Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oregon hospices uneasy with physician-assisted suicide

In 1995, Oregon passed a bill legalizing physician-assisted suicide.

By Shari Roan
Los Angeles Times

In 1995, Oregon passed a bill legalizing physician-assisted suicide. However, a new study shows a major stakeholder in terminal illness — hospices — rarely participate in physician-assisted suicide. Read article online at The Seattle Times

House of Representatives First Democrat Joins House GOP Effort to Repeal Health Care Law

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Pro-life group ups whistleblower reward

Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 9/16/2010 3:35:00 AMBookmark and Share

WhistleOperation Rescue's whistleblower campaign is working to put out of business those abortionists working outside the law, and the reward has recently more than doubled.

A number of abortionists throughout the U.S. have lost their licenses, and some have gone to jail since Operation Rescue kicked off its Abortion Whistleblowers Program in January. The initiative utilizes radio, newspaper, Internet, direct mail and social networking sites to encourage those with first-hand knowledge of abortion-related crimes, including overbilling, drug violations, forced abortions, etc., to come forward.

Troy Newman"Operation Rescue gets a lot of its information from inside sources -- the people inside abortion clinics with first-hand knowledge of the crimes that are being committed in abortion mills across the United States," explains organization president Troy Newman. "And so we're asking those people, the people with first-hand knowledge of these criminal acts, to come forward and talk to Operation Rescue."

Those willing to come forward could receive a substantial reward if their information leads to the arrest and conviction of abortionists who are breaking the law. Read more.

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Learn more about Operation Rescue's Whistleblower Campaign here

being HUMAN: 40 Days for Life Documentary Airing Sept. 21-24

Pro-lifers in a record 238 locations in the U.S., Canada, Australia, England, Northern Ireland, and Denmark are preparing for 40 Days for Life campaigns from September 22 to October 31. Hawai'i will host its own campaign in Kailua-Kona, which will maintain a prayer vigil outside the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic there.

During prior 40 Days for Life campaigns, over 350,000 people have united to pray and fast for an end to abortion. The campaigns have resulted in at least 35 abortion workers quitting their jobs and walking away from the abortion industry, six abortion facilities closing permanently, and documented reports of at least 2,811 lives that have been spared from abortion. In addition to the children saved, thousands of women and their partners have been spared from the suffering, trauma, and regret that come with the decision to abort one's child.

In preparation for the fall campaign, Hawaii Right to Life is excited to announce the broadcast of being HUMAN, the award winning documentary about 40 Days for Life on viewer-supported KALO-TV channel 38 (channel 25 on Oceanic). Broadcast times are:
  • Tuesday, September 21: 10:30am & 7:00pm
  • Thursday, September 23, 11:30am & 8:00pm
  • Friday, September 24, 2:30pm & 11:00pm
Hawaii Right to Life and KALO-TV wish to thank Red Brick Studio and executive producers Shawn Carney and Jeff Blaszak for making being HUMAN available to Hawai'i viewers. For more information, visit

If you appreciate having excellent pro-life broadcasting, we encourage you to support both Hawaii Right to Life and KALO-TV!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Option Line

  • Facing an unplanned pregnancy?
  • Considering an abortion?
  • Wondering about the morning-after pill?
Learn your options at or call 1-800-395-4357. Live help available 24/7.

Save lives today with Foodland Give Aloha program

Today through September 30, make your grocery trip count for Life by donating to Hawaii Right to Life through the Foodland / Foodland Farms / Sack 'n Save "Give Aloha" program.

At check-out, present your Maika'i Card and tell the cashier that you want to give to the Hawaii Right to Life Education Fund. (If you do not have a Maika'i Card, simply request one for free.) Your donation will be added to your grocery purchase total, and the amount will be shown on your receipt.

Foodland/Sack 'n Save will add to your tax-deductible donation to extend your gift even further! (Donations up to $249 will be accepted.) Save your receipt as proof of your donation for your tax return.

Your gift will help us continue to reach Hawai'i with the pro-life message and instill the culture of life to the next generation.

Mahalo for giving Aloha and for giving Life!

Patients imperiled by conscience protection gaps in new healthcare law

Full article from Freedom2Care

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Parents, churches have role in abstinence movement

Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 9/14/2010 3:45:00 AMBookmark and Share

True Love Waits ring abstinence bigTrue Love Waits is launching a new emphasis to involve parents and churches in teaching abstinence to their youngsters.

True Love Waits is designed not only to encourage youth to commit to a life of sexual purity, but also to help parents and the church walk side-by-side with them to help keep that commitment. The summit is opening on the heels the release of a taxpayer-funded study that reflects positively on abstinence education. (See related story)

Jimmy Hester (TLW)"Walking the path of purity isn't easy for today's students, but it's the path that parents...and church leaders want, and we know it's the path that God desires for them," notes True Love Waits coordinator Jimmy Hester. "We want them to avoid the pain, the consequences that accompany poor decisions that they might make. We just don't often know how to make that happen."

So True Love Waits wants to help parents and the church get involved by guiding them to take advantage of "teachable moments" on biblical purity. Read more

Researcher: U.S. should take 'moral high road' on research

Full article from

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National Embryo Donation Center

A nation turns away from abortion

Vincenzina Santoro |

It's not true that abortion statistics are irreversible. Italy proves it. Full story

Famed Spanish Athlete Prays for Right to Life at Opening of Salamanca Fair

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

SALAMANCA, Spain, September 14, 2010 ( - Famed disabled athlete Enrique Sánchez-Guijo prayed for the right to life during his speech announcing the opening the annual fair for the city of Salamanca last Thursday. Full story

FDA: Assuaging a Guilty Abortion Conscience or More Deception?

From Coming Home by Dr. Gerard M. Nadal: Science in Service of the Pro-Life Movement
Read it here

India Abortions Dropping, New Government Figure Shows; 6M Abortions Done

New Delhi, India ( -- A new governmental report shows the number of abortions in India is on the decline, but its says more than 6 million abortions are still done annually in the Asian nation. Family Welfare Statistics shows 6.41 million abortions done at 12,510 different institutions in 2008.

That's an improvement over the 7.25 million abortions estimated in 2005, the 7.21 million abortions in 2006, and the 6.82 million abortions in 2007.

The high abortion totals for Indiana regions include Uttar Pradesh, which saw 89,194 abortions in 2008 followed by the 63,875 abortions done in Tamil Nadu, according to figures from the Times of India.

The Indian states of Orissa, Assam and Maharashtra rounded out the top five.

The newspaper said that, because abortions are legal in China and India, just 28 percent of women in Asia live in nations where unborn children are protected under law. Full story

Hearings Begin on Lawsuit States Filed Against Pro-Abortion Health Care Law

Washington, DC ( -- Oral arguments begin today in the case more than a dozen states have filed against the pro-abortion health care bill President Barack Obama signed into law. U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson, a Reagan nominee, will hold a hearing on the lawsuit filed against ObamaCare by Florida and 18 other states.

The suit claims the new health care scheme violates state rights and will cause economic problems.

The states say it illegally requires all citizens and legal residents to purchase health care coverage or pay a tax penalty. They say the measure violates the U.S. Constitution's Commerce Clause and the 10th Amendment granting states rights. Full story

Bishop urges priests to pray outside abortion clinic

A bishop already known for his pro-life activism is taking the further step of exhorting his priests to pray outside the state’s sole abortion clinic.

“The 40 Days for Life North Dakota campaign will soon begin again, running from Sept. 22 through Oct. 31,” Bishop Samuel Aquila of Fargo wrote in a recent letter to priests. “I know what a busy time this is for you in the parishes, yet I ask that you schedule one more very important thing on your calendar: your hour of prayer outside the abortion facility. I encourage you to tell your parishioners when that hour will be so that they may join you, or pray in union with you from wherever they may be at that time.”

Special Pro-life Presentation & Charity Benefit

Pearson Foundation of Hawaii and Hawaii Right to Life present

The Reverend Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro Carámbula, Chaplain of His Holiness
Featured Speaker for a Special Pro-life Presentation & Charity Benefit

Free admission (offering will be taken), everyone invited!
  • October 22 St. Ann’s Church, Kaneohe - pupus 5:30, program 6:30PM
  • October 26 St. Anthony Church, Wailuku - pupus 5:30, program 6:30PM
  • October 27 Chaminade University Mystic Rose Chapel, Honolulu, noon
  • October 29 St. Joseph Church, Waipahu - pupus 5:30, program 6:30PM
Noted theologian, author, attorney, and Vatican scholar Msgr. Barreiro will speak about human life and its value in our society. As chaplain to the Pope and director of the Human Life International Rome office, he has valuable insights to share about human life and dignity.

His global ministry within the Holy See, as a former U.N. representative, having served along side the Missionaries of Charity of Mother Theresa of Calcutta, and with many others give him a unique perspective on positively influencing our culture.

For more info or to volunteer at any of these events, call Ruth at Pearson Foundation, 808.942.0328

Monday, September 13, 2010

Successful start for Freedom Rides

Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 9/13/2010 3:35:00 AMBookmark and Share

City busPriests for Life's first Pro-Life Freedom Ride last month was deemed a successful event, and now the group is gearing up for its second ride.

The Pro-Life Freedom Ride from Birmingham to Atlanta was held last month, kicking off the Freedom Riders' ten steps to end abortion, including a nine-week period of prayer.

"It was a tremendous impact to have pro-life leaders [and] African-American leaders led by Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and daughter of the Reverend A.D. King, leading the charge, really making the connection between the civil rights movement and the pro-life movement," shares Priests for Life spokesman Jim Pinto. Read more

Sunday, September 12, 2010

U.N.'s indoctrination attempt interrupted

Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 9/13/2010 3:30:00 AMBookmark and Share

U.N. World Youth Conference 2010According to the Population Research Institute, the United Nations' 2010 World Youth Conference was a farce that did not go as planned.

The event was intended to achieve the results the United Nations wanted. About 200 "youth representatives" were hand-picked from around the world, all of whom were associated with pro-abortion organizations or homosexual and radical feminist groups. All pro-life, pro-family youth were excluded, but the U.N.'s plan was somewhat jolted off its tracks when some representatives voiced protests. Those students, however, were ejected from the event. Full story

Vote for Life, Hawai'i!

A project of Hawaii Right to Life PAC

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” ~United States Declaration of Independence

In these challenging times, the array of complex issues needing the attention of our legislators can seem staggering. Some feel that the emphasis should be placed on economic problems, the environment our national defense, or on social programs. Undeniably, these are all important subjects that must be addressed.

However, among the various concerns facing us today, the most important one is the right to life. Without this most fundamental and “unalienable” right, we need not worry about any other issues. Accordingly, we must identify who among the candidates running for office will stand firm in defense of this right, for all people at all times, regardless of the circumstances.

Hawaii Right to Life PAC has researched the candidates (and when applicable, ballot questions) and provides the following information to assist you, the voter, in choosing life with your vote. By each of us taking a principled stand with our vote, we can make a real difference to save countless lives and improve Hawai‘i Nei for generations to come. Learn more

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Vote for Life Hawai'i

Tell the GOP to Protect Life: Speak Out!

From the blog

Remember 1994? The Republican Party released its "Contract with America" six weeks before the mid-term elections and took back Congress with a 54-seat swing on Election Day.

Absent from the Contract was any emphasis on policies that protect the unborn. When the new Congress convened, pro-life legislation was not a real priority. Protecting women and unborn babies from the violence of 4,000 abortions per day was put on the back-burner.

A detailed analysis of what looks to be the incoming Congress shows that it will likely be one of the most pro-life in history. But we cannot take anything for granted. We must assure the incoming leaders that there is a strong pro-life mandate and that Americans expect serious leadership and real progress in protecting unborn children.

We must first recover from our setbacks by moving the ball back to where it was prior to the Obama, Reid, and Pelosi regime and then begin to move the ball forward. We can’t just stop and repeal the pro-abortion agenda; we must work to advance our ambitious pro-life legislative priorities in order to save unborn lives.

Once again, much like 1994, the Republican Party has an opportunity to take back Congress and is drafting a legislative blueprint similar to the original Contract with America to lay out its plans should Republicans take the majority this November.

The protection of women and their children from the violence of abortion and the protection of taxpayers from funding it must be an integral part of any legislative blueprint released by the leadership of the GOP, and should be included under a specific plank addressing family values.

Speak out for Life today by telling the Republican Party leadership that pro-life legislation must be a priority in its legislative blueprint for America.

Read more

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Fraud Should Lead to Government De-Funding Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

by Cheryl Sullenger
September 10
, 2010 Note: Cheryl Sullenger is a leader of Operation Rescue, a Kansas-based pro-life that monitors abortion practitioners and exposes their illegal and unethical practices. The group is known for serving as a watchdog of Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America last week disenfranchised their Golden Gate affiliate in the midst of serious financial problems.

Apparently PPGG employees knew that there was financial funny business and sent a letter (mostly ignored) signed by 30 of them to the PPGG Board and parent organization in 2008 complaining about financial improprieties by former head Dian Harrison. In fact, the employees, past and present, still have a lot to say. The following is a small example taken from the San Francisco Bay Guardian blog site:

It was well known within the agency that the former CEO, Dian Harrison, didn't care about the mission or the patients and was only enriching herself and living large off of PPGG's budget. She was so corrupt she even took to hiding her salary on the agency's 990 tax forms for several years until the IRS started looking into her business. If the government ever looks at PPGG's books, both Dian and the current CEO, Therese Wilson, will be sharing a jail cell next to Bernie Madoff. Signed: "Laura, former staff"

Nevermind if the government ever audits them, if the government just interviews former staff they'll learn amazing things. Like how Dian had a hidden expense account for personal use and paid an "executive coach" over $100,000 a year to tell her how to be a CEO. Not just for one year, but for her entire tenure. I'm sure major foundations would like to have known they were paying this guy, Mike Takagawa, to hold Dian's hand in perpetuity. Signed: "A.B., former fundraiser for PPGG"

After digesting what's going on and what was in the Bay Citizen article, and reliving my own experiences working for PPGG, I would suggest to PPFA, and I'm talking to you, Ms. McHugh, that you add a section to your re-accreditation process and affiliation requirements that includes in-depth interviews with staff. If staff send you letters of concern and the occasional invoice for a luxury item purchased on the agency credit card that is probably sitting in Dian's living room right now, maybe you shouldn't ignore it and instead investigate. We came to work for PPGG for the mission, so we're not sending you concerned letters and copies of bills for thousands of dollars of personal items for fun. You knew Dian was running this affiliate into the ground and you let her continue to do it year after year. Signed: "Another former staff member, sigh"

While employees complain Harrison and others spent PPGG's money lavishly on personal luxury items, the organization posted an $181,000 deficit in 2006-07, a $1.8 million deficit in 2007-08, and a $2.8 million deficit in 2008-09.

Now we learn that the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service is conducting an audit, as well it should.

It is obvious that PPFA cut ties with the Golden Gate operation in order to keep the financial scandal from creeping up the food chain.

But we think it was more than that. Read more

Ad: Do parents want home alone abortions for their daughters?

From Jill Stanek's blog...

(Read background on telemed abortions in Iowa here.)

The following powerful ad targeting Planned Parenthood of the Heartland for its telemed abortions appeared today in the Dubuque Telegraph Herald (click to enlarge):

Read more

Fate of stem cell funding still up in the air

Michael Cook | BioEdge

Although a three-judge appeals court has lifted a US injunction on human embryonic stem cell funding, scientists are still feeling queasy. On August 23 District Judge Royce C. Lamberth, declared that federal funding violated the Dickey-Wicker Amendment, a federal law that bans grants for research which involves the destruction of human embryos. This week, the appeals court lifted the injunction to study the case more carefully. But there is no guarantee whatsoever that the Judge Lamberth’s decision will be reversed.

The next date in this nerve-racking on-off-on-off story is September 14, when opponents of the funding have to file a response. Full story