Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Girl with Down syndrome named prom queen

BY JOHN JALSEVAC, LifeSiteNews.com

Here’s a feel-good story for you. Students at a high school in Missouri have voted to crown a 19-year-old classmate who has Down syndrome as this year’s prom queen. The Daily Mail reports:

Maisie has been at the school since kindergarten, and is extremely popular among the students in her year, many of whom who have known her since she was five.

Mrs O’Dell (Maisie’s teacher and mentor) said: ‘‘They all know her really well, they all help her when she needs it. The vote was pretty much unanimous’

Describing her as ‘the sweetest person’, Mrs O’Dell said Maisie has won the hearts of everyone at school as the morning greeter, high-fiving the students as they walk in the door. Read more

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