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Thoughts on 'semantic shifting' and the language creep used by Euthanasia advocates

Brian Johnston, author, Death as a Salesman

An earnest young man recently wrote to me confused because the "assisted suicide" semantics had him feeling that perhaps this wasn't all that bad. He also feels that perhaps it is... but felt inadequate in facing it as opposed to the ease of confronting 'euthanasia.'

There is an intentional and subtle move by the slicker euthanasia folk to silence and or 'tweak' the language of the Humphrys, and Kevorkians, and Nietschkes. We know they want to control the debate and the definitions. I believe we -- at the right times -- need to let the true nature of their advocacy be made manifest, and not follow the daintier (and false) distinctions that the 'nicer folks' in Compassion and Choices insist is their reality. (I welcome your comments.)
Here is my response to him:

Sure, Josh, thanks for asking.

I will give a short 'thumbnail' here but let's talk in greater depth soon! Honestly, bold "killers" like [euthanasia advocate] Derek Humphry have written and advocated that these are in fact two sides of the same thing, the only difference is perspective. (See Final Exit, first edition).

"Euthanasia" is a neo-logism from Greek but coined in the 18th century, it means simply 'good death,' ostensibly for benevolent reasons. You can have voluntary, involuntary (where the wishes of victim are unknown) and non-voluntary euthanasia, which is action taken against the wishes of the victim. (Sadly some now use 'Euthanasia' only to describe this last action - this is making a needlessly false comparative 'moral scale' in which the other forms of euthanasia can somehow be considered truly 'benevolent' because only the latter form is the 'bad one.' We will no longer call them (voluntary and involuntary euthanasia ) by that 'unpleasant' word.

Humphry knows and has stated that all are indeed euthanasia, and he is an unabashed euthanasia advocate. More 'refined' euthanasia advocates have recognized that Humphry is far too open and bold for the good of the movement, and that he might alienate the otherwise ignorant masses. They want people to think, "euthanasia" is only what those evil nazis did and "we would never advocate what Nazis did...that was euthanasia...we merely want people to be free to choose."

But in point of fact they are indeed advocating a particular form of voluntary euthanasia. Assisted suicide involves the action of an outside party in the supposedly 'benevolent' killing. While I freely use the term "assisted suicide" as it allows us to examine the debate, you are right that the confusion they seek -- to declare 'euthanasia' a "bad thing" and yet assisted suicide as somehow an unrelated good thing, (even though it is a form of voluntary euthanasia) is indeed gaining traction.

Yes, because of the adjective, it is not suicide in the true sense as the 'assistant' now means that the 'suicidal act' is altered in both physical and moral quality. But what is NOT altered is that it is killing (not some 'natural act,' or 'letting people die from an illness') and a third-part is instrumental in this - supposedly for benevolent reasons. It is indeed a form of voluntary euthanasia.

Unfortunately some folks on our side step into the false distinction of also only allowing 'Nazi style' killing to be referred to as 'euthanasia,' thereby giving the impression there are other forms of 'killing for benevolence' that ought NOT be called euthanasia. But "killing for benevolence' is indeed the meaning of that word.
I use the term "assisted suicide" freely... But ultimately, we serve their wishes if we consistently refuse to point out the insidious nature of voluntary euthanasia.

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Poignant Reminder of the Danger of Birth Control Pills

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Friday, September 03, 2010

beingHUMAN: 40 Days for Life Documentary

"I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."
--Elie Wiesel, Holocaust Survivor, quoted in beingHUMAN, the 40 Days for Life documentary

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Update on Pastor Joshua's condition

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for Pastor Joshua (Kulendran Mayandy), a disabled man who was being starved and dehydrated to death by a hospital in Ontario, Canada. (Read full story.)

A week ago, the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition was successful in helping Joshua's friends gain permission to have him orally fed. While Joshua was able to feed orally, any other form of feeding (IV or otherwise) continued to be denied.

A couple of days ago, Joshua had a seizure. He is now in a semi-coma state and unable to feed orally. He is not receiving any fluids or nutrition by IV or any other means. He also appears to be experiencing kidney failure, and it is anticipated that he will die within the next couple of days.

Please pray for Pastor Joshua, his family, friends and members of the Church.

A Plan for Saving Lives at No Cost to You!

We all want to support pro-life organizations, but in today's economic climate it can be challenging. Well, we are excited to tell you about a new initiative that allows you to support Hawaii Right to Life at absolutely no cost to you through Real Estate for Life.

If you are considering buying or selling a home, please take one minute to view this video clip to learn how you can save lives at no cost to you through Real Estate for Life. Mahalo!

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OptionLine Web Site Helping Pregnant Women Considering Abortion Re-Launched

Washington, DC ( -- The very successful and highly popular OptionLine web site, which helps pregnant women who are considering abortion connect with counselors and pregnancy centers, received a face-lift that includes new features ensuring more women receive the help they need.

The website,, is a joint venture between Care Net and Heartbeat International, two national networks providing support and assistance to thousands of pregnancy centers across the nation.

The new OptionLine web site features clean, simplified navigation and new chat technology.

The upgraded web site features a new chat feature, where web visitors are prompted to speak to a live Option Line consultant for help. It also contains specific guidance for boyfriends, friends, and family members of a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy. Full story

Upsetting the stem cell applecart

Michael Cook |

Have two US presidents and a raft of agencies been misinterpreting a federal law for nearly ten years? A judge says Yes. Full story

Palliative Care and Compassion

This medical specialty is intended to relieve extreme suffering in the final stages of advanced illness and give the dying patient personal care and human dignity. The right-to-die movement has seized on it as yet another inroad to sell its ideology that some lives aren’t worth living, and suffering is an unnecessary evil. And they’re doing it under the guise of ‘compassion.’

Just when a new study shows how acutely beneficial this care really is…

Adding palliative care early to patients’ standard regimens not only improves their quality of life but lengthens their life as well, according to a study published recently in the New England Journal of Medicine. Read more

Give the Gift of Life with Your CFC Donation

Color CFC logo We are pleased to announce that Hawaii Right to Life will again participate in the annual Combined Federal Campaign, which will be held during October 2010.

The CFC is the world's largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaign. Pledges made by federal civilian, postal, and military donors during the campaign season support eligible non-profit organizations like Hawaii Right to Life.

We appreciate your generous giving through this program, which allows us to educate people across the state on a wide range of life issues and current events. Your donation will be used to defend the right to life for all people, especially the most vulnerable members of our communities: the unborn, disabled, elderly, and terminally ill.

Make your gift count for LIFE: designate Hawaii Right to Life as your charity of choice, CFC Charity #66773. By giving the gift of life, you allow us to continue our stand for the helpless and vulnerable and to be the voice for the voiceless. Mahalo for your support on behalf of all those whose lives hang in the balance.

The Deadly Pact: How ObamaCare will 'Save' Money

By John Griffing, American Thinker

Andy Griffith, the former TV Sheriff of Mayberry and guardian of small town America, is now the national spokesman for ObamaCare. More specifically, this venerable gentleman is the spokesman for the new Medicare. Apparently Griffith is under the naïve belief that ObamaCare is a genuinely good thing for seniors. As much as it pains me to say this, Griffith is dead wrong. ObamaCare is a fatal bargain for seniors, and all Americans. Read more

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Ronald Reagan on adoption and abortion

H/T to CMR

Armless Pianist Liu Wei Defies Odds On 'China's Got Talent'

Read the article here

H/T to Brother John Samaha

Miracle mum brings premature baby son back to life with two hours of loving cuddles after doctors pronounce him dead

It was a final chance to say goodbye for grieving mother Kate Ogg after doctors gave up hope of saving her premature baby.

She tearfully told her lifeless son - born at 27 weeks weighing 2lb - how much she loved him and cuddled him tightly, not wanting to let him go.

Although little Jamie's twin sister Emily had been delivered successfully, doctors had given Mrs Ogg the news all mothers dread - that after 20 minutes of battling to get her son to breathe, they had declared him dead.

Read more: here.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Successful Tea Party Movement Must Include Pro-Life Issues, Not Just Economy

by Tom Glessner
August 31, 2010 Note: Tom Glessner is a pro-life attorney who is the president of NIFLA, the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates. NIFLA is an organization with more than 1,200 affiliated pregnancy centers that provides legal, medical and practical help for pregnancy centers across the country.

Political change is blowing in the wind but it is not the change promised by Barack Obama when he ran for the presidency. For sure, Obama has brought political change to the nation, but his transformational policies have meant bigger government, higher taxes, federal subsidies of abortion on demand, and greater governmental control over the lives of American citizens. Read more

Support for Obama's Pro-Abortion Health Care Program Drops Sharply in August

Washington, DC ( -- Support for ObamaCare, the national health care program President Barack Obama signed into law that contains taxpayer-funded abortions, dropped sharply in August, according to a new Kaiser Health Tracking Poll. Full story

Nick Cannon's Video "Can I Live?"

Nick Cannon, currently seen hosting the TV show "America's Got Talent" was nearly aborted, but thankfully, his mother changed her mind. He created this video to appeal to those making the same life or death decision for their unborn children.

Appeals Court Overturns Pro-Life Pastor's Conviction for Counseling on Abortion

A state appeals court has overturned the criminal conviction against pro-life African-American pastor Walter Hoye. He violated the ordinance Oakland officials passed targeting him because he engages in sidewalk counseling outside abortion centers in the area to help women find alternatives.
Read the rest here

New Jersey Democrats to Hold September Vote to Restore Planned Parenthood $

New Jersey Democrats in the state legislature have set a September 20 vote to attempt to override a veto Governor Chris Christie issued on a bill restoring the family planning funds Christie cut from the state budget. Christie said the money shouldn't go to the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

Christie thinks there's little reason to send the abortion centers $7.5 million when the state currently faces an $11 billion deficit.

The funds go to 58 family planning clinics but Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion chain, runs 29 of the facilities.
Read the rest here.

Stem cell breakthrough gives hope for spinal cord injury treatment

by Jared Yee | BioEdge
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Researchers have discovered that adult stem cells from the brain could be used to restore movement to paralysed patients. Experts say the breakthrough could lead to the creation of a spare set of matching cells which could then be used to “repair” damage to the spinal cord.

The study, conducted by researchers from the Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan, involved transplanting “neural stem cells” (NSCs) to mice with severe spinal cord injuries. They were then administered valproic acid, used to treat epilepsy. The acid promoted the transplanted stem cells to generate nerve cells rather than other types of brain cell. Full story

Redemption: A Former Abortionist Gives Witness

From Coming Home: Dr. Gerard Nadal

There are none so qualified to speak about what goes on in an abortion ‘clinic’ than those who have performed the abortions. We pray for this doctor, for the layers of healing she will undergo as time goes on–and we thank her for her courageous witness to the truth. Read more

Ella: Untangling the Ball of Lies (Part 1)

Dr. Gerard M. Nadal

The FDA’s recent approval of Ella (Ulipristal acetate) as an emergency contraceptive is an action so fraught with lies and incomplete research, that it beggars the imagination. It is a tissue of lies built upon a foundation of lies. Let’s begin with the foundational lies and work our way up.

Ella is marketed as an emergency contraceptive because it can inhibit ovulation for up to five days. It also acts to prevent the implantation of the embryo and destroys the maternal component of the placenta (more on that later). So how is this not considered an abortifacient by the FDA?

The answer lies in the redefinition of both pregnancy and conception. Read more

Study Finds Later Abortions Linked to Mental Health Risks, Women Pressured

Washington, DC ( -- A new study finds the later a woman has an abortion the more likely it is that she faces mental health risks and is under pressure from a partner or others to have an abortion she may not otherwise want. Women getting later abortions also are more likely to be ambivalent about having an abortion. Full story

Pennsylvania Court: Guardians Can't Pull the Plug on Mentally Disabled People

Harrisburg, PA ( -- In a ruling involving a mentally disabled man whose legal guardians sought the power to end his medical care, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has determined that state law requires life-preserving treatment for people who are not near death and have not refused treatment.

The Alliance Defense Fund and allied pro-life attorneys filed a friend-of-the-court brief on behalf of 53-year-old David Hockenberry, who has had acute mental disabilities since birth, arguing that his legal guardians should not be allowed to deny him life-preserving treatment while he is not terminal or unconscious.

Hockenberry’s guardians unsuccessfully attempted to deny him temporary life-preserving medical treatment for pneumonia.

“Having a disability shouldn't be a death sentence when treatable medical complications arise,” said Independence Law Center Chief Counsel Randall L. Wenger, one of the allied attorneys. Full story

Monday, August 30, 2010

Debate on Embryonic Stem Cell Research on NPR

You may have heard last week that a federal judge issued an injunction stating that federal funding of embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) was illegal. What you probably didn't know was that the Christian Medical & Dental Association brought that suit with an embryo adoption agency and some adult stem cell scientists. Hear them debate ESCR advocates on NPR.

Give Aloha, Give Life!

During the month of September, make your trip to the grocery store count for life by donating to Hawaii Right to Life through the Foodland/Sack 'n Save Give Aloha program.

When you check out, present your Maika'i Card and tell the cashier that you would like to give to the Hawaii Right to Life Education Fund. (If you do not have a Maika'i Card, you may request one for free.) Your donation will be added to your grocery purchase total, and the amount will be shown on your receipt.

Your tax-deductible donation will then be added to by Foodland/Sack 'n Save to extend your gift even further! (Donations up to $249 will be accepted.) Please note that donor names are not released to us, so your receipt from Foodland/Sack 'n Save will be your proof of donation for the purpose of your tax return.

Your gift will help us continue to reach Hawai'i with the pro-life message and instill the culture of life to the next generation.

Thanks for giving Aloha and for giving Life!

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Illegal Abortion Myths: What Would America Look Like Without Abortions?

by Maria Vitale
August 27
, 2010 Note: Maria Vitale is an opinion columnist for She is the Public Relations Director for the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation and Vitale has written and reported for various broadcast and print media outlets, including National Public Radio, CBS Radio, and AP Radio.

To those who came of age long after 1973, it’s understandably difficult to imagine America without legal abortion. After all, they can't remember a time when abortions were not routinely carried out. They grew up thinking that, if birth control failed to prevent pregnancy, abortion was the back-up plan.

But even proponents of legal abortion have said they believe that Roe v. Wade’s days are numbered. They realize that the U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion could be overturned in our lifetime.

So the question becomes, what would an America without legal abortion look like? Read more

Religious Doctors Less Likely to Kill Patients With Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide

London, England ( -- Patients worried about becoming a victim of euthanasia should ensure they find a doctor who holds strong religious views. That's because a new study out of Great Britain finds physicians who are atheist or agnostic are twice as likely to make decisions taking the lives of terminally ill patients. Full story

Poll: 57% of Americans Oppose Tax Funding of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Washington, DC ( -- On the week in which a federal judge ruled that President Barack Obama's executive order forcing Americans to pay for embryonic stem cell research with taxpayer funds violates a federal law, a new poll shows a majority of Americans opposed tax-funding the controversial and unproven research. Full story

Update on Pastor Joshua

Thank you to everyone who has done something to help Pastor Joshua, a disabled man who is being starved and dehydrated to death. (See link to news article.) A major breakthrough happened: permission was given for him to be fed orally, and it went very well! This is incredible news but we recognize that an opposite decision may be made at any time. Please keep praying.

Read full story.

Pensioner tells how he beat "locked in" syndrome after massive stroke

By Richard Alleyne, Science Correspondent

A stroke victim has told how he amazed doctors by overcoming "locked-in" syndrome in a case that raises questions for the assisted suicide debate. Full story

Lt. Gov. Candidate Adrienne S. King Receives HRTL Endorsement


TO: Editor in Charge
CONTACT: Janet Scheffer, Mana Means Communications, (808) 521-1160
DATE: August 24, 2010



(Honolulu, Hawaii), August 24, 2010 – Hawaii Right to Life (HRTL) has officially announced their endorsement for Adrienne S. King for Lieutenant Governor. King has signed a pledge showing her commitment to ensuring that all people enjoy their right to life.

The Executive Director for HRTL, Janet M. Grace, said “In the ongoing efforts of HRTL, to advance respect for sanctity of life, candidates must be morally qualified, held accountable and committed to restoring legal protection to all people both before and after birth regardless of age, condition or circumstance.”

Janet M. Grace is happy to announce, “HRTL PAC is pleased to endorse Adrienne because of her stated fact that she would strongly support measures that protect human life and if she were ever to become Lt. Governor, would sign those bills into law.”

King’s campaign reflects her commitment to work alongside the Republican gubernatorial candidate and arrive at solutions that benefit all of Hawaii. To learn more about Adrienne and her campaign for Lieutenant Governor, please visit or call her Communications Director, Janet M. Scheffer at 521-1160. Adrienne S. King’s headquarters are 1163 Ka’eleku Street Honolulu, Hawaii 96825.

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