Thursday, April 14, 2011

EWTN Live - Pro-Life - Fr. Pacwa's Guests Fr. Frank Pavone and Janet Morana

They will be talking about Baby Joseph in Canada and other pro-life stories of interest, including the 20th anniversary of Priests for Life. Happy 20th Anniversary Father Frank Pavone!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Alert: Contact U.S. Senators NOW to De-Fund Planned Parenthood

Last Friday night, U.S. House of Representatives leadership caved to intense pressure from President Obama and Senate leadership and agreed to stop pushing for the de-funding of Planned Parenthood. It's reported that President Obama told Speaker Boehner, "nope, zero" --meaning that he would allow "zero" budget cuts to Planned Parenthood, no matter the consequences.

Pro-abortion forces spun this debate as "whether or not to fund women's healthcare", and "the GOP wants to shut down the government to hurt women." The truth is: the budget for the United States of America came down to funding Planned Parenthood: a rampantly abusive and corrupt organization and the nation's biggest abortion chain, which kills over 300,000 of our unborn brothers and sisters every year.

President Obama and Senate leadership proved that they would rather shut down the government, and stop paying the U.S. military rather than agree to make a single budget cut to the largest abortion chain in America.

As part of a budget compromise, the Senate will vote this Thursday on an individual bill of whether or not to fund Planned Parenthood. The battle is back in the Senate. They need to hear from you. Contact your Senators and remind them of the abuses at Planned Parenthood.

There are many wonderful organizations that truly help women and children, but Planned Parenthood is not one of them. Contact your U.S. Senators now to urge them to de-fund Planned Parenthood--an organization that hurts women and kills unborn children.

Click here to find information to contact your U.S. Senator.