Thursday, November 03, 2011

Students get truth, encouragement during sexual health presentation

Last week, we traveled to a local high school to make sexual health presentations to sophomores. Discussions with the students covered human dignity and worth, making positive choices, pre-natal human development, avoiding pregnancy and STDs, and more.

We had finished sharing with the first class of about 25 students and were getting ready for the next class, but we were interrupted. During the break between periods, rival factions among the students clashed and a full-scale riot had erupted!

We were rushed back into the classroom as the campus was placed on lock-down. During the resulting chaos, we ended up presenting to a group of over 50 students, freshmen through seniors, who were agitated and anything but prepared to learn. Nevertheless, we engaged them in frank dialogue, watched short video clips, and fielded brutally honest questions like, "Why is it wrong to kill yourself?".

We spent close to two hours sharing a message of encouragement until calm was restored on campus. After the students were released from the classroom, a small group of teens remained behind, huddled around us, wanting to know more.

We learned from the students that day, too. We found that despite the difficult circumstances of their upbringing and environment, these students were crying out for affirmation and truth. They needed to hear our message that their lives are worth living and that people sincerely care about them and love them unconditionally.
We have been invited back to the campus to address future groups of students with the same message of truth, freedom through wise decision-making, and hope for the future.

To enable us to continue these educational outreaches, we need your support. Click here to donate online, or mail your check to Aloha Life Advocates Education Fund, 81 S Hotel St #200-B, Honolulu, HI 96813. Thank you for your support to allow us to touch the hearts of these young people. 

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