Friday, July 23, 2010


Mark your calenders: From The Eternal Word Television Network EWTN:

This compelling documentary explores the moral, political, and personal aspects of the euthanasia issue. It includes candid interviews with proponents of euthanasia and poignant accounts of victims of involuntary euthanasia.
Mon 7/26/2010 3 AM ET / 12 AM PT
Mon 7/26/2010 6:30 PM ET / 3:30 PM PT

On Oahu: Channel 408 (Digital)

Congressman Floats Total Ban on Abortion Funding, Hyde Amendment Plus More

Washington, DC ( -- When it comes to taxpayer funding of abortions from the federal government, pro-life advocates have to wage a set of battles annually to ensure abortion funding isn't present in various funding bills -- from HHS and USAID to health care and the District of Columbia.

What if all of the provisions against abortion funding could be rolled into one piece of legislation ensuring the federal government is not funding elective abortions?

That was the question Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey, the chairman of the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus, asked himself.

He's answered it with a new bill titled the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act that he will introduce next Thursday to establish a consistent government-wide prohibition on abortion funding.

"For over 30 years, a patchwork of policies has regulated federal funding for abortion. Together these various policies ensure that the American taxpayer is not involved in funding the destruction of innocent human life through abortion on demand," Smith said in a letter to colleagues today that obtained.

"This comprehensive approach will reduce the need for the numerous separate abortion funding policies and ensure that no program or agency is exempt from this important safeguard," he added.

"This new legislation will make permanent the policies that currently rely on regular re-approval," Smith said. Full story.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A humane health-care system is what's needed--not euthanasia

Montreal Gazette | July 20, 2010

"What people with terminal illness need is love, care, and support, not government mercenaries waiting for the signal to take lethal action." Full story

Plan C, for conscience

One American state has thought better of its policy to browbeat pharmacists into selling the morning after pill.

Cristina Alarcon | Monday, 19 July 2010 |

I was thrilled to learn that Washington State will be creating new rules for pharmacists who have conscientious objections to providing services or products they find morally objectionable. The new regulations would give plaintiffs in a Washington lawsuit -- the owners of Ralph's Thriftway pharmacy and two pharmacists -- the right to refuse to stock or dispense Plan B "morning after pill" based on their belief that life is sacred from the moment of conception. Full story.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pro-Life Freedom Rides Begin in Birmingham, July 23

Dr. Alveda King, who is a full-time member of the Pastoral Team of Priests for Life and niece of Martin Luther King, Jr., will be leading “Pro-life Freedom Rides” in the coming months, building on a method that the Civil Rights Movement used effectively forty years ago.

In that movement, thirteen individuals boarded a bus in Washington DC in 1961 and headed for New Orleans. Their intent was to test the enforcement of a Supreme Court decision the previous year that outlawed racial segregation in the restaurants and waiting areas of bus terminals that served interstate travelers.

That one ride led to dozens of others in various parts of the country, with hundreds of people getting involved.

Now, Dr. King and the team of Priests for Life believe it is time for a "Pro-life Freedom Ride," a peaceful, visible expression of the commitment of people around the country to work for freedom for the unborn. The rides will choose cities with strategic significance for the movement. While pro-life activists ride the buses, all pro-life people nationwide will be invited to participate simultaneously in concrete activities that will call for freedom on various levels: freedom from the lies that permit abortion, freedom from the despair that leads to and follows abortion, freedom from the fear that keeps people from fighting abortion, freedom from the political oppression that robs the unborn of their rights before the law.

You can read a statement from Father Frank Pavone of Priets for Life as well as watch video messages, here

Calls for Radical Autonomy for Youth Ahead of Mexico Conference

By Terrence McKeegan, J.D.

NEW YORK, July 15 (C-FAM) Two recently released documents prepared in anticipation of an upcoming youth conference make unprecedented claims for new “rights” for youth that experts say directly conflict with traditional norms and international law.

The draft declaration which will be considered by governmental participants at the World Youth Conference, to be held at the end of August in Leon, Mexico, calls for a “comprehensive development of young people that includes: a humanist education to face ethical challenges” and “sexuality education.” There is also a call to “guarantee the highest level of physical and mental health of the youth population taking into account diverse … gender contexts,” and for providing “universal access to reproductive health, including through family planning as a method of reducing maternal mortality in adolescent girls and young women.” Full story