Friday, September 10, 2010

Statement of Youth to the UN and the World

Radical pro-abortion advocates have written a document that the UN General Assembly is considering accepting. This would be disastrous. The document was written under the careful scrutiny of the UN Population Fund and International Planned Parenthood Federation. It calls for abortion on demand, so-called "comprehensive" sex education, etc. for children.

A group of smart young people have drafted a counter document that C-FAM will present to the UN later this month. This document will show the UN that radical youth statement DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ALL YOUTH!

We need as many signatures as we can get. We need you to please sign THIS document right now and then send this message to everyone in your address book? Will you put this email up on Facebook? Will you circulate it among all of your family and friends. Here is something you can do that will make a HUGE DIFFERENCE! Please sign it now.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Post-Abortion Healing Retreat October 1-3

Rachel's Vineyard Weekend Retreats
Healing the pain of abortion ~ one weekend at a time

"I experienced a great inner healing. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone who has felt the void and shame of the abortion experience. It is a wonderful way to forgive yourself, find the completely unconditional love of Christ, and grieve your loss.” ~ anonymous testimony

A Rachel's Vineyard weekend retreat for spiritual and emotional healing after abortion is taking place on October 1-3, 2010 at a private center in Honolulu.

Weekend retreats offer a safe, supportive, confidential and non-judgmental environment where women and men can express, release, and reconcile painful post-abortive emotions to begin the process of restoration, renewal, and healing. Married couples, mothers, fathers, siblings and grandparents of aborted children, as well as persons who have been involved in the abortion industry have come to Rachel’s Vineyard to find peace and inner healing.

For registration and more information please contact Lisa Shorba at (808) 349-5071 or Scholarships are available based on need.

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Please also visit the Rachel's Vineyard website at

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Save lives through Foodland Give Aloha program

Throughout September, make your grocery trip count for Life by donating to Hawaii Right to Life through the Foodland / Foodland Farms / Sack 'n Save "Give Aloha" program.

At check-out, present your Maika'i Card and tell the cashier that you want to give to the Hawaii Right to Life Education Fund. (If you do not have a Maika'i Card, simply request one for free.) Your donation will be added to your grocery purchase total, and the amount will be shown on your receipt.

Foodland/Sack 'n Save will add to your tax-deductible donation to extend your gift even further! (Donations up to $249 will be accepted.) Save your receipt as proof of your donation for your tax return.

Your gift will help us continue to reach Hawai'i with the pro-life message and instill the culture of life to the next generation.

Mahalo for giving Aloha and for giving Life!

A Look Behind The Gates Of Hell

From Pro- Life Corner, presented by Stephenson County (IL) Right to Life

By James- After spending hours inside N.I.W.C. (Northern Illinois Women’s Center), Rockford’s abortion mill, a young woman came out and shared with pro-lifers what it was like inside the killing center. A long interview was then done on videotape; in order to protect her identity, we will not show her face but will share with you some of her insights and opinions about what it was like inside a place where well over fifty thousand children have been brutally killed in Rockford. Read more

Guam Archbishop To Catholic Voters: "Avoid Voting for Any Candidate" Who Supports "Intrinsically Evil" Laws

Archbishop Agana's Message to Catholic Voters
It says a "Well-formed Christian conscience does not permit one to vote for a political program or an individual law that contradicts the fundamental contents of faith and morals."

In particular, the Archbishop cites 5 issues it opposes which he calls "non-negotiable."

Those issues are (1) Abortion, (2) Euthanasia, (3) Embryonic Stem Cell Research, (4) Human Cloning, and (5) Same-Sex Union.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Doctor's four-state abortion business under investigation

The Philadelphia Inquirer
By Marie McCullough, Inquirer Staff Writer

Three weeks ago, physician Steven Brigham led a car caravan of patients from his Voorhees abortion clinic to his facility in Elkton, Md. After one of the patients was critically injured during her surgery there, Brigham put the semiconscious, bleeding woman into the back of a rented Chevrolet Malibu and drove her to a nearby hospital emergency room rather than call an ambulance.

Those details are contained in documents issued over the last 10 days by the Maryland Board of Physicians and Elkton police. The two agencies have launched a wide-ranging investigation into Brigham's long-troubled abortion business, which he conducts in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia.

On Aug. 25, the Maryland Board of Physicians ordered Brigham, 54, to stop performing abortions in that state, where he has never been licensed to practice medicine. By then police had raided Brigham's Elkton facility - from which they said they removed 35 "late-term fetuses and fetal parts" - as well as the Voorhees headquarters of his chain of 15 clinics, which does business as American Women's Services. Read more

No license = bad news for abortionist

Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 9/3/2010 3:45:00 AMBookmark and Share

Steven BrighamPolice are searching for a "troubled" abortionist who has been practicing illegally in Maryland.

Steven Chase Brigham has a long history of run-ins with medical boards and the law in several states. Cheryl Sullinger of Operation Rescue tells OneNewsNow the latest state to take action is Maryland, where he owns five abortion clinics.

Cheryl Sullinger (Operation Rescue)"He was issued a cease-and-desist order in the state of Maryland because he had been caught doing illegal abortions there," Sullinger reports. "He's not licensed in that state, and he never has been. So he's been ordered to stop practicing medicine in that state, and we have information that the police are actually looking for him at this time." Read more

Abortion support at Catholic college?

Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 9/3/2010 3:40:00 AMBookmark and Share

Alverno CollegeA student protest is under way against Alverno College, a Catholic school for women in Milwaukee, for promoting pro-abortion links on its website.

John Ritchie of TFP Student Action tells OneNewsNow the problem rests in the links that channel students to websites that are contrary to Catholic beliefs, including "links to abortion groups that, for example, favor or promote partial-birth abortion and other pro-abortion activities." Read more

Embryonic stem-cell research - money over morality

Bill Bumpas - OneNewsNow - 9/3/2010 4:10:00 AMBookmark and Share

Medical ResearchThe Christian Medical Association (CMA) is criticizing the Obama administration for challenging a federal court decision that has blocked government funding of embryonic stem-cell research.

CMA president Dr. David Stevens thinks politics and greed are behind the desire to fund embryonic stem-cell research, and that is why the government wants the ban lifted. He points out that some of the scientists standing up for the research are those who have conflicts of interest because they receive federal funding.

David Stevens (CMDA)"They belong to mainly three institutions: Harvard, University of Wisconsin, and Stanford University -- all of them which have patents on embryonic stem-cell lines and royalties on any findings that people get through scientific inquiry that can be turned into a commercial thing that will go to these universities," Stevens reports. "Irving Wiessman, who's been one of the main spokesmen on this from Stanford, has made over $200 million, personally developing and selling embryonic stem-cell companies."

The CMA president suggests the Obama administration should put the priority on helping to cure patients.

"It's a waste of money to put federal tax dollars into embryonic stem-cell research," he contends. "It's not going to get the cures we want. We need to put our money where we can get real cures for real people real fast." Read more

Congressman King shares pro-lifers' concerns

Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 9/4/2010 3:30:00 AMBookmark and Share

telemed tele medicineSince Operation Rescue exposed "telemed" abortions in Iowa, a member of Congress from that state is now expressing concern.

Telemed abortions are done by computer hook-up so that a patient and a doctor, who is located miles away, can chat. The abortionist then punches a button that opens a drawer containing the abortion pills for the patient. But Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, points out that state law requires that a physician perform an abortion.

"We're delighted to see Congressman Steve King (R) join with Operation Rescue to declare these push-button Internet abortions to be illegal, and ask not only the Iowa Board of Medicine but [also] the attorney general to look into this matter because he says -- quote -- 'He shares our concerns,'" Newman explains. Read more

Governor keeps 'condom education' out of schools

Bill Bumpas - OneNewsNow - 9/7/2010 4:00:00 AMBookmark and Share

Gov. Tim Pawlenty (Minnesota)The governor of Minnesota has rejected a federal grant under the new healthcare law that would fund sex education promoting use of contraceptives.

Governor Tim Pawlenty declined to apply for the $850,000 that would go towards a program offering "comprehensive" sex education to Minnesota's public schools. Instead, he approved an application for abstinence-only funding that would require the state to provide a matching amount. Read more

Quebec euthanasia debate fires up

Jared Yee | BioEdge

A small group of medical specialists has spoken out against euthanasia in the lead-up to a Quebec-wide conference on the controversial procedure, warning that past attempts at legislation in other countries have been failures. A provincial legislature committee is set to travel to 11 cities in Quebec to confer with the public on the controversial practice, in which terminal patients ask doctors to help them die.

The province’s Federation of Medical Specialists has given public support for government legislation on euthanasia for “exceptional circumstances”, saying that the procedure is already happening throughout Quebec. A small group of medical specialists based in Montreal, however, disagrees.

"I think that ultimately, we're going to go down a slippery slope, where eventually, what patients purport to want, which is autonomy of decision-making, will be lost," Paola Diadori, a pediatric neurologist at the St-Justine Hospital, said last week. "Patients need care. And we need to be responsible for providing the care that they need. I don't think that it's good medicine to have physicians end these people's lives. That's not caring for them. That's basically just getting rid of a person."

"What's going to happen is by euthanasia, we give doctors the power to kill," José Morais, a geriatrics specialist, added. "I think there are consequences to that. Patients would start thinking, or questioning the intentions of their doctors.” He added that proper palliative care can be a reasonable option for the terminally ill. Read more

Sunday, September 05, 2010

'Death with dignity' means euthanasia Globe South Letter to the Editor from subject matter expert Dr. William Reichel

September 2, 2010

I am a physician who has studied assisted-suicide and euthanasia since 1988, especially in the Netherlands. I was disturbed to see the article arguing for a death with dignity law in Massachusetts. ("Arguing for control of her death,'' Aug. 22.)

"Death with dignity'' is a euphemism for assisted-suicide and euthanasia. The article implies that such practices will assure patient "control'' and "choice,'' which is not the case.

In the Netherlands, Dutch law calls for providing assisted-suicide and euthanasia with the patient's consent. This is not, however, always done. Indeed, over time, assisted-suicide on a strictly voluntary basis evolved into allowing euthanasia on an involuntary basis. Euthanasia is also performed on infants and children, who are not capable of giving consent.

2005 is the most recent year for which we have an official report from the Dutch government. The report is "spun'' to defend the Dutch law, but nonetheless concedes that 550 patients (an average of 1.5 per day) were actively killed by doctors "without an explicit request.'' The report also concedes that an additional 20 percent of deaths were not reported to the authorities as required by that law.

"Arguing for control of her death'' also mentions Compassion & Choices, a successor organization to the Hemlock Society. Compassion & Choices holds out the carrot of "choice'' to induce the public into believing that assisted-suicide and euthanasia are somehow benign. Those who believe that these practices will assure their "choice'' are naive.

William Reichel
Timonium, MD