Friday, February 11, 2011

URGENT-Hawaii ProLife License Plate will be CANCELED.....unless.....

An important message from the founder of Aloha Pregnancy Care and Counseling Center


………will be canceled at the end of the month!

Dear Pro Life Friends,

We have the month of February to get 50 more Pro-Life Friends to put this plate on their vehicles on any island!

If we do not hit our goal, the Dept. of Motor Vehicles will CANCEL our Hawaii Choose Life Plate. This will be the first plate to be canceled NATIONWIDE because of non participation at a very minimal level. There are over 1.1 million vehicles registered in Hawaii. Over 500,000 belong to Christians! We only have 100 plates on the road!!!! Remember, Hawaii kills over 300 babies every month, and these plates SAVE babies!

Please help get the word out, and freely forward this information to your full email list, and distribute to your Churches.

Let's show Hawaii that we care about our babies!


In His Name,

Steve Holck

President Emeritus & Founder

Aloha Pregnancy Care & Counseling Centers

***I will pay for the first 50 plates in February 2011! Just send me an email at steveholck(at)aol(dot)com or call me at 224-4000, and I will send you a check for $30.50 to the DMV for the Hawaii Choose Life License Plate.***

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Pro-lifers worldwide gear up for largest ever 40 Days for Life campaign – 243 cities

February 9, 2011 ( – This spring pro-life advocates in 243 cities around the globe are gearing up to participate in the wildly successful 40 Days for Life initiative. The coordinated international campaign begins March 9 and runs through April 17, coinciding with the Christian season of Lent.

The campaign will stretch from coast to coast in the United States, and extend into Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, Belize, Spain, Georgia and Armenia.

“With the dramatic changes in congressional leadership, negative attention surrounding Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry, and the monumental shift in public attitudes regarding the right to life, we have reached a cultural tipping point,” said Shawn Carney, campaign director of 40 Days for Life. “Against that backdrop, we are preparing to launch the largest-ever 40 Days for Life campaign.”

40 Days for Life consists of 40 days of prayer and fasting for an end to abortion, 40 days of constant, peaceful vigil outside abortion centers and Planned Parenthood offices and 40 days of pro-life community outreach. The list of participating communities is posted online here.

The 40 Days for Life movement continues to grow. Thus far, seven coordinated national 40 Days for Life campaigns have been conducted, twice each year, beginning in the fall of 2007. More than 400,000 people in some 337 cities have already taken part. Nine abortion centers have closed following 40 Days for Life prayer vigils, and at least 43 abortion industry employees have quit their jobs, including Abby Johnson, a former director of a Planned Parenthood facility.

“The best news,” Carney said, “is that there are 3,599 children - and their mothers - who were spared from abortion. And of course, those are just the ones we know about. There may be countless others.” Read more

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Death as a Salesman: What's Wrong with Assisted Suicide TV Broadcast

The people of Hawaii are currently facing the threat of legalized assisted suicide from four bills in the state house and senate. This deadly legislation puts lives at risk, especially for vulnerable people including the sick, elderly, and disabled.

The arguments surrounding this emotionally charged issue are varied and complex. Cutting through the rhetoric and euphemisms brings clarity to this issue both from an ethical and moral perspective. It is with this in mind that Hawaii Right to Life has partnered with KALO-TV, channel 38 (cable 25) to broadcast Death as a Salesman: what's wrong with assisted suicide this week.
  • Thursday, Feb. 17th @ 11:30am & 8:00pm
  • Friday, Feb. 18th @ 2:30pm & 11:00pm
Filmed throughout the world and based on the book of the same title, this dynamic documentary explores the reasons why all people should oppose the legalization of assisted suicide.

"Eye-opening and undeniably important." --Michael Medved, nationally syndicated radio show host, film critic, and social commentator

Hawaii Right to Life and KALO-TV thank Death as a Salesman author Brian Johnston and DVD producer New Regency Communications for their partnership in making this important program available to O'ahu viewers.

If you appreciate having excellent pro-life broadcasting, we encourage you to support both Hawaii Right to Life and non-profit station KALO-TV!

Hawaii assisted suicide bill stalls

From the Honolulu
By B.J. Reyes

Emotional testimony fills a hearing on voluntary end of life

After citing numerous examples of loved ones who outlived a doctor's terminal diagnosis or of their own victory over suicidal depression, opponents of a proposal to legalize physician-assisted suicide in Hawaii applauded as a Senate committee defeated the measure last night.

The Senate Health Committee heard more than 4 1/2 hours of often-emotional public testimony before voting 4-0 to hold the bill in committee.

"After considering the large body of testimony presented to us, I have determined that community sentiment here today has been overwhelmingly opposed to moving this measure forward in its present form," said Sen. Josh Green, committee chairman. "There is truly compelling testimony on both sides of this matter — for and against — but from my perspective, for an issue of this magnitude, I believe we need to have more agreement as a community.

"So for now we need to find other ways to support those dealing with end-of-life decisions, with the greatest possible compassion and respect." Read more

King to Sebelius: “We cannot allow taxpayer dollars to be used to support ‘telemed abortions.’”

From The Cloakroom: the blogroom of FRC Action
by Tom McClusky

Washington D.C.- Congressman Steve King (R-IA) announced [last week] that he has contacted Secretary Kathleen Sebelius of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) after learning that Planned Parenthood clinics in Iowa are using telehealth videoconferencing methods to dispense the dangerous abortion drug RU-486 in violation of FDA guidelines. King’s letter to Sebelius, signed by 71 Members of Congress, requests information regarding both the extent of federal funding received by abortion providers for use in telemedicine and also the steps the Department of Health and Human Services has taken to ensure that taxpayer money is not being used to facilitate “telemed abortions.”

“RU-486 is a dangerous drug that has been associated with at least 11 deaths and thousands of cases of excessive bleeding and infection,” said King. “Evading FDA guidelines by dispensing RU-486 through telemedicine has the potential to increase complications and fatalities associated with its use. We cannot allow taxpayer dollars to be used to support ‘telemed abortions.’”

Bronx, NY Planned Parenthood Full Footage

February 8, 2011 – When told by a man posing as a pimp that he needs help with girls he manages as young as 14-15 years old, a Bronx New York Planned Parenthood Staffer is unfazed and offers to go one better: “We see people as young as 13….everything is totally confidential.”

New undercover Live Action footage from inside a Bronx, NY Planned Parenthood clinic for the first time shows a Planned Parenthood Supervisor/Practitioner willing to assist a man posing as a pimp, even offering guidance on how the pimp’s underage girls can get insurance through tax payer funded programs to pay for abortions and other services even if the underage girls that are not U.S. citizens.

Read the rest atLiveAction Films

H/T to Jill Stanek

Monday, February 07, 2011

State legislators euthanize assisted suicide bill

from the Honolulu Star-Advertiser

A proposal to legalize physician-assisted suicide was tabled at the Legislature tonight.

After almost five hours of often emotional testimony -- mostly in opposition from the elderly, religious, disabled and health care provider community -- the committee voted to hold the bill. Full story

Fr. Pavone Announces Healing Effort for Former Abortion Providers

From a January 22nd email from Father Pavone:
Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, issued today a new invitation to former abortionists and a new action item for pro-life activists.

“With attention during these days on the gruesome activities of practicing abortionists and the conversion of former abortionists, it is important to renew the urgent invitation to reconciliation and healing that mark the ministry of the Church and the pro-life movement,” Fr. Pavone said.

“For the last two decades, Priests for Life has reached out to those who work in the abortion industry, and assisted them to come out and readjust to a normal lifestyle. Working with those who have found healing, and with professionals like Dr. Philip Ney, who has developed a treatment program for ex-abortionists, we have seen the urgency of helping these individuals attend first and foremost to their own needs. Those who have left the killing industry can, with the help of the Lord and His people, face the reality of what they have done, and undertake the arduous journey toward re-humanizing themselves and the children they killed. This is long, hard work. When the Lord comes to us, he forgives us in a moment, but healing takes years,” Fr. Pavone explained.

Priests for Life therefore invites all those who have left the abortion industry to come to the Society of Centurions and explore the options they have for healing. Specific gatherings of Centurions will be announced during the course of this year, and spiritual and psychological guidance are available to those who come forward.

Fr. Pavone urged pro-life activists to repeat this invitation to healing, and to contact Priests for Life if they know of those who need this assistance.

See Society of Centurions.