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Attorney General Rejects Claim That Assisted Suicide is "Already Legal"

The Attorney General of Hawaii has issued a formal opinion rejecting Compassion & Choices' claim that physician-assisted suicide, termed "aid in dying," is legal in Hawaii. A press release issued by the Alliance Defense Fund describes that Senator Josh Green, MD had requested the opinion from Attorney General David Louie.[1]

The press release states:
[T]he attorney general's legal opinion states that state law "does not authorize physicians to assist terminally ill patients with dying" and "a physician who provided assistance with death could be charged under Hawaii's manslaughter statute." The press release also quotes Honolulu attorney Jim Hochberg: "[N]o one should believe the recent falsehoods that pro-death proponents have spread about [Hawaii] law."
[1]  To view the ADF Press Release, click here

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Support for Jamaica’s unborn

A center caring for expectant mothers and their unborn babies is the latest development in a pro-life campaign responding to pressure from international agencies to liberalize Jamaica’s abortion laws.

Help from a number of sources, including a grant from Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) of $40,000, enabled the Missionaries of the Poor to build the Holy Innocents Women in Crisis Center, which is expected to open in January 2012.

The center in Kingston, Jamaica, will be able to accommodate 20 mothers and their babies, as well as having facilities to provide day care for up to 200.

Fr. Richard Ho Lung, founder of the Missionaries of the Poor, said, “It turned out to be a very beautiful building, with the facilities to counsel women, to the house the women if it is necessary, whether temporarily or longer, and to take care of their babies and offer them services right through their pregnancy.”

Fr. Ho Lung described how the Missionaries of the Poor’s plans to care for the unborn, which the center is key to, developed in response to a determined push by international agencies to pressure Jamaica’s government into changing the country’s abortion laws.

Fr. Ho Lung discovered humanitarian aid to Jamaica was being tied to preconditions that the government would liberalize abortion. Under current laws, termination can only occur where there is fetal abnormality, a threat to the health of the mother, or if pregnancy is the result of rape or incest.

The founder of the Missionaries of the Poor said, “I called it ‘blood money,’ because international aid was now being tied up with international family planning agencies who espoused abortion.”

The European Union and US AID must not have conditions tied to aid for building schools, or fixing roads, or helping hospitals, and so forth, and I called it internal interference in the running of our country’s life and politics.”

Fr. Ho Lung described how the Missionaries of the Poor organized doctors, nurses, teachers, students, and Christians across the ecumenical spectrum to oppose any liberalization of abortion.

The government shelved plans after a poll showed 65 percent of Jamaicans opposed any change in the law.

However, after the campaigning was over, Fr. Ho Lung felt that they needed to offer mothers an alternative to abortion.

Fr. Ho Lung said, “It seemed to me it is not enough just to say it’s wrong but that there had to be a positive, practical response.”

He described how a small community of Sisters had come into existence nine months ago as a result of the Missionaries of the Poor’s pro-life work.

The Sisters have taken a lead role in caring for babies and their mothers.

While the Holy Innocents Center is not yet fully operational, a clinic is already being run from the building and the Sisters attend to 80 to 100 expectant mothers every week.

Fr. Ho Lung said, “We have six Sisters now, and we have many who are requesting to join us, which was a surprise in Jamaica, which is not very Catholic.”

The Missionaries decided to limit the new community to a few Sisters until its first members are well formed in spiritual life and they “really understand their commitment to the homeless and destitute as well as women and babies who are in great need.”

Fr. Ho Lung said, “I think it’s God’s way of acting. I never thought of forming a community of Sisters; we have 600 brothers right now.”

The founder of the Missionaries of the Poor emphasized that the care given by the Sisters is free as will be all the facilities at the new center.

Fr. Ho Lung went on to thank ACN for its support.

He said, “Whether it’s medical services or something else all things are done free.”

People see this as a miracle of Faith that so much gets done just by simply trusting in the Lord and trusting in Christ working in the lives of generous people.”

And that’s where I think Aid to the Church in Need really is a most helpful agency. They have been one of our most important charitable agencies helping the Missionaries of the Poor.”

With image of Fr. Richard Ho Lung, founder of the Missionaries of the Poor

Editor’s Notes:

Directly under the Holy Father, Aid to the Church in Need supports the faithful wherever they are persecuted, oppressed or in pastoral need.  ACN is a Catholic charity - helping to bring Christ to the world through prayer, information and action.

Founded in 1947 by Father Werenfried van Straaten, whom Pope John Paul II named “An Outstanding Apostle of Charity,” the organization is now at work in over 145 countries throughout the world.

The charity undertakes thousands of projects every year including providing transport for clergy and lay Church workers, construction of church buildings, funding for priests and nuns and help to train seminarians. Since the initiative’s launch in 1979, 43 million Aid to the Church in Need Child’s Bibles have been distributed worldwide.

For more information contact Michael Varenne at or call 718-609-0939 or fax718-609-0938. Aid to the Church in Need, 725 Leonard Street, PO Box 220384, Brooklyn, NY 11222-0384.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Video Details Sebelius Role in Alleged Child Rape Cover-Up


Media Contact: Paul Rondeau
December 14, 2011

New Video Details Sebelius Role in Alleged Child Rape Cover-Up

American Life League released a new video report entitled, "He Said, She Shred," that pieces together the role HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius played in a complicated criminal case involving 107 charges against Planned Parenthood, including 23 felonies involving the cover-up of child rape. Then-Kansas governor Sebelius, and later Stephen Six whom Sebelius personally appointed as Kansas attorney general, put up 10 years of legal roadblocks that impeded access to records critical to the investigation.

In November, the prosecution revealed that all felony charges had to be dropped because those same agencies and Steve Six's office shredded all key evidence involving the felonies. Both Sebelius and Six are known as outspoken abortion supporters with close ties to Planned Parenthood. The current Kansas attorney general, Derek Schmidt, has called for an investigation into the destruction of the records.

"This is why Planned Parenthood works so hard to place hand-picked politicians in office," said Michael Hichborn, host of the American Life League Report. "Kathleen Sebelius and her personally appointed attorney general protected Planned Parenthood for a decade. Now, the truth is coming out."

"Penn State football coach Joe Paterno was ultimately fired for looking the other way in suspected child molestation," Hichborn continued. "President Obama will also look the other way: He threatened to shut down the government to protect Planned Parenthood. So it is Congress and voters that must demand Sebelius' resignation and the defunding of Planned Parenthood. Taxpayer money cannot be used to line the pockets of those with political power who look the other way for the sake of politics or profits when children are getting raped."

Phil Kline, who started the investigations as Kansas attorney general, said, "The evidence was destroyed at a time the Sebelius administration knew the documents were key to a criminal investigation of Planned Parenthood's failure to report child rape. Planned Parenthood is an important and long-term political ally of Sebelius."

ALL is calling for Sebelius to resign from her position immediately. Go to ALL's website to sign the petition demanding her resignation.


Media inquiries, please contact Paul E. Rondeau at 540.659.4171 or

American Life League, the oldest national Catholic pro-life organization in the United States, was cofounded by Judie Brown in 1979. She will release her twelfth book, The Broken Path, this December. For more information, please visit or call 540-659-4171.

From Planned Parenthood to Catholicism, a Conversion Story

The room in the back of the clinic was quiet but Catherine’s mind was screaming. There was a baby in a jar. Arms. Leg. Fingers! There was a baby in a jar! She knew she had to get out of there. Fast. She couldn’t look at it one moment longer.


Catherine Adair had spent the previous year working at Planned Parenthood convincing women that despite what they thought, that wasn’t a baby growing in their womb. It was a…an…it. And it required a “procedure” as she called it back then....

Read more here at the National Catholic Register

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Plan B Pharma Loses, Children and Parents Win

Following today's decision to keep restrictions on the availability of Plan B, Rita Diller, national director of American Life League's STOPP project issued the following statement:

One study that Plan B manufacturer Teva Pharmaceuticals cited as justification for eliminating existing age restrictions showed that up to 28 percent of girls 12 to 17 were not able to safely use the drug after simply reading the directions on the packet. Another study looked at girls as young as 11 years of age.

Have we become so numb to the sexualization of our children that 11-year-old girls need unrestricted access to abortifacient drugs?

And how does such a policy not promote child sexual abuse rather than protect young girls from sexual predators and dangerous sexual activity in the first place?

Putting these drugs in stores like they are tissue or eye drops just makes it easier for predators to abuse children and then cover up the abuse.  

Claims that "politics has trumped science" coming out of radical women's groups today in the wake of the ruling are ridiculous.  HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is a huge supporter of Planned Parenthood and its entire agenda, with her foot as firmly planted in sexual politics as anyone alive, and perhaps even she saw that making this drug accessible to young children is dangerous on multiple levels.

The decision to not remove age restrictions on Plan B was the right decision. In addition to the unintended consequences, not only do the risks associated with its use increase with frequent use, its efficacy in preventing pregnancy decreases.

In reality, the FDA should revisit the whole idea of treating this drug as "emergency contraception" when Plan B has the ability to abort an already created child who has not yet implanted.

Media inquiries, please contact Paul E. Rondeau at 540.659.4171 or


American Life League, the oldest national Catholic pro-life organization in the United States, was cofounded by Judie Brown in 1979. She will release her twelfth book, The Broken Path, this December. For more information, please visit or call 540-659-4171.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Pro-Life Luncheon December 7

Please join us for a special luncheon tomorrow (Wednesday, 12/7) 11:30a - 1:00p at Dave and Busters Ward Center location. Hosted by Hawaii Republicans for Life,* this event will give you the chance to hear a great pro-life message from former Lt. Gov. James "Duke" Aiona.

The president of National Christian Foundation Hawaii, Tom Rulon, Esq. will also be on hand to share how to change taxable income into tax-deductible charitable donations benefiting Aloha Life Advocates and other worthy groups.

Be encouraged by food, fellowship, and information you can use as we quickly approach the 2012 election season!

*Aloha Life Advocates is a non-partisan, non-sectarian organization and welcomes the chance to share pro-life educational opportunities with groups of all kinds. Contact us at 92.ALOHA (922.5642) to schedule us to speak at your next event!

Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act introduced in Congress

By Shannon Bream, Fox News

Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., an outspoken pro-life advocate, is preparing to do battle again on Capitol Hill

On Tuesday, he'll chair a House hearing in support of his latest legislative effort, the Prenatal NonDiscrimination Act (PreNDA). The measure would ban abortions done on the basis of gender or race. 

"It would simply say that you cannot discriminate against the unborn by subjecting them to an abortion based on their race or sex," Franks says. Read more

Monday, December 05, 2011

Smile that melts misconceptions

How Taya, who was born with Down's, became darling of the modelling world

Daily Mail (U.K.)
By Frances Hardy

The camera just loves little Taya Kennedy. Wide-eyed, cheeky, engaged; she brims with the confidence of a natural performer. It is little wonder that she has taken the child-modelling world by storm.

The fact that 14-month-old Taya also has Down’s Syndrome is quite incidental. She was selected, not to fulfil a quota, tick a box or adhere to the dictums of some politically-correct code of positive discrimination.

Taya was picked because, quite simply, she is a star. Read more

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Hawaii Coalition of Medical/Disability Rights Groups Urges Action Against Assisted Suicide

Hawaii Free Press
December 3, 2011

by Jackie Mishler, Hawaii Physicians for Compassionate Care 

We need your help in opposing Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS) at the upcoming session of the Legislature. The Senate Health Committee heard a PAS bill at the 2011 session and voted not to send the bill any further. That should have ended consideration of the issue for 2012 also, but indications are that advocates of PAS may engage in unusual maneuvering to have PAS heard again in the 2012 session.

There is little advance notice of a PAS hearing, so we urge you to prepare your testimony now. The Public Access Room at the Capitol, available at is set up and staffed to be your resource for preparing and submitting testimony.

There will be a panel presentation on the current status of PAS in Hawaii at the Capitol auditorium on December 8th from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. There is no charge. The event is hosted by Senator Mike Gabbard, moderated by Allen Cardines of Hawaii Family Forum, and sponsored by HPACC (Hawaii Partnership for Appropriate and Compassionate Care). Details are available at

If you are seeking additional information, we provide below a summary of recent events involving PAS in Hawaii and points that can be used in preparing testimony.

In Hawaii: 

  • Death with Dignity (DWD), the pro-PAS group, brought over their Mainland attorney to keynote presentations on the issue. Their attorney announced that euthanasia and assisted suicide are already legal in Hawaii, this based on her interpretation of a 1909 law about medical practice definitions concerning Hansen’s disease treatment. 
  • DWD then issued nationwide press releases stating PAS was legal in Hawaii. This conforms to a strategy DWD has tried in other states, where they have attempted to jump over any actual consideration of the issue and just pronounce PAS legal through their attorney’s declaration. 
  • The Star-Advertiser carried a front page story about a retired physician who wants to assist someone to die so he can prove that PAS is legal in Hawaii. He stated that he doesn’t care if he is prosecuted for doing this and has asked for people to come forward who would like the lethal dosage of medication. DWD is handling email for him. 
  • A local resident who would have wanted his wife to die using Physician Assisted Suicide has written a Death-with-Dignity book promoting legalization. 
  • In the last decade there have been at least four bills to legalize PAS introduced at the Hawaii Legislature and on which hearings have been held. None have passed. 

NO legislature in the United States has passed an Assisted Suicide bill into law and many have specifically outlawed PAS. Oregon and Washington legalized PAS through heavily funded voter initiatives. In Montana DWD is attempting to have PAS declared legal through the court system, but there has been no resolution to date. DWD has made Hawaii one of their priority states, apparently because they consider our legislature one of their easier targets.

There are websites that have more details of the legislative history of PAS in Hawaii: and are two of them.

Points to consider: 

  • In spite of an almost complete lack of administrative transparency in Oregon, where PAS is legal, reports of a variety of problems have leaked out. There have been some highly publicized instances where patients were denied treatment coverage by the Oregon Health Plan and were offered suicide drugs instead. 
  • There will be unintended consequences and new victims if we legalize PAS. This was recognized by the New York Governor’s Task Force on PAS, still one of the most thorough public policy reviews of the issue. Their report, When Death is Sought: Assisted Suicide from a Medical Perspective, is available on line. 
  • Major studies show that changing public policy in this area could not adequately address the potential abuse problems. 
  • Polls used by proponents that claim that 73% -75% favor PAS are unreliable and methodologically suspect. In fact, people have become increasingly concerned about the potential for abuse since the push for legalization began. 
  • Doctor-assisted suicide emerges as the most controversial cultural issue in Gallup’s 2011 Values and Beliefs poll, with Americans divided 48% (morally wrong) vs. 45% (morally acceptable). The number of people favoring doctor-assisted suicide has fallen from a high of 53% in 2004 to a low of 45% in 2011. Individuals who are 55 and over are the least likely to favor doctor-assisted suicide. 
  • The close division of opinion over PAS makes it is even more important for those who understand and appreciate the dangers of legalization to become involved.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Beware of activists' false argument that an old Hawaii law allows assisted suicide -- it does not

POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Nov 30, 2011 
On Oct. 5, state Rep. Blake Oshiro hosted a panel discussion on the legality of doctor-assisted suicide in Hawaii. The keynote speaker for the discussion was attorney Kathryn Tucker, director of legal affairs for Compassion & Choices, an advocacy group intent on convincing our population of the legality of doctor-prescribed death for terminally ill patients within the state. With her was the president of that group, Barbara Combs Lee. 
Although a law specifically designed to institute assisted suicide failed to pass in Hawaii's Legislature in 2002, Compassion & Choices contends that such a practice is already legal, anyway. According to Lee, a law passed in 1909 when Hawaii was a territory allows doctors to legally prescribe life-ending drugs to patients who have been diagnosed as terminally ill. Lee and those associated with her take this position based on that law's allowance of "furnishing any remedial agents" to such patients: 
"When a duly licensed physician pronounces a person afflicted with any disease hopeless and beyond recovery and shall give a written certificate to that effect to the person afflicted to his or her attendant nothing herein contained shall be held or construed to forbid any person from giving or furnishing any remedial agent or measure when so requested by or on behalf of such afflicted person." 
Tucker contends that this portion of the 1909 law proves Hawaii "does not have a criminal prohibition against aid in dying." And if you read Tucker's writing ("End-of-life Law and Policy in Hawaii Aid in Dying") or study Lee's work on behalf of Compassion & Choices, it's clear that they've based their beliefs on the fact that doctors can legally provide "remedial" agents to the terminally ill. 
But the problem is that they're reading their own meaning into "remedial," defining it in a way that would be wholly foreign to the lawmakers who employed it in 1909. For example, if we look at how the word was used around the turn of the 19th century, it's clear that a "remedial" agent would be a less orthodox remedy, such as we have today with herbal agents. So when the statute from 1909 banned prohibiting doctors from taking the remedial route with their terminal patients, it was basically saying that once all practical and orthodox forms of medicine had been exhausted, the physicians were not to be disallowed from methods and medicines considered unorthodox to the medical community. 
In other words, the statute Lee and Tucker are using in 2011 to support death was actually passed in 1909 to allow any person to exhaust every possibility in extending life — specifically to extend life once a doctor gave a patient a certificate that the patient was afflicted with terminal leprosy, tuberculosis or asthma. 
In this endeavor, Lee's and Tucker's organization, formerly known as The Hemlock Society, is supported by other like-minded organizations, such as the Democratic Party of Hawaii's Kupuna Caucus, the Kokua Council, and the Hawaii Death with Dignity Society. And as is characteristic of such groups, it seems the panel discussion they took part in on Oct. 5 was not really designed to be an exchange with the public so much as an announcement of victory for their side. 
For example, six hours before the conference even started, Compassion & Choices posted a news release about how broad-based the support for their position had been at the news conference … even though the news conference was still six hours away: "Today, in Hawaii, a panel of experts convened at the state Capitol. Legal, medical, elder care, legislative and end-of-life authorities concluded Hawaii law permits physicians to provide aid in dying subject to professional best-practice standards … " 
Talk about putting the cart in front of the horse. What we have here is a mischaracterization of the word "remedial," wherein a 2011 connotation is applied by a group that wants it to mean doctors can legally help people kill themselves in Hawaii. Moreover, we have that same group — Compassion & Choices — scheduling public discussions on the matter but posting news releases hours before those discussions to tell us how well the discussions went. 
In the end, this may all prove but a springboard from which to launch a focused push for doctor-prescribed death in Hawaii in 2012. But the doctors, politicians and people of Hawaii should be very afraid of putting any stock in the false argument that the law permits any such thing. Depressed patients need understanding and sound medical treatment, not encouragement to kill themselves.
James Hochberg is a 
Honolulu lawyer and
Alliance Defense Fund
affiliated attorney who
will participate in a free
panel discussion on
assisted suicide 7pm Dec 8
at Hawaii State Capitol

Sunday, November 27, 2011

All the News that's Fit to Forget: Why you’re not hearing much about embryonic stem cells these days

National Right to Life Today's News
Wesley J. Smith

For years, the media touted the promise of embryonic stem cells. Year after year, Geron Corporation announced that its embryonic stem cell treatment for acute spinal cord injury would receive FDA approval “next year” for human testing. And year after year, the media dutifully informed readers and viewers that cures were imminent. When the FDA finally did approve a tiny human trial for 10 patients in January 2009, the news exploded around the world. This was it: The era of embryonic stem cell therapy had arrived!

Not exactly. Last week, Geron issued a terse statement announcing it was not only canceling the study, but abandoning the embryonic stem cell field altogether for financial reasons. You would think Geron’s failure would be very big news. Instead, it turns out that the mainstream media pay attention only when embryonic stem cell research seems to be succeeding—so far, almost exclusively in animal studies. When, as here, it crashes and burns, it is scarcely news at all.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Helping our Keiki and Kupuna to LIVE: panel discussion on living with dignity

Everyone wants to live with dignity. We invite you to join us for an expert panel discussion on Thursday, December 8, 7:00-9:00pm at Hawaii State Capitol Auditorium on physician-assisted living, not physician-assisted suicide.. This event is free and open to the public.

The panel discussion will explain why we should support living with dignity until natural end, not doctor-prescribed death. Learn why 34 states have outlawed assisted suicide and 9 have criminalized it. Experts from the medical, legal, and disability rights communities will give their perspectives on the dangers of assisted suicide and better alternatives to suicide.

This forum will help participants learn why assisted suicide is illegal in Hawaii and why we should keep it that way. Time for questions will be included. For more information, contact Hawaii Family Forum at 203.6704.

Download PDF flyer here.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Help Wanted: Part-Time Administrative Position Available

Aloha Life Advocates is now hiring a part-time administrative assistant for its downtown Honolulu office. Administrative experience desired, along with donor/client relations or customer service. Bookkeeping experience also helpful (Quicken preferred).

Background in pro-life advocacy preferred, nonprofit experience helpful. Prospective candidate should be able to support a pro-life philosophy and commit to the organizational mission,"building a culture in Hawaii that increasingly values human life in all its forms through education, public policy, and political action."

Strong organizational skills and effective time management critical. Must be flexible and have excellent interpersonal skills. Position offers 15 hours per week with some scheduling flexibility; wage commensurate with experience. Long-term commitment desired. To apply, send resume and cover letter to office(at)alohalifeadvocates(dot)org or mail to Aloha Life Advocates, 81 S Hotel St #200-B, Honolulu, HI 96813-3144.

Alliance Defense Fund - Learn the Truth about the ACLU

Sunday Night Live with Father Benedict Groeschel

Tuesday, November 08, 2011


An international conference entitled "Adult Stem Cells: Science and the Future of Man and Culture" is due to being tomorrow in the Vatican, lasting until 11 November. The event, which has been organised by the U.S. Stem for Life Foundation and by the Pontifical Council for Culture, has the aim of supporting research and increasing public awareness of treatment using adult stem cells. The conference will be attended by 350 scientists, religious figures, politicians, educators and industry representatives.
Read the entire post here

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Friday, November 04, 2011

Hidden Persuaders The unheralded gains of the pro-life movement

"...Pro-lifers are waging the good war, like World War II. “You get much less grief fighting against abortion than you do fighting to preserve traditional marriage,” says Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List..." Read the article here

H/T to Carol.

New Jersey Nurses Face Job Loss for Refusing to Assist Abortions

Twelve nurses in New Jersey have filed a lawsuit against a local government hospital for being told they would lose their jobs if they refuse to perform abortions.

Read the article here

David Alton, an English Lord who defends life in all its phases

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Students get truth, encouragement during sexual health presentation

Last week, we traveled to a local high school to make sexual health presentations to sophomores. Discussions with the students covered human dignity and worth, making positive choices, pre-natal human development, avoiding pregnancy and STDs, and more.

We had finished sharing with the first class of about 25 students and were getting ready for the next class, but we were interrupted. During the break between periods, rival factions among the students clashed and a full-scale riot had erupted!

We were rushed back into the classroom as the campus was placed on lock-down. During the resulting chaos, we ended up presenting to a group of over 50 students, freshmen through seniors, who were agitated and anything but prepared to learn. Nevertheless, we engaged them in frank dialogue, watched short video clips, and fielded brutally honest questions like, "Why is it wrong to kill yourself?".

We spent close to two hours sharing a message of encouragement until calm was restored on campus. After the students were released from the classroom, a small group of teens remained behind, huddled around us, wanting to know more.

We learned from the students that day, too. We found that despite the difficult circumstances of their upbringing and environment, these students were crying out for affirmation and truth. They needed to hear our message that their lives are worth living and that people sincerely care about them and love them unconditionally.
We have been invited back to the campus to address future groups of students with the same message of truth, freedom through wise decision-making, and hope for the future.

To enable us to continue these educational outreaches, we need your support. Click here to donate online, or mail your check to Aloha Life Advocates Education Fund, 81 S Hotel St #200-B, Honolulu, HI 96813. Thank you for your support to allow us to touch the hearts of these young people. 

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

40 Days for Life Celebrates Lives Saved with Victory Rally

From 40 Days for Life Honolulu:

Dear Pro-Lifers:

Our Fall 2011 40 Days for Life prayer vigil is drawing to an end. There have been many praise reports from around the world of the many babies' lives saved, families protected, and pro-abortionists' minds changed. We can see that God is at work to turn hearts back to Him and we know that every bit that we do plays a part in His plans.

We will be having our closing "Victory Rally" on the 40th day - Sunday November 6 at 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm. 

We will be holding it in front of Planned Parenthood at 1350 S. King Street so we can culminate all the prayers and declarations that have already been offered during this vigil. Come and join us. Invite friends and family for a time of celebration, praise and worship, and prayer. Bring your signs and come prepared to be salt and light to this needy world.

Thank you for your faithfulness to stand as God's ambassadors to speak for the sanctity of all human life, especially the unborn.

God Bless You!
40 Days for Life Honolulu Team

Too Many People? Ignore the UNPFA and Welcome Baby 7 Billion

Programs like China's one-child policy are morally repugnant and make zero economic sense, says the president of the Population Research Institute.

Read more: here at National Catholic Register

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Not Dead Yet Applauds PBS Documentary "Lives Worth Living"

Not Dead Yet, a national disability organization that opposes legalization of assisted suicide, applauds the documentary “Lives Worth Living” which begins airing October 27 on PBS. Produced and directed by Eric Neudel, “Lives Worth Living” combines rare historical footage with interviews of individuals with disabilities who led the development of the disability rights movement. Read more

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Elder Caregiver: We need Aloha, not “Death by Prescription”

Published in Hawaii Free Press, October 25, 2011

Dear Editor,

I am an experienced caregiver to elderly, disabled, and seriously/terminally ill patients.

Suicide activist and physician Robert Nathanson is preying on the very people who need us most. By participating in and instigating suicide among the vulnerable, Nathanson is committing acts that are illegal, unethical, and disgraceful to the medical profession. Physician assisted suicide constitutes the worst form of medical abandonment and is a recipe for abuse of the elderly, handicapped, and helpless.

We must not become complacent in vital matters that would allow a small minority of euthanasia advocates to infringe upon our right to life. Rather than believing the lie that we somehow “need” to institutionalize death by prescription, let’s get with it and begin sharing our unique gift of aloha with those in need.

By offering life-affirming support and compassion to those in difficult circumstances, we can promote an island community that values and respects even the most defenseless members of our human ‘ohana.

Janet M. Grace
Waikiki, Oahu

Mainland Suicide Activists Push Agenda on Hawaii

by Karen DiCostanzo President, Aloha Life Advocates

Hawaii is under attack! Once again, suicide activists from the mainland are here to push their deadly agenda using smoke and mirrors. The editorial board at Honolulu Star-Advertiser is doing its part to help promote this agenda, including posting an online poll today. Please take a moment to vote NO to the question: Should Hawaii's laws be amended to clearly allow physician-assisted suicide or "death with dignity?".

As you may know, euthanasia proponents have been unsuccessful in legalizing assisted suicide despite trying for several years. They have now switched tactics, claiming that an obsolete law passed in 1909 regarding palliative care somehow "legalized" suicide in Hawaii. Of course, if that were really true, there would be no need to legalize it again!

Want to know the truth about assisted suicide? (Hint: it's not legal!) We encourage you to visit the following links:
Abortion activists successfully passed legislation in Hawaii over 40 years ago and changed our state forever...let's not make another deadly mistake by allowing euthanasia proponents to legalize death by prescription! Help us keep suicide out of Hawaii: make a tax-deductible donation now, then contact us to find out how you can join the fight at 808.92.ALOHA (922.5642).

Monday, October 24, 2011

Lawyer: Hawaii Assisted Suicide is Not "Already Legal"

Hawaii Free Press
by Margaret Dore, J.D.

Kathryn Tucker, Director of Legal Affairs for Compassion & Choices, claims that physician-assisted suicide, which she terms "aid in dying," is already legal in Hawaii.[1]

Her claim, based in part on a 1909 statute, fails for the reasons set forth below.

A. Hawaii's Manslaughter Statute Applies Tucker argues that Hawaii's manslaughter statute, providing that an individual commits manslaughter if "[t]he person intentionally causes another person to commit suicide," does not apply to "aid in dying" because aid in dying is not "suicide."[2]

Just last year, in Blick v. Connecticut, Tucker made a similar argument that was summarily rejected by the trial court.[3] The trial judge stated: "[T]he legislature intended the [manslaughter] statute to apply to physicians who assist a suicide . . ." [4]

Full article

Pro-Assisted Suicide Advocates Falsely Advertise Suicide as Legal in Hawaii

National Right to Life News Today
October 20, 2011

By Jennifer Popik, JD, Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics

Earlier this month, Hawaii Death With Dignity, a group which promotes doctor-prescribed death, held a meeting at their state capital announcing Hawaii was the fourth state to legalize assisted suicide. This is flat-out incorrect on several grounds.

First, assisted suicide has been specifically legalized in only two states– Oregon and Washington. In addition, due to a 2010 court decision in Montana, a physician there who aided in a suicide would, at a criminal or civil trial, be allowed to try to claim that the victim consented.

Second, despite well over one hundred legislative efforts, pro-assisted suicide forces have yet to be successful in any state legislature. They have come close to victory many times, even in Hawaii, but have thus far only been successful using two ballot initiative campaigns. So why would Hawaii Death With Dignity announce the state had suddenly legalized doctor prescribed death?

Surely the group was not referring to its huge loss in 2011. A Hawaii legislative panel unanimously voted down a bill that would have legalized physician-assisted following 4½ hours of testimony overwhelmingly against the proposal – mainly from disability rights advocates. Further, if physician assisted suicide is “already legal” in Hawaii, why have suicide law proponents been trying to pass this kind of legislation in the state for well over a decade? There was no legislative victory; there was no ballot initiative. What they relied on was an over 100-year-old arcane statute dealing with pain relief options. Read more

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Garvan Byrne and redemptive suffering

The inspirational story of Garvan Byrne, a must-see video interview with a dying 11-year-old boy.

A setback for embryonic stem cell research

By Michael Cook |

A landmark decision by the European Court of Justice this week marks a step forward in legal recognition of the special dignity of the human embryo. It settled a long-simmering legal battle by ruling that research involving the destruction of embryos cannot be patented. Full story

“I’m sorry I did not wait”

Carolyn Moynihan |

teen boy
Pressure and lack of self control lead teens in developing countries to regret sex, a new study shows.

Next week a British television channel begins the second series of a show called “The Joy of Teen Sex”. The programme promises “A bold, informative look at the love lives and sex lives of teenagers that tells it like it really is, and is definitely not just for teens.” Not just for teens? Is a show with such a misleading title useful for teens at all? Full article

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

40 Days for Life Honolulu - Midpoint Rally

What a glorious Sunday afternoon! People of all ages...and from different churches joined in celebrating life at the midpoint rally this past Sunday, with song. The following are some photos taken. There is still time to participate. 40 Days for Life will end on November 6th. If you would like to sign up click here.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Elderly patients condemned to early death by secret use of do not resuscitate orders

Elderly patients are being condemned to an early death by hospitals making secret use of "do not resuscitate" orders, an investigation has found. Read more

Friday, October 14, 2011

We Are Fact, Not Opinion

Learn the medical facts as a young woman planning to end pregnancy using the abortion pill talks to the provider (medical abortion). Every statement has a medical footnote available at the web site.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Down Syndrome Awareness Makes a Difference

by Mark W. Leach, Public Discourse: Ethics, Law and the Common Good

New research on Down syndrome presents an overwhelmingly positive picture of how Down syndrome can affect individuals and families. These findings need to be shared as they will affect decisions made to accept prenatal testing and following a prenatal diagnosis. Read more

Protected in Law, Cared for in Life

Ryan T. Anderson, Public Discourse: Ethics, Law, and the Common Good
The Witherspoon Institute

In one of his last major public addresses, Fr. Richard John Neuhaus declared that “until every human being created in the image and likeness of God is protected in law and cared for in life, we shall not weary, we shall not rest. And, in this the great human-rights struggle of our time and all times, we shall overcome.”

Protected in law and cared for in life. This is the basic pro-life political principle. Even though the final version of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) did not contain their amendments, some congressional (and other) pro-lifers insisted that the bill is indeed consistent with this basic pro-life principle. It is not. It is premised on the claim that abortion is health care. It allows federal dollars, collected from taxpayers, to fund plans that cover abortion and even to pay for abortion directly. It fails to protect adequately the conscience rights of health-care providers and may squeeze pro-life doctors and hospitals out of the market. Read more

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Urge Congress to Protect Charitable Giving Incentives

Charitable tax deductions are at real risk. This comes at a time when private donations are suffering due to the economy and demand for services is on the rise.

The Congressional “super committee” is charged with identifying $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction (over 10 years) before Thanksgiving. Everything is on the table with this committee, including deductions. In addition, President Obama's "jobs" bill proposes to pay for the next round of federal stimulus spending in part by eliminating charitable tax deductions.

Our most effective tool in protecting this deduction is your advocacy. Senators and Members of Congress care about the charities in their states and districts. The more you communicate with your federal representatives about how the charitable deduction enables you to help people in your communities, the more likely it is that we will succeed in protecting the deduction.

Please take action now by signing the letter to Congress created by United Way at This letter is having real impact, but we must keep up our efforts to urge Congress to protect charitable giving incentives. Thank you for your efforts.

Friday, October 07, 2011

"UnPlanned" Documentary at St. Ann's on Oct 24th

From Lisa of Rachel's Vineyard:

Aloha Friends!

I just wanted to inform you about the screening of the film: "UnPlanned," Abby Johnson's inspiring documentary about her involvement with Planned Parenthood.

Here is the info:
Date: Oct. 24th, 2011
Time: 7pm (refreshments from 6:30-7pm)
Place: St. Ann's Church in Kaneohe

The screening is hosted by: St. Ann's Respect Life Committee

Please invite your friends!

For more info and to RSVP, please contact Ruth at: 349-2223 or Chuck at: 258-8335

Hope to see you all there!!

Peace to you in Christ,

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Oops, they did it again! Mainland suicide law proponents back in Hawaii

Dear Friends,

Oops, they did it again! Mainland suicide law proponents descended on Hawaii this week for a panel discussion hosted by Rep. Blake Oshiro and sponsored by Honolulu Star-Advertiser. As before, they used misinformation to bolster their claim that physician assisted suicide is "already legal" in Hawaii.

Of course, this begs the question: If physician assisted suicide is "already legal" in Hawaii, why have suicide law proponents been trying--unsuccessfully--to legalize it for the past ten years? 

The "panel" for the panel discussion consisted solely of suicide activists, so this was not a bona fide effort to air opinions from both sides and maintain balance. Rather, this was meant as a PR stunt to create a news story and arouse public interest in their cause.

Photo courtesy of KS Photography
Suicide law proponents are using a 1909 Hawaii law as a basis for their assertions, claiming the law allows doctors to administer lethal drugs upon patient request. In fact, this law was written to allow doctors to administer non-traditional/herbal drugs in battling such illnesses as Hansen's Disease (leprosy), tuberculousis, and asthma.

It is obvious that by grasping at straws such as this, their argument is indeed weak. Nevertheless, using equally weak arguments, physician assisted suicide was legalized in states like Oregon and Washington. We need to act now to counter these ridiculous claims and protect the public from these false reports. 

Please help now by contributing to our education fund. With your assistance, we can ensure that Hawaii's people hear the truth. Click here to make your tax-deductible donation now, or mail your check today to Aloha Life Advocates, 81 S Hotel St, Ste 200-B, Honolulu, HI 96813. 

For all our lives,

Karen DiCostanzo
Aloha Life Advocates
"A clear voice for life"
Save lives with your tax-deductible gift now. Mahalo!

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Hawaiians Against Assisted Suicide
Hawaii Partnership for Appropriate and Compassionate Care
Patient Rights Council
Nightingale Alliance
Physicians for Compassionate Care Education Foundation

National Right to Life Urges U.S. House to Pass Protect Life Act

Bill would apply Hyde Amendment principles to Obama Health Care Law

WASHINGTON – The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), the federation of right-to-life groups across the country, today sent a letter to members of the U.S. House of Representatives urging them to vote for the Protect Life Act (H.R. 358), sponsored by Rep. Joe Pitts (R-Pa.), when it comes to the floor for a vote next week. National Right to Life intends to include the vote in its scorecard of key pro-life roll calls of the 112th Congress.

As the letter notes, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA, Public Law 111-148) "…contained multiple provisions that provide authorizations for subsidies for abortion, both implicit and explicit, and also multiple provisions that opened doors to abortion-expanding administrative actions." National Right to Life's letter observes that the Protect Life Act "…would apply the pro-life principles of the Hyde Amendment to every component of the PPACA, and contains important conscience protections for pro-life health care providers as well." Read more

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Terminal Uncertainty

Maryanne Clayton with her son, Eric, in the
Fred Hutch waiting room: “I just kept going.”
“Death With Dignity” laws allow doctors to help people commit suicide—once they’ve determined that the patient has only six months to live. But what if they’re wrong? Full article

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Senior Information Conference

Saturday, October 1, 2011
9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Cost: Free

To register, please contact the parish office at 623-3332 ext. 100.
9 am Check in

9:15 am Welcome and Opening Prayer

9:30 am The Value of Human Life
Lisa Dahm, Hawaii Catholic Conference

10:30 am Break

10:40 am The Bishop’s Statement on Physician-Assisted Suicide
Walter Yoshimitsu, Hawaii Catholic Conference

11:10 am The Meaning of Suffering for Christians
Msgr. John Mbinda, Pastor of St. John Apostle & Evangelist Church

12 noon Prayer and Lunch Break

12:50 pm “Protecting the dignity of the human person
at the moment of death”
Lisa Dahm, Hawaii Catholic Conference

1:45 pm Break
2:00 pm “What do I need to know about a making a “Will to Live”
Karen Dicostanzo, Aloha Life Advocates

3:00 pm Closing Blessing & Prayer

Organized by St. John Apostle & Evangelist Church Respect Life and Parish Nurse Ministries

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday Night Live- National Safe Haven Alliance

Nonprofits Targeted: Obama Bill Cuts Deduction for Charitable Giving

By Heritage Foundation

President Obama’s Jobs Plan is Bad News for Charities

President Barack Obama released his plan to reduce the nation’s burgeoning deficit this week, outlining a number of proposals that will increase taxes and do little to reduce government spending. Also included in the president’s deficit plan and American Jobs Act is a concerning proposal that could signal bad news for charities. Read more