Saturday, February 05, 2011

Study Links Abortion to Increased Mental Health Problems

From the Elliot Institute

Researchers Drew the Wrong Conclusions In New England Medical Journal Study

Springfield, IL (January 27, 2010) -- A study that is being reported as showing abortion doesn't increase women's mental health risks actually shows a higher rate of problems among women who have abortions compared to those who give birth, a leading expert says.

The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, was based on a comparison of medical records among women in Denmark who had a first-trimester induced abortion or a first childbirth between 1995-2007. The researchers compared inpatient and outpatient psychiatric treatments for nine months before the abortion or birth took place and twelve months afterward. Women who had a history of mental health problems before the study period were excluded.

Dr. David Reardon of the Elliot Institute said the findings showed that aborting women were two to three times more likely to seek treatment for mental health problems compared to women who gave birth or who had not been pregnant.

The study's authors, on the other hand, focused on a finding that the rate of psychiatric treatment was similar for women both before and after abortion. They concluded that the study "does not support the hypothesis that there is an increased risk of mental disorders after a first-trimester induced abortion."

But Reardon, who has worked on more than a dozen studies finding increased mental health problems among women who abort, said the findings don't support this conclusion.

He said the two to three times higher rate of psychiatric treatment among aborting women confirms other studies finding that women who have abortions have higher rates of mental health problems compared to women who give birth. More than 35 such studies have been published in the last five years alone.

"Other studies have found that abortion is a marker for mental health problems, and this study agrees with those findings," Reardon said. "The finding that women who have abortions are more likely to seek psychiatric treatment compared to women who give birth is consistent with previous findings."

Study Raises More Questions
One important factor not covered by the study, he said, was whether women who sought psychiatric help before abortion also sought help after abortion.

"If the same women underwent treatment both before and after abortion, it could indicate that seeking psychiatric care prior to abortion is a risk factor for mental health problems after abortion," Reardon said. "On the other hand, if the women who sought care after abortion had no previous treatment, then the problems likely began after the abortion took place, since the researchers excluded women who sought treatment prior to nine months before the abortion or birth took place."

This meant that the researchers were looking at records for only the most mentally stable women, reducing the possibility that problems among aborting women were related to their previous psychiatric history.

Limitations and Flaws
And although the study has been described as an "extremely, extremely well-done study," Reardon and other critics pointed to a number of flaws and limitations in the study design.

For example, although the researchers compared women having abortions for the first time to women giving birth for the first time, the study wasn't limited to women who had not previously been pregnant. Women who had a previous abortion could thus be included in the birth group and women who had a prior birth could be included in the abortion group. This means that there is no way to know if mental health problems in either group might not be linked to a previous, different pregnancy outcome.

The study also did not control for other factors that could affect a woman's mental health, including whether or not the pregnancy was wanted, coercion to abort, and exposure to violence or other traumas.

And while the study only looked at women's mental health for a year following abortion, previous research has indicated that mental health problems often emerge or persist after that point. A record-based study of psychiatric treatment rates among women receiving state-funded medical care in California, which Reardon co-authored, found that rates of psychiatric treatment remained significantly higher for at least four years after abortion.

Despite this limitation, a breakdown of the rates of psychiatric treatment for each month after abortion showed that the rates of psychiatric treatment for specific problems -- such as stress, neurotic, behavioral and personality disorders -- did increase in certain months after abortion compared to pre-abortion rates.

Reardon concluded that the new study doesn't contradict the findings of previously published studies that link abortion to higher rates of mental health problems.

"Overall, this new Danish study adds to the already available evidence linking abortion and mental health problems," he said. "It also raises new questions that deserve further exploration, such as whether psychiatric care before abortion benefits women. What is doesn't show is that having an abortion benefits women who are facing a crisis or erases their problems. Instead, it may contribute to them."

Friday, February 04, 2011

The Skin Gun

...using adult stem cells.

Urgent Action Alert: NO on Hawaii Senate Bill 803 Doctor-Prescribed Death

Doctor-Prescribed Death Bill (SB 803)
Scheduled for Hearing in the Senate Health Committee
Monday, February 7, 2:45 pm
State Capitol - Auditorium (bottom level of the capitol)

The doctor-prescribed death bill (SB 803 entitled Death with Dignity) has been scheduled by the Senate Health Committee.

Click here for good reasons to OPPOSE physician-assisted suicide from Hawaii Family Forum.
Click here to see other important links regarding physician-assisted suicide.

We are asking for your help in these ways:
  • Submit testimony in opposition to this bill to the Senate Health Committee at Please remember to stick to the talking points and be courteous at all times.
  • Come to the hearing on Monday at 2:45 (in the auditorium of the State Capitol). It is anticipated that there will be many people attending this hearing and several people from the disability community. Please be respectful and allow the outside seating for those in wheelchairs. If you want to come early to ensure a seat, please do so. Bring your friends and family with you!
  • Call the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee (below) and ask them to OPPOSE SB 803.
  • Ask at least 2-3 other people to do these things as well.


Senator Josh Green, Chair | Phone: (808) 586-9385
Senator Clarence Nishihara | Phone: (808) 586-6970

Senator Rosalyn Baker | Phone: (808) 586-6070
Senator Suzanne Chun Oakland | Phone: (808) 586-6130
Senator Maile Shimabukuro | Phone: (808) 586-7793
Senator Glenn Wakai | Phone: (808) 586-8585
Senator Sam Slom | Phone: (808) 586-8420

Thursday, February 03, 2011

SECOND Planned Parenthood Aids Pimp's Underage Sex Ring

Thanks to Jill Stanek for the following:

Go to my website for more info. Please spread the word on all. You’re doing fabulous getting the word out about the evils of Planned Parenthood, this time as a sex trafficking enabler. Here’s the latest:

~ 2nd PP video released

~ “Expose Planned Parenthood” webcast tonight

~ YouTube is threatening to take down Lila’s first video

Lila writes this morning:

Hi All:

First of all, thank you for your coverage and incredible hard work in the past 48 hours. We have unprecedented media scrutiny on PP's abuse cover up. We have great momentum and I believe we can see legislative action and even more public outcry if we keep the pressure on. Now is the time to work hardest.

In a few hours, we plan to release video #2. Press release coming soon. The new video shows PP staff in Richmond, VA coaching a pimp on the judicial bypass system to get his underage prostitutes abortions without parental consent.

If Live Action investigated 12 clinics for this project, as PP claims, this new evidence proves that AT LEAST 1/6th of the PP clinics coached the pimp and covered up abuse.

Lila Rose on FoxNews & CNN - Exposing Planned Parenthood

Watch the videos over at Catholic Vote.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Urgent Action Alert: Tell Hawaii Legislators to OPPOSE HB 127 on emergency contraception!

Urgent action is needed to OPPOSE Hawaii House Bill 127, which would require that emergency room personnel provide emergency contraception (aka the "morning after pill") to all sexual assault victims.

Victims of rape and intimate partner violence need compassionate care, however, emergency contraception could actually harm the very women it is intended to help by causing nausea, vomiting, headaches, breast tenderness, dizziness, fluid retention, abdominal pain and irregular bleeding. Depending on when it is taken, emergency contraception also results in early abortion. The bill does not require that patients be informed of these risks. We believe that women deserve better.

This bill has already been passed by the House Health Committee (only Reps. Kymberly Pine and Corinne Ching dissenting). It will next be taken up by the House Finance Committee, and we urge you to contact the committee members to voice your opposition to the bill, which would receive taxpayer funding.

In addition, the Hawaii State Senate has introduced two similar bills, SB 218 and SB 611. The Senate Health Committee has already passed these bills, however, you may contact the members of the ways and means committee to voice your opposition to these bills, which would receive taxpayer funding.

Related link:

Urgent Action Alert: Tell Hawaii Senators to SUPPORT SB 922 on Sex Ed!

Please submit your comments online in SUPPORT of senate bill 922, which requires the DOE to inform parents of the content of sex ed curricula and gives parents an opt-out provision if they prefer to teach their kids the facts of life themselves. This bill is scheduled for a hearing by the Education and Health Committees this Friday, February 4 at 2:45pm (Conference Room 225, Hawaii State Capitol, 415 South Beretania St, Honolulu).

Senate Bill 922 states that schools shall be required to notify and receive written consent from parents or legal guardians prior to any sex education, explain the content of sex ed programs, and allow parents the right to opt out their children from DOE's sex ed program. It should be noted that government sex ed programs have never proven to reduce the incidences of teen pregnancies, rape, or intimate partner violence.

During the last legislative session, Hawaii legislators voted to refuse Title X federal funding for abstinence-based sex ed, and Hawaii public schools are discouraged from teaching abstinence, which is the only proven method of preventing pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, and other problems. This bill provides parental choice in the matter of sex ed, encouraging parents to talk to their children about these issues themselves and providing the legal right to say no to government sex ed philosophies.

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Submit online testimony regarding SB 922 to the education and health committees

Blood money: the economics of the abortion industry

This "silent holocaust" where 3,500 American babies are aborted daily, is the ultimate exploitation of women. But the people who work at abortion clinics, and the politicians who sustain and encourage such establishments, earn a living by selling abortion through perpetuating the two great lies: a fetus is not a baby, and abortion is good for the woman. For money and power, such individuals are fighting to save themselves by killing innocents.
Read the article here

Planned Parenthood Aids Pimp's Underage Sex Ring

From Live Action Films

The Hill: Anti-abortion groups latch on to undercover video to push Planned Parenthood defunding bill

via Jill Stanek

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Assisted Suicide? “I was afraid to leave my husband alone again with doctors and nurses”

from Hawaii Free Press

Dear Editor,

When my husband was seriously ill several years ago, I collapsed in a half-exhausted heap in a chair once I got him into the doctor's office, relieved that we were going to get badly needed help (or so I thought).

To my surprise and horror, during the exam I overheard the doctor giving my husband a sales pitch for assisted suicide. 'Think of what it will spare your wife, we need to think of her' he said, as a clincher.

Now, if the doctor had wanted to say 'I don't see any way I can help you, knowing what I know, and having the skills I have' that would have been one thing. If he'd wanted to opine that certain treatments weren't worth it as far as he could see, that would be one thing. But he was tempting my husband to commit suicide. And that is something different.

I was indignant that the doctor was not only trying to decide what was best for David, but also what was supposedly best for me (without even consulting me, no less).

We got a different doctor, and [my husband] lived another five years or so. But after that nightmare in the first doctor's office, and encounters with a 'death with dignity' inclined nurse, I was afraid to leave my husband alone again with doctors and nurses, for fear they'd morph from care providers to enemies, with no one around to stop them.

It's not a good thing, wondering who you can trust in a hospital or clinic. I hope you are spared this in Hawaii.

K. Judson

Senate May Vote This Week on Obamacare Repeal Bill

by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 2/1/11 12:11 PM

The Senate may vote as early as this week on legislation that would repeal the Obamacare law that contains abortion and rationing concerns of pro-life groups. The vote would come on the

heels of a ruling by a federal judge declaring the law unconstitutional. Full story

Babies Can Be Treated With Adult Stem Cells, Even in the Womb

by David Prentice | Washington, DC | | 2/1/11 2:43 PM

Two recent stories are exciting about the possibility of treating young children, even in the womb, with adult stem cells. One study shows that cardiac adult stem cells can be isolated from young children with heart problems, even as young as one day old. Full story

Monday, January 31, 2011

Four assisted suicide bills introduced to Hawaii Legislature

By Andrew Walden, Hawaii Free Press

Four assisted suicide bills have been introduced in the State House and Senate. None of them have yet been scheduled for committee hearings.

The bills can be tracked here:


Action Alert: Death by prescription denies patients choice by giving too much power to profit-driven insurance companies and government bureaucrats. If doctor-prescribed death becomes just another treatment option, the approach of healthcare changes. The focus moves from extending life and eliminating pain to “efficient” treatment options like death. American healthcare should be focused on improving life, not ending it. Contact Hawaii Right to Life to learn how you can join the effort to oppose this deadly legislation at 808-585-8205.