Thursday, October 27, 2011

Elder Caregiver: We need Aloha, not “Death by Prescription”

Published in Hawaii Free Press, October 25, 2011

Dear Editor,

I am an experienced caregiver to elderly, disabled, and seriously/terminally ill patients.

Suicide activist and physician Robert Nathanson is preying on the very people who need us most. By participating in and instigating suicide among the vulnerable, Nathanson is committing acts that are illegal, unethical, and disgraceful to the medical profession. Physician assisted suicide constitutes the worst form of medical abandonment and is a recipe for abuse of the elderly, handicapped, and helpless.

We must not become complacent in vital matters that would allow a small minority of euthanasia advocates to infringe upon our right to life. Rather than believing the lie that we somehow “need” to institutionalize death by prescription, let’s get with it and begin sharing our unique gift of aloha with those in need.

By offering life-affirming support and compassion to those in difficult circumstances, we can promote an island community that values and respects even the most defenseless members of our human ‘ohana.

Janet M. Grace
Waikiki, Oahu

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