Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Disproving One of Abortion’s Greatest Lies: The Good Counsel Solution

One of the greatest lies and slurs hurled at pro-lifers is that we only care about the baby until it is born.

Gerard Nadal, Coming Home

“Are you prepared to pay for that child of poverty in order to help raise it for the next eighteen years? No?? Then shut up about abortion!”

It’s a clever little manipulation, though not much in the way of an argument.

Responsibility for raising the child resides with the parents, not society. To suggest that the mother and father of a poor and unexpected child cannot be counted on to be the primary providers of their child is to infantilize the parents and inject chaos into the lives of the family. Our inner-cities suffer from just this sort of chaos with generational poverty that traces its roots back to the well-intentioned Great Society programs begun in the 1960′s. For decades people have lamented that there must be a better way. Read more

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