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Forty College Students Walk over 10,000 Miles in Crossroads Pro-Life Walks Across U.S.

WASHINGTON, D.C., August 13, 2010 ( - This Saturday, August 14, over 40 young people walking across the country with the group Crossroads will meet in Washington, D.C. to mark the conclusion of their 3 simultaneous pro-life treks across America.

Crossroads has sponsored these pro-life walks across America every summer since 1995. Passing through 36 states and thousands of towns and cities, they have witnessed the reality that the overwhelming majority of Americans identify themselves as pro-life.

“The mainstream media may tell you different, but we can say with authority and through actual experience at the grass-roots level, that America is truly a pro-life country,” observed Martha Nolan, National Director of Crossroads Pro-Life.

The reality, she said, "is that the Obama Administration is sadly out of touch with the values of mainstream America." "We know because what we experience firsthand from the hundreds of thousands of people we meet along the way is in stark contrast to the strident stances now coming from the leadership in Washington, D.C.," said Nolan.

The three walks started on May 24th on the West Coast and conclude in Washington, D.C. tomorrow on August 14th with a rally at noon at the Capitol's Upper Senate Park.

Walking night and day, through rain or shine, the young people have spent the last 12 weeks witnessing to hundreds of thousands of Americans. Wearing shirts that are emblazoned with the words “PRO-LIFE” in big letters on the front, these dedicated walkers say they have had an amazing summer.

“The youth of America are rejecting the lies of previous generations and are the real future of the pro-life movement,” stated Nolan. “We’ve seen this each year as we conduct these cross-country pilgrimages – each summer more and more young people are taking a stand for life and being a voice for the voiceless.” Read more.

Mothers who killed babies are guilty of homicide, not abortion, judges tell feminists

The Supreme Court of the Mexican state of Guanajuato rejected claims by the feminist organization Centro Las Libres that six women convicted of killing their newborn infants were imprisoned for illegal abortions. The judges explained that the babies were “born alive” before “their mothers deprived them of life.”
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Hawaii Right to Life PAC Endorses Duke Aiona for Governor

About Duke AionaNews Release

August 11, 2010

Candidate standout among field for strong pro-life values

Honolulu, HI - Hawaii Right to Life PAC is pleased to endorse James R. “Duke” Aiona, Jr. as the only proudly pro-life candidate in Hawaii’s contest for governor. As affirmation of his commitment to pro-life values in public policy, Duke signed a candidate right-to-life pledge, posted online at

Duke is an outspoken supporter of the right to life of all people, from conception to natural death. His passionate belief in human life and dignity led to his participation in Stand for Life Hawaii, a pro-life event held in Honolulu in November 2009. Additionally, Duke has been part of March for Life Hawaii, a pro-life grassroots rally held at the state capitol each January in memory of the lives lost to abortion. Having publicly demonstrated his strong commitment to the value of all human life, Hawaii Right to Life enthusiastically endorses Duke Aiona for Governor.

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Duke Aiona for Governor

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Positives can outweigh negatives for new parents of Down syndrome children

Michael Cook | BioEdge

The tumultuous feelings parents have when they first learn their child will be born with Down syndrome give way to joy and resilience, according to researchers at Kansas State University and Texas Tech University. Briana Nelson Goff and Nicole Springer, both mothers of a child with Down syndrome, have based their findings on an online survey of parents.

"The goal of our study is to help parents and professionals understand that having a child with Down syndrome isn't the end of the world; it can be a very positive experience," says Dr Goff .

Initially, most parents feel deeply shocked. "The majority said it was very devastating, and went through periods of depression, grief, mourning and shock, and felt scared, angry, disappointed or helpless," Goff said. But when those feelings subsided, parents reported that raising a child with special needs was a joyful experience. Full story

Post-Abortion Healing Retreat Coming in October

Rachel's Vineyard Weekend Retreats

Healing the pain of abortion ~ one weekend at a time

"I experienced a great inner healing. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone who has felt the void and shame of the abortion experience. It is a wonderful way to forgive yourself, find the completely unconditional love of Christ, and grieve your loss.” ~ anonymous testimony

A Rachel's Vineyard weekend retreat for spiritual and emotional healing after abortion is taking place on October 1-3, 2010 at a private center in Honolulu.

Weekend retreats offer a safe, supportive, confidential and non-judgmental environment where women and men can express, release, and reconcile painful post-abortive emotions to begin the process of restoration, renewal, and healing. Married couples, mothers, fathers, siblings and grandparents of aborted children, as well as persons who have been involved in the abortion industry have come to Rachel’s Vineyard to find peace and inner healing.

For registration and more information please contact Lisa Shorba at (808) 349-5071 or Scholarships are available based on need.

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Please also visit the Rachel's Vineyard website at

Children Are the World's Greatest Resource, Not the End of Its Productivity

by Colin Mason
August 10
, 2010 Note: Colin Mason is the director of media production for the Population Research Institute, an organization that tracks population issues and monitors abortion and demographics on an international scale.

Cyril Connolly once said that “there is no more somber enemy of good art than the pram in the hallway.” Connelly is here suggesting that the distractions implicit in rearing a child will undercut an artist's attempt to create, so children are to be avoided insofar as possible.

I have long believed that Connelly is wrong in opposing children to art. So I was pleasantly surprised, recently, to see my view validated by Frank Cottrell Boyce, a successful British screenwriter, novelist and actor. Boyce's article, entitled “The Parent Trap: Art After Children” and appearing in Britain's Guardian, makes the case that children, far from inhibiting or destroying an artist's creativity, are actually a creative boon. He has this to say about fatherhood and art:

Full story

Pro-Abortion President Barack Obama Sees Approval Ratings Hit New Lows

Washington, DC ( -- President Barack Obama hit new lows today in his approval ratings measured by the Rasmussen Reports polling firm. The new low ratings follow closely on the heels of the Senate approving his pro-abortion nominee for the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan.

Obama's total approval rating now stands at 43 percent with 24 percent of Americans saying they strongly approve of the job Obama is now doing.

That stands in contrast with the 56 percent of Americans who disapprove of Obama's track record in the White House and a new high of 46 percent who strongly disapprove.

Looking only at those likely voters with the most passionate views of Obama, he faces a -22 percent rating -- also a new low in the Rassmussen poll -- from those who 70 percent of Americans who view him with strong approval or disapproval.

Newly Identified Corporate Supporters of Planned Parenthood Named

FRONT ROYAL, Virginia, August 11, 2010 ( - Life Decisions International (LDI) has released a revised edition of The Boycott List identifying corporations that support of Planned Parenthood, the world's primary abortion-advocacy group.

"As a direct result of the commitment, action and prayers of pro-family people, at least 256 corporations have stopped funding Planned Parenthood," said Kenneth C. Garvey, LDI's Director of Communications. It is estimated that the boycott has cost Planned Parenthood more than $40 million since the Corporate Funding Project (CFP) began nearly 18 years ago.

"This should serve as a testament to those who thought it impossible to change corporate philanthropic behavior," he added.

New boycott targets include AOL, Darden Restaurants (Bahama Breeze, The Capital Grille, LongHorn Steakhouse, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Season 52), Franchise Services (PIP, Signal Graphics, Sir Speedy), Hilton Worldwide (Conrad Hotels, Doubletree, Embassy Suites, Hampton Inns/Suites, Hilton Garden Inn, Hilton Hotels, Homewood Suites), Ignite Restaurants (Brickhouse Tavern+Tap, Joe's Crab Shack), ING (financial services), Kohl's (department stores), Mrs. Fields (cookies), Staples (office/school supplies), Toys "R" Us, and Trader Joe's (markets/supermarkets).

Returning to The Boycott List are The Gap (apparel/accessories) and Freddie Mac (U.S. government-sponsored secondary mortgages).

Corporations continuing as boycott targets from the previously released Boycott List include AlphaGraphics, Wells Fargo (including Wachovia), Nike, Time Warner, Bank of America, Walt Disney, Johnson & Johnson, Lost Arrow (Patagonia, etc.), Chevron, and Nationwide Insurance, among others.

Garvey was critical of pro-life organizations that continue to use PayPal even though it has been a boycott target for several years now. "PayPal is owned by boycott target eBay," Garvey said. "Most pro-life groups are aware that it is a boycott target because it has funded Planned Parenthood, but they have consciously chosen to continue doing business with the company. Doing so is indefensible." Read more

Child Conceived 'Gave Purpose to the Pain' of Rape

Commentary by Lizzy Brew, pro-personhood advocate and mother of six

AUSTRALIA, August 11, 2010 ( - As a virgin of not quite fifteen years of age in 1975, my life changed forever when I was raped after entering the vehicle of a man from whom I had innocently accepted a lift home. After he was finished with me, I started on my journey in the darkness of that three-kilometer walk, alone with my trauma. I had trusted him and he had shattered that trust, much as I had trusted those who assured me that adoption would be an option for the son I had thereby conceived. Read more

The Abortion Family Tree; How it Affects The Generations and Why The Church Should Care

Tracy Nunes

We live in a time when there are mounting pressures on The Church to handle the growing epidemics of substance abuse, divorce, child abuse and countless other social ills. Many pastors, church leaders and believers might ask themselves why they should bother to think about or spend time on the issue of Post Abortion Healing. After all, isn’t that a specific ministry that only a few would be called to do? Aren’t there more pressing issues for The Church to address?

Let me answer that with the story of one woman.

Sheila’s abortions left her with the classic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms that are also common to combat veterans. She suffered from insomnia and traumatic recall, relationship difficulties, worry, sadness, substance abuse and over protection of her subsequently born children.

She struggled with years of self condemnation that caused her to distance herself from the fullness of God and put a wall of self protection around her heart. This in turn affected her husband’s life and his walk with God, his relationship with his children and his ability to deal with his own substance abuse.

It rubbed off on her children in the form of not knowing how to relate to others, not trusting God and in eating disorders. This in turn affected the people they came into contact with and their potential as children of God to be a blessing to the hurting around them. It goes on and on.

This is just a small picture of the Abortion Family Tree. If these issues are not dealt with in the Loving Arms of the Savior they will continue on into the next generations as each person passes on the scars of abortion. The likelihood that this woman will get help is very low unless she comes face to face with a loving opportunity in the embrace of other believers. Even if she is a committed Believer she will most often carry it as a silent wound that she thinks she must always bear. She believes that secrecy is the only way to put it in the past, yet the obvious residue never leaves her.

That returns us the question; aren’t there more pressing issues for the church to address? First and foremost it is the church’s call to bring people to saving knowledge of Jesus. But, we must understand that abortion is not a “them” problem, it is an “us” problem. We know that 1/3 of all American woman will have an abortion in their lifetime and if we multiply that out based on the known effects, we will see that the root of the very issues we struggle with the most in our society are planted deeply in the tragedy of abortion. Read more.

Simple truths about complicated stem cell research

Jonathan Imbody, Freedom2Care

Most non-scientists have trouble following the technical side of the stem cell debate, but the basic principles you need to know are actually pretty simple:
  1. There are different kinds of stem cells and different ways--some lethal to developing human beings, others harmless--to tap their potential for medical advances.
  2. Embryonic stem cell research, including human cloning research, destroys a living human embryo--the early phase of life that each of us human individuals begins with.
  3. After decades of research and hyperbolic speculation, embryonic stem cells still have not helped a single patient.
  4. Meanwhile, non-embryonic, or "adult" stem cell research that does not harm a human embryo, is already providing real help and hope to patients suffering from 73 diseases and ailments.
  5. U.S. law forbids federal funding used to harm or kill human embryos. A recent court case by the Christian Medical Association and others challenges the Obama administration's policy to fund apparently illegal research.
So if you want the fastest, already proven route to helping real patients without killing living developing human beings, non-embryonic stem cell research is clearly the answer.

George Will on Boxer's "slightly modified infanticide" abortion position

Written by Thomas Peters
American Principles Project

Barbara Boxer was pro-abortion when it was cool. Not "pro-choice", actually pro-abortion ... for abortion. Those in the pro-abortion movement have learned with time to change how they talk about their support for the procedure (which always kills an innocent human life). But Boxer has not always done the best job of keeping up with the times.

When George Will reminded his Newsweek readers recently about her extreme position on the issue ("slightly modified infanticide") she tried to claim he was taking her words out of context.

Welcome to the age of YouTube (and searchable C-SPAN archives). George Will was happy to respond to Boxer in a column entitled "Barbara Boxer in Context" and with the subheading: "You can see it on YouTube today." For the record, Will is right about the YouTube claim.

Also, Will is right about Boxer's position on abortion: extremely pro-abortion. And its not cool.

Nuanced to death

by Sheila Liaugminas | Sheila Reports

Pro-life leaders have said all along that if abortion is not explicitly excluded from the new healthcare legislation, it will be included. Their critics challenge them to find it in the wording, saying it’s not there. It is, and they have. Read more.

THE WORLD'S MOST DANGEROUS IDEA: Being human is no big deal

Are human beings just a smarter species of animal or is there something transcendentally different about them?

Read commentary at

College Students in North Carolina Forced to Pay for Abortions in Health Plans

Charlotte, NC ( -- A national pro-life group for college students has uncovered new information revealing that college students who attend public universities in North Carolina will be forced to pay for abortions via their required student health care plan.

Students for Life of America has discovered that the North Carolina Board of Governors will require all students enrolled in a University of North Carolina public institution, starting with the 2010-2011 school year, to have health insurance.

Students who do not already have private health insurance are required to buy a state selected policy from Pearce & Pearce, Inc.

This mandated policy, SFLA told this morning, covers up to $500 toward elective abortions and has 80% PPO coverage for elective abortions.

The Pearce & Pearce policy costs students $744 per year or $375 per semester and the State of North Carolina will not be paying into the policy. Instead, students who are required to purchase the insurance will be required to pay the entire cost -- part of which will go towards the payment of abortions for fellow students. Read more.

Tell your Representative: Support H.R. 5939 – No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Act

by CatholicVoteAction on August 10th, 2010

Every time the federal government spends OUR money on healthcare — whether it’s on military bases or for prison inmates — abortion activists always clamor for taxpayer funding of abortion. The new healthcare law almost funded abortions — it was stopped only after vigilant pro-life activists discovered the plans.

That’s why Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) and Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-IL) have called for a government-wide prohibition on taxpayer funding for virtually every abortion.

Their proposal is called H.R. 5939 — No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Act. Already the bill has 162 sponsors. That means only 55 more votes are needed for this bill to pass the House. While it would face major obstacles in the Senate and likely would be vetoed by President Obama, we need to bring this debate to the American people, who overwhelmingly oppose taxpayer funding for abortion. Read more

Take action! Contact your U.S. Representative by phone at 202-224-3121 or online

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Pro-Life Leaders Encourage Movement: We Will Fight Abortion Despite Kagan

Washington, DC ( -- Two pro-life leaders have written a new editorial in the Washington Times designed to give encouragement to pro-life advocates who are distraught by last week's Senate confirmation of pro-abortion activist Elena Kagan to join the pro-abortion majority on the Supreme Court.

Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Americans United for Life president Charmaine Yoest, are behind the new opinion column.

"President Obama’s selection of Elena Kagan, the most demonstrably pro-abortion Supreme Court nominee in recent memory, presented a daunting challenge to pro-life leaders," they said. "After months of dedicated opposition to her nomination, Kagan’s confirmation is a difficult setback in our long march to ultimate victory."

"And not unreasonably, observers have asked – why then, do we bother?"

"The question resonates for this particular political confrontation, but applies equally to the larger issue as a whole as we near four decades of abortion-on-demand in America post-Roe," Yoest and King continue.

"We bother because, in the end, we will win," they say.

The pro-life advocates say the pro-life community needs to take the loss in stride as it has others over the years because the battle to protect unborn children is a long-term one that won't be won, or lost, with one fight, but will require a long-term commitment to see through a victory. Read more

Gallup Poll Analysis Shows Pro-Life Movement Can Expect Election Landslide

Washington, DC ( -- A new analysis from the Gallup polling organization provides more good news for pro-life advocates heading into the 2010 elections. Its review of presidential approval ratings just before midterm congressional elections finds presidents like Barack Obama with lower ratings see their party lose seats.

If that is any indication of the potential November results this year, the pro-life movement can expect to see a slew of pro-abortion members of the House and Senate lose their seats. Full story

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Oscar-Winner Patricia Neal Dies at Age 84

“If I had only one thing to do over in my life, I would have that baby.”
--Oscar-winning actress Patricia Neal

Full story

USA Becoming Haven For Sex Selection IVF Tourism

The USA has abdicated good ethics by allowing IVF to go virtually unregulated. The consequences are profound and growing. Rather than being a medical treatment for otherwise infertile married couples, IVF has become a lifestyle enhancer permitting parents to shop for the child they want like a breed of dog, rent wombs, eugenically select out unwanted children, expose young women to the pronounced, if rare, dangers to life, limb, and fertility by selling or donating their eggs, and is insinuating the crass values of naked consumerism into family life in which the unwanted are tossed away like so much medical waste.

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