promiscuity among children ages 10 – 14, the Swiss government has decided to begin distributing “extra-small” condoms...
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Archbishop Chaput suggests ‘Dos and Don’ts’ for pro-life advocates

Cleveland, Ohio, Mar 9, 2010 / 10:24 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Calling pro-life advocates and all Christians to courage and virtue, Archbishop of Denver Charles J. Chaput provided a list of “dos and don’ts” for the pro-life movement on Tuesday evening. He urged an end to divisions and false oppositions, encouraging pro-lifers to be joyous and hopeful witnesses through public action and new technologies...
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Cornering the market on physician-assisted suicide

March 10, 2010, 7:00AM

The Oregonian
By Kenneth R. Stevens Jr.

Editor's Note: Kenneth R. Stevens, Jr., M.D. is a Portland physician and vice president of Physicians for Compassionate Care Educational Foundation.

What have we learned from 12 years of physician-assisted suicide in Oregon? What does it mean and matter?

In 2009, none of the 59 people who died from assisted suicide had a psychiatric evaluation, and during the last three years only 1 percent (two of 168) of patients dying from assisted suicide had a psychiatric evaluation. Why should this matter?

Oregon Health Department officials expressed concern in 2009 regarding the "worrisome trend" over the years in the decline in requests for formal psychiatric evaluation. They stated: "The decline in formal evaluation raises concerns that depression remains undiagnosed in some patients who request and receive a prescription under the DWDA" (the Death with Dignity Act). OHSU researchers reported in 2008 that 25 percent of patients requesting assisted suicide are depressed. Why, in spite of these concerns and information, are only 1 percent of patients being referred for psychiatric evaluation? Perhaps it's because of the Compassion & Choices organization. Full story.

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Physicians for Compassionate Care Education Foundation

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Priests for Life - Commercial

H/T to Big C Catholic

Group in Honolulu offering substance abusers $300 to be sterilized

A national organization that pays drug addicts and alcoholics $300 to get sterilized or to use long-term birth control is in Honolulu for the first time.

Project Prevention is engaged in an ongoing effort to eradicate substance-exposed births. The group has been in Hawai'i before, in 2008 on Maui.
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40 Days for Life - Midpoint Rally Photos

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Woman Chooses Life for Baby Girl as Abortion Procedure Begins!

Sheila Liaugminas | 24 Feb 2010

Oddsmakers would either not touch this one, or laugh at you if you even suggested the wager. 'During an abortion, the mother makes the other choice. And they lived happily ever after...'

Okay, we won't know about the 'ever after' part until time goes by, but the rest is true, and it did happen in Vegas.

The dramatic intervention to rescue this baby is only part of the story. The far-reaching lesson the story tells is one that many pro-life workers and even doctors aren’t aware of or are reluctant to admit: Some abortions already under way can be reversed to save the baby.

“The execution had been ordered and started.”

So remembers Pam Caylor, executive director of First Choice Pregnancy Services in Las Vegas, about this major rescue of a 20-week-old unborn baby. Full story.

Why society should not tolerate suicide

Suicide itself – ‘the right of anyone to take his life’ – is being legitimated by the assisted-suicide campaign.

Spiked | Kevin Yuill

Assisted suicide has hit the headlines once again.

Last week, the UK’s director of public prosecutions, Keir Starmer, issued guidelines for the prosecution of cases of mercy killings. In response to a House of Lords ruling that the Crown Prosecution Service must give guidance on factors involved in the decision to prosecute someone for helping a person to take their own life, Starmer said: ‘The policy is now more focused on the motivation of the suspect rather than the characteristics of the victim.’ Everyone from Gordon Brown donwards has pronounced on the guidelines and their meanings. Yet the sides in the assisted suicide debate remain as intransigent as ever.

What are we to make of the new guidelines and of this new, somewhat mysterious pronouncement from Starmer? The guidelines are important not only for the very few who make the trip to the Dignitas suicide clinic in Switzerland. Despite appearances, this discussion is not really about them. Of the 134 Britons who have made that trip since 2002, none of the relatives accompanying them has been prosecuted. Even where assisted suicide is legal, the number of people who opt for it is very small – in Oregon, where assisted suicide has been legal since 1997, less than one per cent of the total deaths per year are a result of legal assisted suicide.

But the new guidelines do have an impact on the law, despite Starmer’s protestations to the contrary. Rather than rely on parliament and democratic debate, the guidelines, which have clarified little for prosecutors but have stirred much public debate, further push the case for a change in the law. And they are a danger, not only because they undermine judges and juries in specific cases with sweeping general proclamations, but because they change our perspective on suicide.

How? Starmer’s idea that the focus should be on the motivation of the accused, rather than the situation of the victim, has deep implications. As Saimo Chahal, the lawyer for assisted suicide campaigner Debbie Purdy, who successfully petitioned for clarification in the law, noted: ‘Significantly, the requirement that the victim have a terminal illness, a severe, incurable physical disability or severe degenerative physical condition, as a factor weighing against prosecution has been removed – and rightly so.…The absence of this requirement is clearly consistent with the right of any person to end their life, whether ill, disabled or otherwise.’

Chahal goes too far – but Starmer’s guidelines do indicate how suicide is progressively being legitimated by the assisted suicide campaign. No, this is not a case of the ‘slippery slope’, as hinted at by Gordon Brown and others, concerned that vulnerable people will be encouraged to ‘cease being burdens’ and opt for assisted suicide. Rather, to approve of suicide because of an individual’s assessment that his or her own life is worthless is effectively to approve of all suicides – ‘the right of any person to end their life’, as Chahal put it. And the most honest assisted suicide advocates admit this fact. Full story.

Gates Foundation Explains Bill Gates Re: Vaccines Reducing Population

by James Tillman

March 8, 2010 ( - When Microsoft co-founder and population-control advocate Bill Gates spoke recently of using vaccines to reduce world population, he set off a wave of speculation over his possible allusion to covert sterilization programs. According to the Gates Foundation, however, the multi-billionaire in fact advocates vaccine use to decrease child mortality - something he claims actually decreases population growth.
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Pro-life pharmacy in D.C. area closes due to financial difficulties

Chantilly, Va., Mar 5, 2010 / 01:22 am (CNA).- The only pro-life pharmacy in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area has announced that it is closing because of financial difficulties.
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Unbelievable Coincidence Saves Baby from Abortion in Indianapolis

Commentary by David Bereit, National Coordinator, 40 Days for Life

March 9, 2010 (40DaysforLife) - I know you're familiar with the old saying, "God works in mysterious ways." Please sit down and read this whole story. Our God of mystery has outdone Himself this time!

A young woman in Indianapolis, Indiana - we'll call her Erin - woke up, saw her kids off to school, dropped her preschoolers at a friend's house, and noticed that she was late for an appointment ... at Planned Parenthood ... for an abortion.

So Erin picked up her phone and called to see if she could still come in. She thought she was calling Planned Parenthood. In her haste, she dialled a wrong number.
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Patrick Henry Hughes - A Story of Inspiration

Monday, March 08, 2010

40 Days for Life Midpoint Rally March 9

A miracle has happened...209 lives saved so far as a result of people's prayers for life!

During this Lenten season, Honolulu is one of 167 cities worldwide participating in
40 Days for Life. A pro-life Christian prayer movement that crosses denominational lines, 40 Days for Life emphasizes three key elements: prayer and fasting, peaceful vigil, and public outreach to the community with pro-life education about why abortion must end.

Just five days into the current spring campaign, 45 unborn children have already been saved, and their mothers have been spared a lifetime of the physical, emotional, and spiritual pain that abortion can bring.

The Honolulu campaign will host a
Mid-Point Rally on day 20 of the 40-day-long prayer cycle, which is Tuesday, March 9, at 5:00pm (rain or shine). Pro-lifers are invited to gather at the site of the campaign's public prayer vigil location outside Planned Parenthood of Hawaii, 1350 S King St, Honolulu (mauka side of King, 1/2 block 'ewa of Ke'eaumoku).

The gathering will be held on the sidewalk, outside the Title Guarantybuilding, where the abortion clinic is located. Bring a folding chair, water, jacket, umbrella, or any other gear you will need to be comfortable for the 90-minute outdoor event. Street parking is generally available along side streets near King, or on nearby Young St.

You are welcome to bring pro-life signs or banners, and as we anticipate the presence of children, we ask that you keep all visual displays respectful. No political signs, please.

Learn more about
40 Days for Life Honolulu at